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This GoGoal review for Android will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!



Thoughts On GoGoal:

Here's what we know about the GoGoal app so far!


Hi everyone it's vince here welcome to my go goal review now you're probably thinking what on earth is gogol? gogoal is an application that allows you to bet with virtual in-game currency completely for free on real-life sporting events.


Not only that also virtual casino games as well gogoal to me is such a fascinating application now, on one hand, it looks like a fake money-making application straight off the bat just by the way they designed it but in my experience you can't just judge something by first looking at it and on the other hand it looks like a very fun way to earn money by gambling without the risk of losing your real life money so if you like gambling gogol could be the application for you but that's exactly what we're going to find out on this review so i hope you enjoy sit back let's kick this off from what i can see the hottest things that people like to bet on gogoal are the virtual soccer tournaments that happen



literally every few minutes or the real life soccer matches that happen around the world on a daily basis now this literally looks like a gambling application to me one that you'd find you know on the marketplace for real-life gambling where you can bet on horse racing or dog racing or playing virtual casino game i've never really seen an application that has so many gambling elements all available for free and from what i can see on gogoal it has a thriving community guys like there's over a million downloads on gogoal last time i checked gogol has such a simple design and that's something that i really have to give it credit for it tells you exactly how to earn money straight off the bat essentially you have your in-game coins that you can get by either watching advertisements to earn them or of course winning them via making correct bets the way that you actually earn your in-game money is from the mission section on gogoal or entering into the many giveaways that they have on the application.


When it comes to the real life money earning aspect of gogoal i have to say it is probably going to be one of the hardest grinds you're going to face in your life you will easily have to grind for months in my opinion to get to that 10 minimum withdrawal limit on gogoal it does seem as well sometimes throughout the month they might reduce that to five dollars on a very specific day for a certain amount of users but i don't really care about those type of promotions because more than likely we're going to miss them anyway something that really intrigued me though is there is a 10 paypal fee for your cash out but apparently that does get reduced the further along you level up your account because yes there is a levelling system on gogoal but in my opinion 10 is way too high bro.


Seriously if you enjoyed please remember to hit like subscribe drop a comment and be sure to join my free newsletter plus any links will be in the description below for referral codes thank you so much guys you're helping my channel grow something that is very interesting to me as well is that you can exchange your money earned into the virtual currency but you can't do the opposite wouldn't it make more sense to be able to actually withdraw your coins into real life money it's just a very backwards system that gogoal has here.


I kind of feel they do that on purpose to encourage people to lose their real life money portion into coins because obviously you can lose your coins and once you lose your coins you have to watch more ads to earn them back these type of systems are things i try to look out for in my reviews one gogoal real life dollar equals around 7200 coins and if you flip that around guys you're literally earning thousands and thousands of coins per bet if you get it right so could you imagine if you could actually convert those coins into real life money but sadly that's not the case and of course you can buy the virtual betting currency with real life money i completely stayed away from this aspect of the game i just wanted to completely use it for free.


I have to admit i had an absolute blast gambling on gogol funny enough everyone placing virtual bets on tournaments that happen every few minutes is quite fun okay the only thing is more than likely you're gonna end up losing your coins over a certain period of time treat this just like any other gambling app out there you have to remember guys usually the odds are in the house's favor with those virtual tournaments it's all completely decided by their ai system so who knows if it's even regulated at all okay now when it comes to the real life soccer games i found much more favor in betting on them since it is based on real life soccer matches and their odds that are set by legitimate gambling companies around the world in theory.



Okay who knows what this app might decide to change here and there i'm just going from what i experienced the same can go for basketball as well everyone and the american football as well you even have horse racing slot machines the list just keeps going on and on it is a fun app don't get me wrong so many different mini games to earn with plus you get daily bonus spins as well so every time you log in you can spin a prize wheel to win coin essentially gogoal wants you to come back as much as you possibly can they're trying to hook you into their application i just hope that no one's really spending real life money on this app that's the bottom line here guys you should be able to win any of the virtual currency in the app itself without spending a dime at the end of the day gogo has various payment proofs around the internet so i don't doubt that it's real the thing is though it takes up to two months apparently according to multiple sources that i've seen to actually receive your paypal cash outs and it takes months to even earn the minimum cash out can i recommend this as a money making application more than likely not everyone can i recommend this though as a fun way in your past time just to bet on games.


Especially if you have an itch to gamble definitely and will it pay you eventually more than likely yes but i wouldn't be putting gogoal at the top of my list anytime soon it's definitely a fun application a great design and it has a thriving community as i mentioned but you wouldn't really see go go as a major way to earn or even a sideway to earn i think it's just there to have fun gambling without the risk of losing your real life money so this was a very hard review to make because usually it's pretty cut or dry if an app's a scam or not.


I can't sit here and say go gold's a scam especially due to the evidence online of cash outs i was only able to accumulate around a dollar and fifty cents of real life go gold currency in about four to five days of using it so keep that in mind i definitely understand where a lot of people would come from and say that this application is not worth your time at all but i'm going to be honest here guys i'm probably going to continue using gogoal on a regular basis just for the fact that i can have fun picking bets on soccer matches and trying to guess the right winner that's the thing with applications like these i do appreciate they allow people to actually experience betting without the risk of losing real life money now opening a whole nother can of worms it all comes down to if you believe gambling is a good thing a neutral fun pass time or a complete bad thing.


The choice is completely up to you when it comes down to it if you're ever going to use gogoal as i said i do not think this is going to be a very viable way to make money in a realistic sense but what it does do is allow you to have some fun and play a whole bunch of virtual casino games as well as trying to pick correct winners in not only just soccer but basketball and american football as well and you can even do virtual horse races which i find absolutely hilarious that's just my opinion though guys let me know what you think of this in the comments below i hope this review enlightened you on what to expect if you use gogoal thank you so much for watching I'll catch you all tomorrow for another money making review see you next time guys.

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