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This Givvy Giveaways review for Android will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!

Thoughts On Givvy Giveaways:

Here's what we know about the Givvy Giveaways so far!

Welcome to my Givvy Giveaways Review for the Android App! This new money making app is promising cash just by scratching cards but is it real legit or a fake scam? We will try and get Givvy Giveaways Payment Proof and show my experience doing so. Let's hope this is a real way to earn money online.

So when it comes to Givvy Giveaways I have to say I do love the idea but when it comes down to it from a realistic point of view it's not going to make anyone rich by any means and the chances of actually winning that $1000 dollar giveaway will be extremely slim so please keep that in mind. This is just another one of these apps that will pay you a very small amount of money to watch ads but at least it's real.

​hey everyone Vince here welcome to my givvy giveaways review I hope you enjoy let's kick this off givey giveaways seems to be givvy's biggest application yet in my opinion with the amount of money they're willing to give away to the users each day week and month you see givvy giveaways is ran on a Sweepstake system not only that there is a scratch card system as well where you can scratch certain amount of cards per hour to earn tickets with these tickets you can then enter into various different giveaways that happen daily the highest giveaway that I saw goes all the way up to one thousand dollars which givvy claims to be giving away at the end of each month.










whenever I see sweepstakes application like this I always have a little bit of worry that maybe that's not really worth your time and I'll explain why in a second let me just break down how much money you'll need to cash out on givvyng giveaways first of all so ten thousand coins equals one cent USD currency see the way that you can earn this currency is of course by entering into the daily giveaways completing offers from the offer world that give your giveaway has or by scratching cards now I personally enjoyed scratching the cards on this application instead of doing the offer walls for today's video you see not only can you get tickets to enter into two different types of giveaways one being a standard giveaway and one being a premium giveaway both represented with their own tickets but then you can actually earn real life money from the scratch cards themselves the only downside to this application that I saw straight away is that you'll be watching literally hundreds of advertisements.










I feel before you earn even like five dollars or so you see you'll have to watch an advertisement for pretty much every action on givvyng giveaways and now to some people they may not mind because perhaps the currency in their country is worth a lot of money but here in Australia give a giveaways really isn't worth the time investment but again that doesn't make it a bad application because my job is to see if the application is actually going to pay us or not the cool thing about both the giveaway sections including the standard and premium ones is that they have giveaways that end every few hours for low amounts of money as well so you literally have a whole multitude of different giveaways that you can enter into now are you actually going to win any of this money.










I mean that's the problem with sweepstakes applications and that's what I want to talk about I honestly don't really like sweepstakes applications I find that you probably dump way too much time into them to ever earn anything because you're going up against thousands of other people now of course the developer makes a lot of money by making you guys watch advertisements with the hopes of you winning money and I'm sure one lucky person does win the money per giveaway but then think about all the other thousands of people that don't win anything that's why I personally focused on completing scratchy cards you do earn quite a bit of tickets though from each scratchy card from what I've seen so that is nice but I wouldn't get my hopes up too much on winning the thousands of dollars on givvyng giveaways you can also invite your friends and when you do you earn 10 of their earnings completely for free without impacting them.








your friend will also earn two cents as a welcome bonus completely for free again givvy has one of the lowest referral programs I've seen in my life but at least they offer something givvyng giveaways has multiple different Cash Out options as well as I'm sure you guys are well aware of by now with the givvyng applications they feature cryptocurrency PayPal and other various types of cash outs as well with very low minimum cash out which is very nice to see it only took me roughly 30 minutes to achieve the minimum cash out of about 19 cents USD on givvyng giveaways by purely scratching the cards I cashed out that 19 cents and instead of being an instant payment it did take about 24 hours to hit my coinbase account but I am happy to say that yes everyone give me giveaways is a legitimate money making application at the time of this recording maybe in your country it could be worth it see you all for another review tomorrow.

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