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This iLike Tree review for Android will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!


Thoughts On iLike Tree:

Here's what we know about the iLike Tree app so far!

Welcome to my iLike Tree App Review for the Android! This money making app is promising unlimited money tapping on a tree! Is it Real or Fake? I'm here to reveal the truth. Obviously there is no iLike Tree Payment Proof or Cash Out evidence as the application is another online money making 2022 scam.

Remember everyone the only people that are actually making money on these applications are the scam developers who get money every single time you watch one of those ads that they force you to watch every 30 seconds!

The amount of ads that this money making app is shoving in your face is unbearable I honestly hope that GOOGLE wakes up and completely bans these type of games off the Play Store as all they are doing is taking advantage of unsuspecting people thinking that they will actually get paid for tapping on a tree.


Hey everyone vince here welcome to my i like tree review can we really earn thousands and thousands of dollars by tapping on a tree time to find out in today's review i hope you enjoy let's kick this off so everyone i like tree has been absolutely spamming my mobile phone with advertisements claiming that you can win up to literally hundreds of thousands of dollars almost just by tapping on a tree as soon as you install and turn on i like tree you'll be greeted with a tree with a whole bunch of different gift cards on each of the branches now at the top of the screen you'll see three different currencies that this application has the first currency is the in-game cache which can be used to upgrade your tree.


the second currency is the paypal cash that supposedly will get for tapping on the tree and then the third currency is amazon currency i'll break down these two currencies cash out in a few minutes but let me just continue on with the other features that i like tree has on the left side of the screen you'll see a daily check-in area where apparently you can win instant cash every single day that you sign in to this application now of course to claim this prize you're going to have to watch an advertisement but the fun doesn't stop there ladies and gentlemen there is a shop system where the developers literally expect you guys out there to spend your real life money on a vip system where apparently you can remove all the advertisements now just think about that these developers are saying if you give them between five and ten dollars or so a week of your real life cash they'll remove the advertisements on this money making application that generates apparently thousands of dollars per attack so are we all understanding this together here they're pretty much saying you can get unlimited money from this application.


if you pay them ten dollars a week is that not a red flag or what you also have daily tasks where every single day they'll give you a certain amount of tasks in exchange for cash and again i'm fairly sure you have to watch advertisements to even claim these rewards also if you guys enjoy what i do here on youtube please don't forget to hit like subscribe drop a comment be sure to share my video to anyone you think would like to see it and of course join my free newsletter you guys are helping me get to 80 000 subscribers so thank you so much there is a chest system that purely exists for you guys to watch advertisements as well it claims that you can also win the same prizes pretty much so the daily rewards gives you now at the bottom of the screen.


you'll find the actual game elements of i like tree for example you can make it rain so then the game automatically taps the tree for you or you can level up your tap power and you can even feed the tree with its own little food to apparently double the cash you get from it now mind you this is just the in-game cash not the paypal or amazon currency something that i want to state here straight away is that i like tree forces an advertisement down your throat literally every single 30 seconds to one minute this is probably one of the most shocking attempts i've seen to spam you guys with advertisements it is absolutely disgraceful now i like tree is promising paypal cash out starting from fifteen thousand dollars all the way up to ninety thousand dollars ladies and gentlemen whereas with the amazon currency.










we have a fifteen thousand dollar minimum all the way up to almost fifty thousand dollars now you can really imagine my expectations here when it comes to i like tree and i'm fairly sure at this point in the review you guys know where we're heading here with i like tree and its legitimacy every single three to four taps on the tree will generate different amounts of rewards and the craziest thing is about i like tree is that the closer you get to that cash out mark the less and less of a reward that you actually receive you can instantly see this punishment system in play everyone with diminishing returns because at the start of using i like tree you apparently win thousands of dollars for tapping on the tree within the first minutes of using the application but then the longer you play the application you start getting hundreds of dollars then you start getting tens of dollars then you start just getting dollars.


and then you start getting literal cents all the way down to two cents man it is unbelievable this developer will do anything they can to make sure you don't reach that cash out point i decided to sit through and see what happens once you try to cash out an i like tree and this was the absolute death sentence on already a scam application in my opinion once you've watched hundreds of advertisements like i did you'll be forced to watch another 100 advertisements to activate the cash out order and the amount of advertisements you have to watch goes up the more money you try and cash out.


here we go again ladies and gentlemen another money making application that's taking advantage of you guys out there and of course the google play store has done nothing about it sadly my final verdict on i like tree is that it's a complete joke and needs to be deleted off the google play store immediately if you actually want a legitimate money making application that pays you for growing a tree try money tree rewards which i've already reviewed on my channel before i'll leave a link to it in the description below in the comments section because this app is absolutely garbage thank you all so much for watching i hope i saved someone some time out there see you all tomorrow.

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