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JungleBox - Make Real Cash VIDEO REVIEW


This JungleBox - Make Real Cash review for Android will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!

Thoughts On JungleBox - Make Real Cash:

Here's what we know about the JungleBox - Make Real Cash app so far!


Hey everyone it's vince here welcome to my jungle box review ladies and gentlemen I hope you enjoy let's kick this off so jungle box make real cash is a money making application that is promising you guys up to 500 worth of PayPal currency to complete offers on their application but not only that they're also featuring other currencies as well including g cash now I want to say something straight off the bat here guys jungle box does have quite a variety of different offers that you can complete.


You're going to want to know exactly what you're getting yourself into while using this application so I hope that this video helps you in your decision if you're going to use jungle box or not so the way that you can actually earn this currency is through a leaf system so yes everyone the currency system on jungle box are leaves now one million leaves equals one dollar so you really have to keep this in mind okay just remember one million leafs equals one dollar so now that you know that let's move on to the actual offers section at least in my country here of australia I was able to complete two different types of offer walls on jungle box now I have to say the iron source offer wall did reward me with much higher paying offers than the other one.


The app allowed me to use pretty much a majority of the offers that I could install here in my country where mainly to play games or install other applications now something I want you to pay attention to here is the actual reward price of a lot of these offers remember what I said previously about 1 million leafs equaling a dollar what you'll notice here guys with jungle box is that the rewards are actually extremely low for standard offer walls I just quickly wanted to say guys if you're enjoying the video please hit like subscribe drop a comment and join my free newsletter links in the description below we're almost at 70 000 subscribers thank you so much.


Now I'm used to seeing some low-paying applications but jungle box probably has to be one of the biggest ripoff applications that I think I've seen in a very long time at least in my personal opinion I'm going to make this review as easy and simple to understand to save you guys time here okay I spent one hour completing two separate offers to install and play games jungle box literally rewarded me like four cents for completing both of these offers.


Now you might think that's because I chose the very easy offers well that's where you're wrong because if you were to check applications like free cash, for instance, they have casino offers on that website that would reward you with literally forty to fifty dollars on the average but on jungle box they're going to reward you a dollar and fifty cents I am warning you right now I would stay away from jungle box if the prices are like what I experienced here in my country I'm not saying they won't pay you once you finally get to that cash out point I've seen hundreds of applications and I've never seen anything like this if jungle box is as bad as it is in my country do not use it under any circumstances thank you for watching guys I hope I saved someone out there sometime see you in one to two days.


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