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This Givvy Social review for Android will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!


Thoughts On Givvy Social:

Here's what we know about the Givvy Social app so far!


Hey everyone it's vince here welcome back to another review ladies and gentlemen today we're reviewing the money making application givvy social now give you social to me has such unique potential everyone okay if you don't know what this is essentially it's a social media platform that allows you to upload photos and talk to other people on it all right and in return you will be able to earn real life money from my personal experience with givvy social all you essentially need to do is just browse the platform every day and either like or comment on people's social posts to earn givvy coins that then you can convert into real life money.


givvy social allows you to actually follow other members on the platform so you'll be notified and pretty much shown all their posts as soon as they do post something not only that if you chat to other members you have a chance to win givvy coins as well now I know what you're thinking vince how exactly is this application actually going to pay well if you check out the withdrawal tab which you can see on the screen right now essentially 10 000 of these givvy coins can be converted into one single cent USD or whatever your local currency might be if givvy supports it and just like the other givvy applications. I've covered this channel already.


you can actually see on the screen right now all the various cash out options for this review I'm testing the coinbase cash out everyone but PayPal is available on givvy social and it should take only up to three days for you guys to receive your PayPal cash out just remember everyone if you don't have this application in your country be sure to check out my top 32 paying application list links in the description below and please do remember to join my free newsletter hit that like button and be sure to drop a comment as well the minimum withdrawal is one dollar for PayPal and only 19 cents for coinbase which is awesome.


every day you're allowed to upload one single photo to give a social but there is a way around this if you wait maybe a few hours or so you'll be able to watch a video ad to speed up that timer so then you're able to actually post a game every time you post on givvy social your photo goes live on the platform so everyone on the platform can actually see what you've uploaded and have the chance to like it now every time you receive a like you'll get a various amount of giveycoin every post I've done so far has received around 10 to 20 likes and that's generated me around four to five hundred give me coins on each photo at the moment of this recording there is a limit though of 40 likes per day that you can give to other creators on givvy social and you will get 50 givvy coins for every photo you like so please keep that in mind when I use the givvy social chat though I was rewarded from 500 givvy coins to 200 give it coins for each new person. I spoke to.



 I did notice that only happened a few times every day so there might actually be a limit on how many times you get rewarded per day by talking to people every one to two hours you'll receive a free top up of two followers and two likes so as time goes on throughout the day your likes and follower limit will regenerate so please keep that in mind guys it's not like you just run out of likes and follows they do come back after a set amount of time now some of the photos you'll see on this platform are a bit strange so keep that in mind guys i do think that they might need to increase their moderating policies a bit just warning you now i didn't see any full-on rude stuff but there definitely is some questionable things on there.


there are so many different countries as well with their own curated creator list so you can literally browse what's trending in certain countries around the world I was only able to earn 10 000 coins everyone on my experience of a few hours on givvy social so technically that equalled one single cent now that's definitely not good enough but that was my first day on the platform so I'm sure if I upload hundreds of photos over time I'll generate a lot of givvy coins the real way that I was actually able to earn these givvy coins was by completing surveys, yes everyone surveys and offers are on this application as well so please keep that in mind just in case you don't like completing surveys though then yeah.



I guess you're pretty much stuck with just uploading photos liking posts and talking to people on the platform to earn your givvy coins now just remember if you get a photo that goes viral though you can get tons and tons of likes that's like 50 givvy coins per like last time i checked in total everyone it roughly took me around three hours all up to complete enough surveys to reach that 19 cent cash out for coinbase this whole video's point was to see if givvy social is legit or not and i am happy to say guys once i waited one single day for my account to be verified i was able to cash out that 19 cents of bitcoin straight to my coinbase i have absolutely no doubts that give you social is real i just think it's going to take time but if anyone's out there that wants to have a social media platform where you can actually talk to people and like various photos from around the world and get a little bit of revenue on the side for using it then give you social is for you thank you so much for watching i'll see you all tomorrow for the next money making review.

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