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Givvy Lucky Numbers VIDEO REVIEW


This Givvy Lucky Numbers review for Android will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!


Thoughts On Givvy Lucky Numbers:

Here's what we know about the Givvy Lucky Numbers app so far!


hey everyone it's vince here welcome to my givvy lucky numbers review I hope you enjoy let's kick this off so giving numbers is a money making application that allows you guys out there to earn real life cash just by entering into daily draws that happen literally every single 10 minutes now there is a prize pool on giving numbers where depending on how many of the numbers that you picked come up correct your certain reward will be split between the winners that have the same amount of correct guesses as yourself i suggest sticking through to the end guys to understand this application.



especially if you're going to try it out yourself because you're going to want to know exactly how it works and my tips on how to actually earn more coins on this application because givvy lucky numbers actually has a coin based currency system where 1 000 coins equal one USD cent now while the main way to actually earn these coins is by entering into these drawers that happen every single 10 minutes you do have the opportunity to actually earn coins via completing surveys and offers or also straight up watching advertisements in exchange for coins now usually I don't recommend watching advertisements for any type of in-game currency because usually, the application developers don't really reward you that much of the currency itself for watching a 30-second advertisement but at least here in Australia.



Givvy numbers was actually rewarding at least a thousand coins minimum per advertisement watched so in theory that's at least one single cent per ad you watch guys which is actually pretty decent for not doing anything but watching a 30 second act now mind you these ad prompts aren't always there they might appear only a couple of times per hour but if you see that little present box in the top right corner of the screen i do suggest you tap it as long as you're getting a decent amount of coins as a reward for watching the ad because that can really start to add up eventually now of course when it comes to the offers themselves you guys know how this works the more time that you devote for offers the more of a reward you're going to get and giving numbers does have quite a large of offer providers same thing goes exactly for the survey side as well so again the longer the surveys or the more complicated the surveys usually they're the ones that are going to pay you more unless it's a super specific one.



But i did see surveys that were paying literally tens of thousands of these coins and of course as i mentioned 1 000 coins equals one cent so you can do the mass if you find a survey that will reward you with 50 000 coins that's 50 cents straight up now is it the most high-paying application i've seen definitely not but it is nice to have the options there in case you want to do surveys or complete offers if you guys are enjoying today's video please remember to hit like and subscribe drop a comment and join my free newsletter links are in the description below thank you so much on the screen right now you are going to see the different type of reward brackets that are actually allowed to be paid out to players assuming they've guessed that amount of correct numbers so as you can see there are actually quite a large amount of coins to be split up between players now remember you are not guaranteed a win here you might not get any numbers correct so please keep that in mind you will have to watch an advertisement every time you enter in your numbers and if you want to earn extra guesses so at the start you have 10 free choices.



But if you want 16 numbers instead of 10 you have to watch another advertisement as well i usually do that guys to try and increase my chances of winning some money but you will be watching an advertisement no matter what essentially i do suggest you do watch that advertisement for the extra six guesses though just for the fact that you get those six guesses because if you get one right that might bump you up to the next correct bracket which means a much bigger prize pool to be split between all of you guys that guess that amount of numbers as well i do dislike though that they force you to watch the advertisements i mean they don't really give you any other choice the developers do have to make money as well that's completely understandable but it would be nice if they didn't play an ad every single time you try to get those extra guesses and the only reason why I'm stating that is because i know some people hate advertisements but that's just part of the package with money making applications.



If you're not good at guessing numbers you can literally just press a button that selects random numbers for you and then that's all you actually have to do or you can even select your previous selected numbers in case you really do like your chances with your guesses it's a very very simple and easy to understand applications so I can really appreciate what givvy has given us today no pun intended for the people that like inviting their friends or like referring people to play these type of applications givvy numbers does have a refer a friend system where you can get up to 4 000 coins per person invited mind you though they will have to perform some in-app activities for you to be rewarded so they actually have to use the app essentially now just like most of the givvy money making applications they do give you a variety of ways to cash out you can cash out to PayPal on giving numbers but for this video.


I'll be cashing out directly to my coinbase account the reason for that is because coinbase withdrawals on gibby are usually instant okay something to keep in mind here as well everyone is that you will have to have your givvy account on this application at least for one day so once you've installed giving numbers give it a day try and rack up as many coins as you can and then hopefully your account will be out of that initial review as they call it when it comes to the givvy applications everyone something that i want to make clear here is that you're not going to make real solid cash on them okay at least in my experience what you can expect though are some applications that will pay you a little bit of money here and there just to complete some very simple tasks that's something that i do enjoy about the givvy applications is that they're very easy to understand all you need to do is literally download them and just play them for like an hour or two and you can instantly start cashing out so it's not the end of the world okay and i don't mind the advertisements that much because i do understand as i mentioned earlier developers need to get paid as well and they're not so obnoxious at least on this application with the advertisements so i'm happy with that i know some givvy applications are very very full-on with advertisements but at least giving numbers is pretty straightforward and not so bad with ads.


In my opinion, I personally chose to watch advertisements every single time that little present was available in the top right corner of the screen that rewarded me with one to two thousand coins per ad watch and for the fact that I entered into the ten minute draws every single time they were available it really did not take me long to get to 50 cents on this application I know that one of the biggest concerns about the givvy applications is that they change so much depending on your country all I can do everyone as a content creator is just try the app as it's available in my own country I just hope that giving numbers isn't too different in your own country.


What i would like if you do use the application is to let me know how many coins it would take you to earn one single usd cent because then at least it gives me some sort of insight onto what to expect for certain countries when it comes to rewards thank you very much if you do that for me i cashed out on giving numbers and within a couple of minutes that money hit my coinbase account so i have no complaints with giving numbers everyone i actually recommend you give it a try because you might actually get a high amount of right guesses and enter into the very high paying brackets unfortunately i wasn't that lucky with my guesses the most i ever got correct at once was only four but either way give giving numbers a try if you have the time i think it's actually quite a fun application for what it is a very simple straightforward little application that will reward you with a tiny bit of money but at least it's legit thank you all so much for watching i'll see you all in a few days catch you later guys.

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