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This Givvy Slots review for Android will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!

Thoughts On Givvy Slots:

Here's what we know about the Givvy Slots app so far!




hey everyone vince here welcome to my givvy slots to review i hope you enjoy let's kick this off so everyone do you want to earn money by playing slot machines well give me slots is promising you guys out there real life money in return for playing their application for the first time ever on this channel guys i am so excited to bring you a slot machine application that actually lives up to its name.


givvy slots is a free to play slot machine application where all you need to do is watch advertisements in return for 10 free spins now the extremely cool thing about givvy slots is that not only do you get those free 10 spins but you can also wager your own credits on this application and mind you you get all the credits completely free just by playing the app so you will never have to deposit any type of currency into givvyng slots from the best of my knowledge and experience sit back relax and let me break down givvy slots so then it gives you guys the best opportunities out there to actually earn money playing slot machines.


now interesting enough givvy slots has the option to either sign up through facebook or your google gmail account the only thing is everyone i was not able to join up through my gmail account so i had to register with my actual facebook account so keep that in mind i think there may be a glitch with the sign up process at the moment because it kept telling me that i couldn't find a gmail account on my phone but either way once i signed up with my facebook account i was able to log straight in to give you slots so the in-game currency is coins on givvy slots and the way that you can actually earn these coins are not only just from playing the slot machine element but you can also complete tasks offers and complete surveys for a huge amount of these coins so please check out that section as well if you do have the time.


i know a lot of people out there are probably watching this video though to hear me talk about the slots element and that's exactly what i plan to do but of course i did just want to say please remember to hit like subscribe join my free newsletter and don't forget to drop a comment telling me what you think of givvy slots every time you engage with my video it helps me get seen around youtube so thank you so much now to break down the currency system of givvy slots and the many cash out features not only do we have a paypal cash out guys but we actually have cryptocurrency as well.



if you've ever used a givvy application you more than likely know what to expect going into this okay but just in case you've never seen this type of application before 10 000 of the in-game currency coins equals 1 cent usd so now that you know that kind of currency breakdown at least you can go into givvy slots kind of with an understanding on what to expect though just to be clear this is my currency here in australia in your country givey slots might behave completely differently and that goes to say pretty much for every type of legitimate money making application out there experiences will change and not only your country but your age and gender as well.


so always consider that okay guys but now that's out of the way i can now move on to the slots element to start earning on givvy slots all you literally need to do is just hit the play button and then you can instantly either start wagering your own coins or you can press the free spins button to then watch an advertisement and get 10 free spins now guys i have to say i completely milked this system okay like i'm not exaggerating here i continuously kept on trying to get free spins even though that meant watching an advertisement so i easily watched over 50 advertisements probably on givvy's slots with no joke guys.


i just really wanted to see how far this application would go with paying me with the free slots element the only thing is i noticed when the slot machine actually did spin it would cap out at 200 coins because as i said you can wager your coins it can go into the thousands everyone so if you guys love your gambling you can really risk your coins here for some major rewards but i took the slow and steady approach and i kind of feel that's what you guys should do as well when you're warming yourself up to this application you don't want to go in and completely blow all of your coins straight away.


the thing is as well with the free spins you can still win jackpots that's right everyone you can still win the mini jackpots that appear on the screen with the right combinations because just like a real slot machine givey slots has combinations of different winnings so obviously with the right symbols you can get different winnings okay give you slots does give you a little list of what symbols equal what and what kind of coins you'll get for the reward so i do advise you guys check that out as well you can find that in the top right corner of the screen when you're in the slot machine game.


 my experience while spinning the slot machine was very self-explanatory all you do is literally just keep spinning and spinning and spinning watching the ads i did try multiple times to raise my bet and not use the free coin system but i always found that i kept on losing so i just purely stuck to watching ads to get the free spins towards the end of my experience with givvy's slots i feel like any of you guys out there can jump on to give his slots and start earning pretty much straight away you just have to treat it like you're in front of a real-life slot machine you wouldn't go crazy obviously with your bets there is also an auto spin feature for people that can't be bothered pressing the spin button so i did use that quite a bit as well with the lower bets guys just to keep that in mind here i know a lot of you guys probably want to see that feature there is an invite to friend system as well for every friend that you invite onto givvy slots they'll reward you with up to 40 000 coins which roughly equals 4 cents usd so quite the cool little inviter friend system there.


 i'm fairly sure there are some other benefits as well if you can check on the screen right now but either way it's always cool to get rewarded for inviting people to use the application there is even a mega jackpot pretty much where every time a player wins on givvy slots it then adds to the massive prize pool where people have a chance of either winning a portion of it or potentially even winning the whole thing i'm fairly sure though it just adds to the prize pool and people will keep winning a little bit here and there of that.


major number because the prize pool seems to be getting larger and larger as each day goes on there's also a winners list where you can see how good the other players and how much money they're winning are on this application so that's always cool to check out when you're bored it took me about one hour to earn about 30 cents worth of usd which doesn't seem like a lot and that's because really it's not these type of applications you're never going to make serious money on.


but that doesn't mean it's not a fun little hobby to play when you're bored especially since all you do is spin a slot machine so i really had no complaints with givvy slots i personally cashed out around 13 cents usd currency to my coinbase account and it arrived instantly ladies and gentlemen that is right we finally have a legitimate slot machine application on the vinsane channel after all these years it's about time an application developer actually stepped up and did this just remember if you guys want to see other legitimate applications please check out my channel's playlist so then you can start earning online today without any charge thank you so much for watching i'll see you all in one two days stay safe see you next time.

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