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This Givvy Radios review for Android will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!

Thoughts On Givvy Radios:

Here's what we know about the Givvy Radios app so far!

Can we really Get PAID To Listen To Music on todays new app? This is my Givvy Radios Review for the Android! Is it real or fake? I will be explaining all the need to know details and seeing if I'm able to actually receive Givvy Radios cash out payment proof. Being able to earn money listening to music is such a great idea so I hope that this money making app is worth it.

Remember every single online money making method will change depending on your country so please always keep this in mind as Givvy Radios is no different. These type of money making apps are known to have a big difference based on your location.


Ladies and gentlemen there is an application on the market right now called givvy radio that is promising you guys out there real life money just by listening to radio stations from your mobile phone today we're going to find out is it legit or a complete scam I hope you enjoy let's kick this off.




When it comes down to who can actually use givvy radio it does seem like they're way more open to new users in multiple countries than other money making applications know the downside to that is that your earning potential will depend on your country if you didn't know givvy radio runs on an advertisement system.


What I've come to realize with these type of money making applications over the last couple of years is that these developers are only going to pay you a small portion of what they're receiving for those advertisement views so if you're in a country where advertisers aren't paying the developers that much that means in return sadly you are not going to earn that much either I personally live in Australia so the earning rates that you're going to see on this video are completely based on my experience so when you try out give your radio it might be completely different as soon as you join up to Givvy Radios you're going to see how easy it is to actually use.



It's one of these basic givvy applications and if you've never used the givvy application before they're very straightforward on givvy radio thankfully they pretty much lay it out as easy as possible as soon as you sing up you'll get to listen to whatever radio stations are available in your country I have to say there are so many radio stations on giving radio.


Actually it's quite overwhelming I had a really fun time listening to different radio stations in different countries because I'm only used to obviously listening to radio stations here in Australia now the actual earnings system on givvy radio might confuse some people okay the whole concept here is that we listen to radio stations then we earn these givvy coins or tokens whatever they want to call their in-game currency.


In return for watching advertisements you see that's the whole point of giving radio we listen to radio stations the developers play us ads now when it comes to these advertisement systems I have a feeling that some people are not going to like this and the reason for that is because you could be listening to a radio station right then all of a sudden an advertisement will appear and this kind of destroys the whole flow of the application so because obviously this application is just pretty much hijacking or using I guess I shouldn't say hijacking that might sound a little malicious, but they're streaming radio stations straight from obviously these broadcasters what ends up happening is because there's no real talking between the broadcaster and givvy radio.


When givvy radio plays an advertisement it will interrupt whatever's happening at the time, so you could be listening to a song singing along then all of a sudden just bang and ad would just cut out the song it definitely is not the biggest problem in the world but I do know for a fact some people will get annoyed by this if you guys want to help me grow on YouTube please don't forget to hit like subscribe drop a comment be sure to share this to anyone you think would like to see it and join my free newsletter links are in the description below thank you so much.


Now it's time to talk about the different cash out options that give you radio allows you to withdraw to so if you've ever used the givvy application before all the same cash out options have returned if you're new here essentially you can cash out to a wide range of options including PayPal finance Coinbase and payeer there are other ones as well, but they're the main ones I like to talk about so when it comes down to the actual earning time and how long it will take you to make real life money on givvy radio.


That is completely subjected to where you live so what I mean by that as I mentioned at the start of the video the ad rates will change depending on your country, so these developers will pay you at a different rate here in Australia I can easily say it took about one hour to earn 20 real life cents and that's just by purely listening to the radio now here's the thing if you want to increase your earnings givvy radio features an offer and task section now I've always stated that the real money making way on these givvy applications is through the offers and tasks section okay I swear this developer just makes these concepts just to get you to go to the offer wall.


I had various different offer wall providers that I could go through but on today's video I wanted to see how much completing surveys would earn me compared to listening to radio stations so get this everyone as I said it took about one hour to earn 20 cents on givvy radio but then I headed over to the off-wall section and completed a survey and I was able to earn 70 cents or so literally in 10 minutes, so now you can understand why I'm saying these offer wall providers on these applications will pay you so much more than the application itself which I don't really understand because in my opinion if you're going to make an application you'd want to make it, so it pays you the most for what the application actually promises you which is listening to the radio not completing offers and tasks or surveys while I do love covering givvy on this channel.


I just don't understand why they pay so little for the actual things you do in the application that aren't offer war related as I said I live in Australia so I can't even imagine how slow this application must be in countries where they really can't earn that much money through applications Indonesia is a big one that I know people have spoken to me about and even Philippines where they have a really hard time earning money through apps so I can only imagine how slow earning in these countries would be that being said givvy radio does have an inviter friend section as well.



If you guys want to refer people to use givvy radio giving radio in return will supply you with a small percentage bonus every time your friend cashes out on the application so in total it seems the percentage at least here in Australia is 10 so if you guys join my link every time you cash out on givvy radio I would earn 10 of your earnings completely for free as a bonus without affecting you not only that if you did join through my link you also earn two cents as a welcome bonus that goes for everyone by the way so if you invite your friends you'd get the same type of bonus reward whether it's really worth inviting people to use givvy radio I mean that's completely up to you when I make these videos I leave the referral codes there because usually these platforms will actually give you a bonus for joining up but with applications like givvy you're not really going to earn too much by referring people to use them.


Now it's time to talk about is givvy radio actually legit and going to pay us or not so my experience with every givvy application so far has been a positive one when it comes to the cash out so I wasn't really expecting anything too different with givvy radio now I do want to make it clear the options that you cash out too will change your waiting time so for instance for today's video I cashed out roughly one dollar worth of Coinbase currency and I'm happy to say givvy paid me straight away both times.




I cashed out two separate times what I discovered is that you can only cash out once per day so that's something to really keep in mind here everyone I didn't even know that to be honest I could have sworn you could have cashed out more than once in a day, but maybe they've just implemented that or maybe i just never paid attention to that but when it comes to the PayPal cash out you will have to wait between two and three days or so to get your money and there might be some fees involved so be careful with that all right I'm pretty sure there are fees on these givvy cash outs it has been a while since I've cashed out on giving with PayPal currency but I could have sworn on my givvy videos cash out it did charge me a fee either way I am happy to say that givvy radio is legit at least at the time of this recording thank you all so much for watching I will see you all tomorrow for another review stay safe out there see you next time

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