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Thoughts On GReward Earn Money Online:

Here's what we know about the GReward Earn Money Online  app so far!


This GReward: Earn Money Online review for Android will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!


The biggest issue about GReward: Earn Money Online that I can see is that depending on your country, age and gender the applications earning potential is going to change so always keep this in mind. All I can do is show you my own honest experience and opinion and hope that you have the same outcome!


Welcome to my GReward App Review for the Android! Is GReward legit and real or is it a scam? Let's find out together! You will be seeing my personal GReward Payment Proof as well as my tips to earn paypal money online with it. The cash out experience was extremely simple and fast so I'm super happy.


Hi everyone vince here welcome to my greward review this money making application is promising us that we can be rewarded with multiple types of real-life currency by playing games completing surveys and completing tasks and offers it's time to find out if it's legitimate or a scam i hope you enjoy let's kick this off a little disclaimer everyone depending on your age gender and location greward will behave completely differently.


just like every single other money making application on the market at the moment this review is based on my experience here in australia so please always remember that when i first saw greward i was a bit skeptical about giving it any time of my day but i've had multiple requests to give this application a try on the channel so going into it i wasn't really expecting too much but from what i found i was pleasantly surprised and you're going to see why once signing up to greward you'll notice that the layout is extremely simple and easy to understand.


in the top left corner of the screen you'll see the coin area this is the currency system that greward is based upon so any game that you play or task or survey that you complete will reward you with coin and this area is where you'll find how much you've generated on your time using the application at the moment the coin currency conversion of greward is 10 000 coins equaling one real life dollar so hopefully that gives you some sort of insight into the currency system on this application now you'll notice on the main screen here there are four different tabs let me break down each individual tab.


so then you know what they are offering you the first tab is the offers tab now i believe that this is the main area that g wards is trying to get you guys to complete surveys and offers through and the reason for that is because i noticed that iron source one of the offer providers was actually running a times two bonus on their offer wall if you don't understand what that means essentially every offer and task or survey that you complete through this offer wall the rewards are actually times by two which is really really good from an online money making standpoint remember when you use these applications you want to try and get the best amount of money for your time.


as your time is the most precious thing on this earth and the sad reality is a lot of these money making applications are just trying to waste your time anytime you see an offer wall with a times 2 bonus i recommend that you straight away check out the offers from that provider now obviously these bonuses aren't always going to happen every day and different off-wall providers will offer different bonuses depending on your country but it's definitely worth always snooping out each offer wall to try and find out which offer will provider has the best paying offers at the time.


 now the next tab is the coins tab at the time when i was recording this review i did not have access to the coins tab it was completely blank but when i checked back today i actually saw that the coins tab was available everyone so i was able to actually install applications and get rewarded instantly with coins for doing just that all i had to do was play the games for three minutes straight now is this really a reliable and realistic way of earning absolutely not because the reward rate of installing these applications was roughly 1 000 coins to 250 coins and if you can't break down that currency that's literally like 10 cents to 2 cents worth of real life cash for installing these apps which again it's not the worst thing in the world at least they're rewarding you something.


some of these offers i just look at and i think what's the point of even having them maybe in your country though the coins tab will reward you with much higher paying games to install i just sadly can't say that tab was worth my time and effort based in living in australia okay that's my personal opinion now the next tab is where you'll find a majority of the offers and walls on g rewards and i feel like this is where you guys are going to do the bulk of your earnings okay you'll find not only the offer and task providers but you'll also find survey providers here as well in my country i was able to find roughly about seven or eight different providers that i could go through to earn these coins each of these offer providers had different amount of rewards for completing tasks.



their offers that's why i always say you should shop around on the different providers first before you dedicate your precious time to any of these offer wall providers you just really have to pay attention to what you're spending your time on on these little money making applications now when it comes to completing surveys on g rewards i have to say i did have a standard experience i was disqualified multiple times while trying to earn coins by other surveys which was expected okay anyone that's ever completed surveys on a mobile phone app knows what to go through and knows the drama of doing it but i was happy to see that g rewards did have surveys that were willing to pay me between 50 cents to 2 for completing them.


which was quite nice because i know some of these money making apps take a huge chunk of the earnings per survey as i said though i still wouldn't take on surveys that only reward you with like 10 or 15 cents i would stick the surveys that at least pay you one dollar per survey but i do know some countries are not fortunate enough to have that option so you just have to make do with what you have now the next tab is the redeem tab this is where you're going to be able to cash out all those coins you've generated on g rewards the cash out options i had here in australia were paypal currency gift cards and a mobile phone recharge option which i'm assuming is for credits or data the paypal option on g rewards is offering up to 50 dollars worth of a cash out in one single try where the minimum is about 20 cents or so on this video i'll be cashing out two dollars worth of coins to see if they actually arrive or not to my paypal account you'll notice that there's a slight discount the more that you actually cash out on g rewards.


there is also a referral system where 500 coins is awarded to you per person that you refer to use g rewards with your referral code in fact guys i do have my own referral code for g rewards but as i mentioned you only get 500 coins which roughly equals about 5 cents or so which is nice to see they're at least giving some sort of currency for referring people but at the end of the day that's really a low paying referral bonus i'm going to say it as it is everyone you can see my referral code on the screen right now or you can find it in the description below now let's talk about my cash out experience on g rewards.


so i was able to earn about 20 000 coins which equals about two dollars worth of real-life currency in roughly one hour of constantly trying every single survey provider i could find on the app and i have to say the cash out experience was extremely smooth and easy to understand all i had to do was enter in my paypal email and then verify my face id for some weird reason i don't know why this application had face verification but after that i'm happy to say within 24 hours i received my paypal cash out of both of the one dollar cash outs that i made so i can safely say at the time of this recording g rewards is a legitimate money making application but now it begs the question is g rewards meant for everyone and i do not think it is while it is a legitimate paying application one to two dollars per hour even based in australia is quite low for your time i just wanted to review the app to see if it paid and it did you guys can do whatever you want with that information thank you all so much for watching i'll see you all tomorrow for another review stay safe catch you around.

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