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Greedy Dragon VIDEO REVIEW


This Greedy Dragon review will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus my personal Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!

Thoughts On The Greedy Dragon:

Here's what we know about the Greedy Dragon app so far!


Hey guys vince here welcome back to another review ladies and gentlemen on today's video we are taking a look at the greedy dragon now the greedy dragon is going to behave differently depending on what country you live in here in australia it's asking me to play games to then earn money for each individual level i complete so, in reality, my experience might be completely different to your experience wherever you live across the world and by the way thank you so much for watching today's video.


I do hope you enjoy please remember to hit like and subscribe be sure to drop a comment as well to help my channel grow now the greedy dragon is on android and it currently has both iTunes and PayPal payments so if for the people that want to cash out to their iTunes account you do have the option the minimum cash out is ten dollars and it goes all the way up to fifteen dollars whereas on PayPal the minimum cash out is around a dollar thirty three cents all the way up to about twenty six dollars.



So we do have quite a wide range of cash out options when it comes to the PayPal currency iTunes not so much the greedy dragon at least here in australia had many many applications for me to actually start playing and earning with now i'm talking about 10 or 12 apps guys the thing is though each of these applications paid me completely differently so this is always something to keep in mind here with these applications as well not only does it matter on your age and your gender.


Of course where you live but it also depends on what app you play on how fast you're actually going to earn so my goal was to try and play the best paying applications first what i started to realize though everyone was some of these apps were not counting my time correctly now i've had this problem before with money making applications and i just don't understand why it happens i would complete around 10 levels of a solitaire game.


I would get literally no coins for it i have no idea why it is super frustrating how apps like these really do not reward the player properly as soon as i saw that the greedy dragon was not counting my play time correctly it instantly raised a red flag with me now don't get me wrong my goal on today's video is to see is the greedy dragon actually going to pay or not.


so to see that this is going on though it really does make me worry that you guys out there might be getting screwed over if you play the greedy dragon my best advice to you is if you do give the greedy dragon a shot please always check your balance make sure that your balance is always updating with the correct play time because if it's not that application more than likely will never reward you with the in-game currency of coins now the minimum cash out for coins is around 9898 coins that's all i wanted to see on today's video could i at least cash out the minimum withdrawal limit on greedy dragon thanks to all the screwing around on the greedy dragon and the glitching out of playtime i believe it took me way longer than it should have to reach that minimum cash out reward i'll get into that more in a second.



I just want to mention something here as well the greedy dragon does have an earn through offers section which i don't really think i'll ever use i'm not too sure why these applications have these type of things because when i downloaded a money making application that allows me to earn through games i really don't want to be screwing around with survey applications or offers i just literally want to play the games on the greedy dragon if that makes sense and i'm sure you guys agree with me out there we just want to play and earn not screw around as soon as you join the greedy dragon you are then greeted to around 4 500 coins as a sign up bonus if you invite your friends though you'll gain 250 coins per sign up plus you earn 25 of their earnings these kind of invite systems.


I don't really like them because they really don't give you that much reward for referring your friend you get the sign up bonus anyway even if you don't invite someone from what i've seen i literally installed the greedy dragon off the google play store and i still got that 4 500 coin bonus when i signed up so that's something to keep in mind here if i invite you i'll earn the 250 coins and earn 25 of your earning now if you want to share this to your friends so you get those bonuses then you go ahead but at the end of the day i don't really think invite a friend system's that worth it personally.


I guess it's better than nothing it is now time to find out is the greedy dragon actually legitimate or is it another scam act the bottom line is this it took me around 1 hour and 30 minutes to reach that minimum cash out reward i had to probably watch over 50 advertisements easy to get to that minimum cash out guys so please keep that in mind okay it took only two days for the greedy dragon to pay me the 1.33 cents or so australian currency so i'm definitely not complaining with that at least the greedy dragon actually paid us but when it comes down to it is it really worth the time more than likely not and this is just another one of these money-making applications that pays you a very minuscule amount to play games on this channel my job is to review these type of apps so there you have it everyone i hope you enjoyed the review please stay safe out there see you next time.

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