This Golf Cash review for Android will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!

Thoughts On Golf Cash:

Here's what we know about the Golf Cash app so far!

Hi everyone it's Vince here today we're reviewing golf cash now golf cash is a money making application that allows you guys out there to literally earn PayPal currency just by playing golf now that's what the advertisements say on today's video I'll be showing you exactly how you can actually earn PayPal currency with golf cash and what you can expect if you are to play it I do hope you enjoy let's kick this off.

All you have to do is play mini golf and you will be rewarded. Gold Cash is free for all. (no deposits and no in-app purchases) you can actually Play Mini Golf and win money while unlocking fun new prizes by playing your favorite games.
Are you looking for a cash app that pays you for real then Golf Cash is a completely free app, offering you the opportunity to earn real money on your mobile phone.

Huge variety of available payout options (PayPal money transfer, Amazon vouchers, Google Play coupons, PSN gift cards, Steam cards, Walmart prizes, Xbox free gift cards and many more)!
Huge selection of different game types to fit any preference!


I absolutely love this game. I don't have the money so I watch ads for extra strokes. I would give this game 5 stars but don't understand I won and than only a $ sign when i go to payout only a blue block that has nothing in it, I cannot see the amount I have saved up as there has been a few such blue blocks. For the last 2 days I start playing, only 1 stroke then the game freezes and the app closes by itself. I have rebooted?

Definitely pays out has several times for me. My biggest issue is the tickests needed for the pay out, the fact that you have to play other games for hours to get enough for 48 euro not even the 50 cents they day also it would be better if bigger payouts came I'll give 5 if the problems are fixed if not I'll drop to 1 and delete not worth all that time and effort for chump change.

Let's first start off by saying I was getting kind of frustrated with the game at first and I didn't no you had to make enough coins for the prizes to show so keep in mind I'd the card prizes or blue and unrevealed don't get frustrated just keep golfing but they could have gave us a heads up about it lol