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This Givvy Videos review for Android will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!


Thoughts On Givvy Videos:

Here's what we know about the Givvy Videos app so far!


Hey everyone vince here welcome to my givvy videos review i hope you enjoy let's kick this off givvy videos is claiming that you can use their application to watch youtube videos in return for real life money now if you're like me out there you've been searching for an application like this for a very long time you've probably seen many videos on youtube and around the internet that are promising you guys that you can earn hundreds or thousands of dollars per hour by watching youtube videos but in reality we all know that's a complete scam but thankfully i think i may have actually found a legitimate money making application that will pay you for watching youtube videos.


Let me just break down how givvy videos actually works once you've signed up to give your videos you'll then be greeted straight away to the suggested tab now this tab is where you can actually start to watch videos to earn coins these coins can then be converted into real life money 10 000 of these coins at least in my country of australia equals one usd cent so keep this in mind guys i'll be speaking about the whole money side and how much you can earn on givvy videos in a couple of minutes before i do that though i want to run through each of the tabs on give a video so the first tab is the suggested tab this is where you're going to find all the different videos that you can watch to earn coins as i mentioned earlier plus you can even search for videos and topics that you actually want to watch this is the really cool thing about this application is that you're not just stuck watching random videos you can actually search for videos that interest you and then you can get rewarded watching them now the second tab is the playlist tab so for anyone out there that likes creating playlists to store all their videos you can do that i can see a lot of potential with this.



Let's just say you guys have a favorite youtube creator and you want to store all of their videos into one playlist to then watch them one night to earn a whole bulk load of coins you can actually do that which i really do appreciate it's these little things about these money making applications that i really do notice and i actually think it's going to help your earning process a lot and creating the playlist is super simple all you need to do is just literally tap the a playlist button type in the name of the playlist go back to the suggested tab and then you can add whatever videos you want whether they're the main suggested tab or your custom searched ones.





You really do have a lot of flexibility on giving videos if you're enjoying today's video please don't forget to hit like drop a comment subscribe and join my free newsletter links in the description below thank you so much guys the next tab is the actual cash out tab now this is where i think a lot of you guys are going to be very interested with the options that gibby video supplies you to cash out too on this video i'm testing the coinbase cash out aka cryptocurrency cash out but in my country i have various other options to cash out to including paypal now i know a lot of you guys out there absolutely love the paypal cash out so on the screen right now you're going to be seeing all the different options that are available to me to cash out too here is where you'll find your coin conversion rate.


Which means essentially how many coins you need for one usd cent so as i mentioned earlier in this video one single usd cent needs 10 000 coins which means a hundred thousand coins equals 10 cents and a million coins equals a dollar now before you start stressing out and saying vince that is going to take way too long to ever generate that many coins to even get to a dollar just listen to me guys this is where i'm going to start talking about my actual earning experience on givvy videos so the first thing is obviously it's a great time to just watch videos that you're going to watch on youtube anyway and actually earn a bit of money now how much money you earn completely depends on your country in my opinion what you'll start to notice with givvy videos is that ads will play pretty much all the time advertisements will play as soon as you click on a video to watch.


As soon as you pretty much browse through the application any sort of action essentially will play an advertisement that's at least what i've picked up on obviously the developer needs to play ads to pay the users on the top right corner of the screen there is a little gift waiting for you if you watch an advertisement you can get direct coins as well so this appears every like 45 seconds at least in my country and you can really start to earn some decent coins just by watching advertisements directly i do understand that some people may find the ads a bit intrusive and that's completely understandable okay i for one was okay with the advertisements but i know some people probably will not be because there are quite a bit of them at least in my country i'd love to know obviously how gibby videos plays in your country i'm very curious actually to hear all the different currencies and how much you earn per few minutes because i'm about to get into the actual coin generation section now of this application you might be happy with the following news or you might not like the following news okay but this is how many coins i was able to generate every one to two minutes or so i did notice i was generating roughly eleven hundred to four thousand coins in that time period so what that means is while you're scrolling through giving videos trying to find videos to watch you will actually earn these coins as well.


I don't know if the coins increase while you're watching a video but i definitely did see at least 3 000 to 4 000 coins at times while watching videos on givvy videos so if you want me to break that down for you essentially every like three minutes to four minutes you might get around one cent worth of currency that's really not that bad at least in my country here guys so i just really want to know what you're going to earn per every one to two minutes on this application in about an hour guys you can rack up enough of these coins to cash out because the minimum cash out on givvy videos is around 19 usd cents so it's in my opinion that you should really be able to cash out extremely fast on giving videos my recommendation is for anyone out there that is going to use this app is to put on some long youtube videos sit back and watch it like you'd be watching a netflix show or watching tv and just let those coins accumulate over and over and over again okay now obviously you don't want to abuse the system because i'm sure givvy videos probably has some sort of spam protection or abuse protection out there where essentially if they see that someone's watching a video for 24 hours a loop they'll probably ban your account but if you do this in realistic ways and aka not cheat the system i'm fairly sure this could be actually a very solid application to earn on it you might not earn hundreds or thousands of dollars an hour everyone.


It will at least give you legitimate money in my opinion i mean i feel like this is probably one of the easiest ways to watch videos and earn money plus it's probably the first way i've ever found that i've actually endorsed myself so i think that that coin generation time was perfectly fine whether or not youtube actually agrees to this application that's a whole nother question so my advice is to probably jump onto this as soon as you can just in case uh givvy videos didn't actually ask for permission to use youtube system to earn money as i said i haven't really seen any applications like this before so who knows if this is even allowed or not but you might as well try it while it's on the google play store right i'm not too sure if it's on the apple app store or not i mean you have to let me know i don't have an apple product so hopefully it is but either way i'd say definitely look it up if you can speaking of which if you want to give givvy videos a try there is an invite a friend tab as well for anyone out there that actually likes to invite their friends to use the application when you invite your friend you will then earn 10 of their cash out completely free without any impact on their own earnings plus for them joining through your link they will actually earn two cents as a welcome bonus that's right they instantly get two cents usd as a bonus guys for joining i will have my referral link in the description below if you guys want to support me on givvy videos.

Plus a lot of you guys yell at me about not including my referral codes the last tab is the offers section now this is where you can earn up to one or two dollars by completing surveys or offers guides mind you though depending on where you live the rates are going to change dramatically but I have to say there is a huge selection of offer providers in this tab so if you guys don't want to watch videos or you want to take a break from watching videos then you can earn your coins through the various offer systems that they supply i didn't touch any of the offers this time around that's including surveys as well because i just wanted to purely watch videos now let's talk about the cash out experience on givvy videos it took me roughly one hour to earn 20 cents usd on giving videos just by purely watching the videos themselves now i have to say i'm not arguing with anything.

I'm not disappointed because i didn't do anything all i did was watch videos so not the biggest deal in the world guys what really matters though is if this application is actually going to pay me or not the actual cash out process was the most straightforward thing i think i've ever seen in my life i just entered in my coinbase email account and then i was instantly paid out the bitcoin currency i am absolutely amazed with gibby's payment system when it comes to paypal though i do know it takes roughly two to three days to hit your account cryptocurrency though is a whole nother different situation but i am happy to say yes guys in my opinion at the moment of this time of this recording giving videos is 100 legit hopefully it stays that way thank you so much for watching this review i will catch you all in one to two days for the next money making app review see you next time everyone.

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