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This Givvy Higher Lower review for Android will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!

Thoughts On Givvy Higher Lower:

Here's what we know about the Givvy Higher Lower app so far!




Hi everyone vince here welcome to my givvy higher lower review i hope you enjoy let's kick this off givvy higher lower is one of these money making applications that has an extremely easy and simple concept all you need to do to win real life money on this application is literally try and guess if the number is going to be either higher or lower than the previous one if you can do that 10 times give higher lower will reward you with real life money apparently.


so on this review we're going to find out if give a higher lower is actually legit or a scam the first thing i want to say here is that givvy higher lower might not be available in your country at the moment it is made from the developers givvy hence the name so if you can use other givvy applications you shouldn't have any problem with this one the only thing is as well depending on your country age and gender your experience is going to vary and of course with most of the money making applications and online money earning methods don't expect to earn a huge amount of cash from this this is one of these little fun applications that will pay you a couple of dollars here and there but i definitely want to show up on the channel because i love the idea.


givvy higher lower has multiple different cash out options. so not only can you cash out to paypal but you can also cash out to various different other outlets including coinbase aka crypto currency guys and that's what i'll be doing on today's video but just like many of the givvy applications they do support paypal and i have been paid out before with paypal on this channel by givvy applications so that's something to always keep in mind but before you go and use this application i highly recommend you watch the rest of this video so you understand exactly how it works and how you can maximize your profits on this little money making application if you guys are enjoying what i'm doing here on the channel please remember to hit like subscribe join my free newsletter and drop a comment it is all helping me get seen around youtube so thank you so much once.


you installed givvy higher lower you can see that the layout is extremely simple to understand there are only really a few choices that you can actually choose from on this application and the main way that i like to earn currency on this application is from playing the actual game where you guess if the number is going to be higher or lower than the previous one as i mentioned earlier if you do this 10 times in a row you will then win in-game currency of coins these coins can then be converted into real-life money by the various outlets that i shown just a second ago something to keep in mind here from what i can see guys the amount of winnings that you get per game is completely at random okay so it's not like you're going to win a certain amount of coins per game each game will have a different winning amount of credits there is a completely different earnings side to give a higher lower though and that's the offers surveys and tasks area.


so if you guys want to earn a lot of coins in a short amount of time without having to play the higher or lower game you just head over to the offers and tasks section where you can win literally tens of thousands of this in-game currency but before you start thinking that's a ton of money what i want you to understand here at least in my country 1 000 of the in-game coins equals about 1 cent usd so that's why you're really really going to have to judge if gibby high or lower is worth your time or not but with all said and done hopefully this video will help you decide that exact thing there is also a leaderboard and prize pool system on give a higher lower every single time you win a game on givvy higher lower you will then get 50 percent of your winnings contributed to the global prize pool for the day at least that's what i think guys.


i think it's daily it might even be weekly but either way there is definitely a prize pool where you go up against other people on the application and then whoever has the highest amount of points for winning games on that day or week you then win the prize ball it's pretty straightforward or at least it gets split up between the top earners you guys know these concepts a lot of these money-making applications these days are starting to bring out these prize pool systems i don't necessarily like that 50 of the winnings goes towards the prize pool i would like it if they just gave us a hundred percent of our winnings and then added to an extra prize pool at their expense but i guess in reality the developers need to make some money as well.


speaking about how the developers make their money essentially everything you do in this application is going to play an advertisement at least when it comes to playing the game of the higher and lower numbers so if you don't like watching advertisements perhaps this application might not be for you but i'm just giving you a fair warning here you will see multiple advertisements on most of the givvy applications in general if you invite your friends on givvy high or lower you can earn up to 4 000 of the in-game currency which equals out to 4 cents per user so if you guys like to invite your friends and you can do so on this application and actually get a tiny minuscule reward for doing so but at least the option is there if you guys want to completely skip out on playing the actual game on give a higher lower.


you can simply just watch advertisements in the top right corner of the screen to actually earn coins i'd much rather just either complete offers and tasks or just play the game personally but you can choose whatever option you like something to really point out here as well is that when you're playing the higher or lower game there is a life system so you only get three chances to guess the correct numbers in all of those 10 choices and if you fail that you'll have to watch an advertisement to either save your life or add extra turns on if you choose not to do so you'll reset the entire game.


you'll have to start from the first guess out of 10. so that can become frustrating as well if give a higher lower is something that you might not use please remember to check out my youtube channel for multiple different playlists with hundreds of different legit money making methods on it i cannot stress that enough everyone it roughly took me around one hour or so to reach about 20 cents on gibby higher or lower and that's because i kept on guessing the wrong numbers that's the problem with these type of applications it's all based on chance but at the end of the day i knew that going into this application it was going to be a bit hard and in reality 20 cents in one hour is barely anything at all but it's my job to test if they're going to pay or not and i'm happy to say i used the cryptocurrency cash out method on giving high lower and they paid instantly so i have absolutely no problem with this application i think it's a very simple and easy to understand money making method and if you guys are bored give it a shot but don't expect to get rich thank you very much for watching i hope you enjoyed i'll see you all in one two days see you next time.

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