Honeygain Review for Android

This Honeygain review will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus my personal Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!

Please note that the link provided on this page is my referral code so I might get a small bonus as a thank you for signing you up!  

Thoughts On Honeygain:

Here's what we know about the Honeygain app so far!

On this new money making application review I will be investigating Honeygain for the Android!

Now the thing is about this platform is that it uses your internet data in return for real life cash so it may not be for everyone especially if you are in a country where data costs a lot of money. 

On the flipside if you have an unlimited internet connection you can actually earn quite a bit of revenue from Honeygain over a long peroid of time. 

I honestly believe this method has great potential to generate a passive income for you but I don't think it's for everyone especially people that don't like sharing their network connection.

My full payment proof and video review is located above.

Description Of App:

With Honeygain, you can make money by simply sharing your Internet. Start earning now.

Start earning with Honeygain, and use the money to pay for a streaming platform subscription, unlock exclusive content on free-to-play video games, or simply treat yourself with a little online shopping spree.

Honeygain ensures that your internet traffic is only used by trusted partners, and the app never asks for or gains access to the storage of your device.

Once you start using Honeygain, your devices act like view towers and help world-famous businesses access the World Wide Web without having to worry about location-based restrictions or censorship.

Your earnings* directly depend on the amount of traffic you share with Honeygain’s network. The more you share, the more you earn!

location Your location Your earnings depend on the traffic demand required for our business clients, as well as the number of users in your area. ip numbers The number of IP addresses The more IP addresses your devices are connected to, the more you can earn. speed Network ping/speed To hit the sweet spot, aim for a speed of >50Mbps and a ping of <50ms.

Honeygain can be installed on any Windows, Linux, MacOS, or Android device with a stable Internet connection Run Honeygain Once active, Honeygain securely shares your Internet connection, never gaining access to your personal data let it gather Let it gather Honeygain uses your Internet connection to gather bits of information that’s publicly available online help businesses Help businesses Credible companies use this data for web statistics, price comparison, and other verified business processes get paid Get paid Users earn money for all the traffic they share and can choose to receive payouts in PayPal or BTC.

Honeygain's Story

Honeygain is the first-ever app that allows its users to make money online by sharing their Internet connection. Reach your networks' full potential by getting paid in USD or BTC!

Back in 2018, the Honeygain team came together to build a cutting-edge product – a crowdsourced residential proxy network. We knew straight from the get-go that creating direct value for our end-users won’t be enough: we had to make a long-term commitment to positively impact the proxy industry suffering from transparency issues.

Our team had a unique advantage: we were familiar with the industry and worked with seasoned providers who could provide us with exclusive insights on what the industry lacked. We launched successfully by combining three simple steps – onboarding real people from all around the world, explaining clearly what their network connection is used for, and compensating them adequately for participating.

Now, just over two years into the development of Honeygain, we are proud to have such a strong audience that uses the app every day, actively discusses how Honeygain works, and engages with us on social networks. Having reached millions already, we continue to improve Honeygain and invite even more people to discover it as the best passive income source out there!

Is This Safe To Use? ​

If you are thinking to yourself is this method is safe to use we will have to go over a few important factors: ​ There are many different ways to figure out if you have malware on your Android device. The first major tell is if everything is suddenly much slower. Perhaps you possibly start noticing ads you've never seen before or perhaps your battery dies extremely quickly.


Also If you experience strange screen redirects or overlays that you've never had to deal with before or maybe apps you don't recognize are now installed on your device. Just remember though just because your phone is slow that does not mean that you might have a virus. in-fact you could actually be running out of space on your phone or some background tasks are running such as important phone updates or even virus scans from your phones in-built protection. ​ ​