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Jackpot Undersea VIDEO REVIEW


This Jackpot Undersea review for Android will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!

Thoughts On Jackpot Undersea:

Here's what we know about the Jackpot Undersea app so far!

hi everyone it's Vince here today I'm reviewing jackpot undersea now the thing is about this application is that it's promising you guys hundreds of dollars of various different cash outs to spin a slot machine completely for free by the way and all you need to do is watch advertisements now if that is not the biggest red flag you've ever seen in your life then I don't know what is.


these types of applications keep moving the goal post and what I mean by that is that once you get to the minimum cash out of around 360 dollars on jackpot undersea what ends up happening is that they end up putting up a paywall and they tell you okay we'll give you the 360 but you have to watch 30 more advertisements.


So you go ahead and you watch the 30 extra advertisements and then guess what happens they end up saying to you you need to watch now 60 advertisements to activate the order and that just keeps going and going and mind you to claim any reward on this application you have to watch the advertisement so think about it you spin the slot machine you have to watch an advertisement you want to claim a reward you watch an advertisement you literally don't do anything on the app and you have to watch an advertisement still this application will play an advertisement at least every 15 or 30 seconds the craziest part is though about this application is that it's no longer on the google play store at all and when I last looked at this app it was installed over a hundred thousand times.


You see guys this is what the scam app developers are now doing they're spamming you with their advertisements you install the application and then they remove the application off the google play store completely but it still remains on your mobile phone it's a very scummy tactic and I cannot believe that this is actually still allowed on the google play store to this day this could have been a decent application if it was just a free game to play in your spare time but no developers have to get greedy these methods are so easy to spot once you caught on to them so please stay safe out there do not play jackpot undersea whatever you do.


Complete trash just had to post this video because it fascinated me what these scam app developers are doing these days let me just quickly interrupt my rant here and say if you're enjoying my content please remember to hit like and subscribe drop a comment join my free newsletter so you never miss out and upload again I'll catch you all once two days everyone. See you next time.

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