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This Givvy 2048 review for Android will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!

Thoughts On Givvy 2048:

Here's what we know about the Givvy 2048 so far!

Welcome to my Givvy 2048 Review for the Android App! Is this new money making application really worth your time? Is Givvy 2048 legit or a fake scam and will I get Cash Out Payment Proof? That's exactly what we will find out today as I show how to get free instant Paypal and Coinbase cash online in 2022.

Something to always keep in mind with these type of money making applications is that they pay extremely low for the amount of time you put into them so for instance it takes me about 30 minutes to earn 0.19 USD on Givvy 2048 now does that mean you will earn the same? More than likely not as I live in Australia and it seems other countries have either a lower amount or a much higher amount... all I can do is show you my experience and honest review!


Hey everyone vince here welcome to my givvy 2048 review i hope you enjoy let's kick this off givvy 2048 is an extremely simple money-making application but depending on where you live your outcome might be completely different to what you're seeing on today's video on givvy 2048 there are four main ways for you guys out there to earn real life money from playing this game.


you'll notice that givvy 2048 has a leaderboard system this leaderboard system will allow you to earn real life cash by versing other players around the world emerging blocks in a 2048 game there is a leaderboard system and on this leaderboard system there are three different ways for you guys to earn usd currency the first one is by achieving the highest score in a 2048 tournament now these leaderboards give out prizes every single day so if you guys manage to achieve the highest score every single day you'll receive a large amount of money from the daily leaderboard prize pool split.


because it does seem that a certain amount of money is split between players that achieve a certain amount of score on the leaderboard the second challenge mode is who can achieve the fastest 2048 score you have to try and reach the 2048 block as fast as possible at the moment some players have managed to get that down to a few seconds which is pretty crazy to me and the last challenge mode from what i can see is the three minute challenge mode where you have three minutes to try and rack up as big of a score as possible it seems that one dollar usd is the maximum price for each of these different challenges per day.


then it starts going lower and lower the lower you are on the leaderboard givvy 2048 has multiple cash out options including cryptocurrency and paypal currency the minimum cash out is only 19 cents worth of usd here in australia so i'm hoping it's the same in your country that's the real benefit of these applications is that low cash out amount 1 000 coins equals 1 cent usd so now at least you understand the currency system of givvy 2048 there is also an offer wall system which offers up hundreds of thousands of these givvy coins now i found the best way to earn on givvy 2048 was to actually complete offers instead of playing the actual game itself.


 i just wasn't too good at merging the 2048 blocks together and now don't get me wrong if you guys have the patience and if you want to try and i guess compete against other players you're more than welcome to do so to earn that one dollar prize at the end of every day but if you don't really have the time i recommend you head over to the offer wall section and complete the surveys or of course completing tasks generally with these givvy applications it's almost like they're specifically made to go to the offer wall here at the offer wall you'll easily be able to earn those coins my recommendation is that you browse around the different offer providers and try and find the highest paying ones.


if you want to invite your friends to give you 2048 you're more than welcome to if you do invite them you will both earn one cent for joining up through your link and then you'll personally earn three cents once they generate their first five cents on givvy 2048. now givey has probably one of the lowest referral systems i've ever seen in my life but the option is there for anyone that wants to do it i of course will have my link in the description below if you guys want to try out give me 2048.


for today's video my goal was to try and get to that minimum cash out of 19 cents as fast as possible so i went straight to the offer wall providers and i smashed out those offers and i was able to achieve that 19 cents in roughly about 30 minutes or so of completing surveys now at least here in australia givey pays extremely low currency for the time that you put into it but i don't want to discredit it because as long as it's legit it's all good in my books and that's exactly what i'm here to find out i cashed out my 19 cents on givvy 2048 and it literally arrived instantly to my coinbase account so i am happy to say at least at the time of this recording gimme 2048 is 100 legit i hope i helped someone out there stay safe see you next time.

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