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This Grabpoints review will cover all aspects of the website and it's money earning capabilities plus my personal Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!


Here's what we know about Grabpoints so far!


Hello everyone vince here welcome back to another video ladies and gentlemen on today's video i'll be talking about how i earned five dollars in under one hour on a website called grabpoints now grabpoints to me is completely new i've never actually used this website or heard of this website until i made this video and i have to say everyone i have a couple of things to actually talk about with grabpoints that i feel like you'd all want to know before you use this website.


now depending on what country you actually live in grabpoints is going to change massively okay the whole concept of grabpoints though is for us to complete tasks or surveys to actually earn gift cards through now of course some of these gift cards are all virtual such as the paypal payment i on this video have targeted paypal by the way guys i'm not really interested in any other gift cards to try out as i mainly use paypal okay so in your country though you might have completely different options to what i have here in australia so please keep this in mind going forward into this video and at the end of the day guys all i can do is show you my own personal experience with these websites and applications okay just as a little side note here there is actually a way to earn points through watching videos on grabpoints.


now i actually stayed away from this system because the bottom line is this everyone these videos apparently that you watch to earn the points only rewarded you with about six or seven points per video and the thing is the minimum cash out at least here in australia is 5 000 points now get this though i watched about three or four videos on this third party website that grabpoints made me go to and i didn't get rewarded anything so even though i watched four videos and i watched the advertisements within these videos that play and i'm assuming that's how they pay us because we're watching ads on this third party website.


i still didn't get any points so i have no idea what's going on with that watch video system but i just didn't end up using it at all for this video okay if you guys want to give it a shot you're more than welcome to but the videos only reward you like seven points per video apparently so i don't really see how it's worth it especially since as i said the minimum is 5 000 for withdrawal you're going to be watching like hundreds of videos so i'd much rather stick to surveys and offers and let me tell you why you see the thing is everyone whether you want to earn your points through completing surveys or earn your points through completing offers the great thing about grabpoints is that they have so much variety when it comes to the actual providers which i really do appreciate so you have multiple chances to earn points on grabpoints compared to other survey applications or other money making apps.



where they might just go through one or two providers grabpoints has i think around five providers for each of these different ways to earn points so that to me is a massive positive i was able to earn my five dollars in under one hour on grabpoints by completing surveys everyone even though the offers system really did have such high paying rewards for completing them my main experience with money making applications or websites are with surveys so the thing about the surveys on grabpoints they are super high paying but the problem is you get disqualified a lot now that's the risk that you have to take with these type of money making websites guys the thing is though if you are able to not get disqualified you will be rewarded which is fantastic but what is not fantastic is obviously being disqualified so if you don't like completing surveys.


grabpoints has a very high paying offers for you to complete but if you do like completing surveys you are at home with grabpoints in my opinion now the whole problem is even though i'm telling you that i had a great experience with grabpoints and the surveys as i said in your country you might be completely different and that's the problem with reviewing money making applications or websites it all depends on where you live and i can't stress it enough everyone because i don't want you to get high hopes and then you realize you can't even use grabpoints because it's not available in your country or perhaps you have a much worse experience than mine so hopefully i can at least make you understand how my experience was here on grabpoints.


so now it's time to find out is grabpoints a legitimate money making website or is it another scam website everyone well i'm happy to say once i earned my 5 000 points i headed over to the cash out page and i have to tell you something the amount of cash out options that grabpoints actually allows you to have is quite crazy to me now again here in australia these were the options that i had available to me but the thing is everyone when i was able to actually cash out that paypal money i was asked to verify my mobile phone number and of course to sign in to my paypal account now i think the reason why they ask you to sign into your paypal account is so they can run checks on the information you've actually signed up with if you try and think that you're going to join up to these websites and give them misleading information or false information you can expect your account to get banned.


especially if you use a vpn now that's my warning to you don't use vpns on these websites because they will track your ip and they'll find out especially once you try to cash out everyone but not only that they will actually ask you to verify your paypal account and if that paypal information is different to what you signed up with as i guarantee they run checks they're obviously going to ban you so it's best just to be honest with survey applications and websites like this because you don't want to waste time at the end of the day we're already wasting so much time by filling out the surveys you don't want to get banned as soon as you try to cash out i'm easily five dollars like at the end of the day it's nice to earn five dollars in under an hour but it's still only five dollars and you at least want to be able to cash that money out.


you don't want to go into waste and getting your account banned so pretty much you just wasted your whole time after i did all the verification it took two days for that paypal money to hit my account so yes i can happily say that grabpoints did deliver on their promise that's what this video was all about just to test out and see if this website is even paying its users now i can't talk for everyone though i can only talk from my personal experience you're going to have to review this website yourself or you're going to have to use it yourself and obviously if they don't pay you you rate them one star and you tell everyone about it it's as simple as that everyone but thankfully i was able to gather the footage for you all and show you my whole experience on grabpoints now will i use it again maybe i mean i'm very happy with the rates that they're offering for their surveys and offers.


i'm sure combined with other survey applications or websites you could probably start earning some pretty decent money hopefully if you do play your cards right and combine all these applications together you might be able to generate 10 or 20 a day everyone if you're lucky i could personally not find a mobile phone application for grabpoints but what i could do is actually visit the website from my mobile phone browser so i suggest that's what you guys do as well i mean i typed in grab point into the google play store but i was not able to find it but i was able to actually visit the website through my google browser on my mobile phone so please keep this in mind everyone be safe with what kind of application you download because unless it's from the official website i wouldn't trust it okay now of course the surveys and watch videos section should technically be available as well on the mobile phone but i would prefer just doing the offers from the mobile phone and the surveys on the computer thank you all so much for watching i really hope you enjoyed this video i will see you all in one to two days please stay safe out there catch you next time.

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