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Givvy Play and Earn VIDEO REVIEW


This Givvy Play and Earn review will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus my personal Coinbase Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!

Thoughts On Givvy Play and Earn:

Here's what we know about the Givvy Play and Earn app so far!


Hey everyone vince here welcome back to another review ladies and gentlemen today we're reviewing givvy play and earn now playing earn to me has some great aspects to it but there's some things i really want to talk about and i hope you guys enjoyed today's review by the way please remember of course to hit like and subscribe be sure to drop a comment as well telling me what you think of givvy play and earn let's kick this off now depending on what country you live in obviously gibby plain earn is going to behave differently.


the thing is guys with play and earn essentially our goal is to either complete surveys or complete tasks to earn coins that then we can convert into real money okay so the real money aspect of givvy play and earn is actually quite interesting because it actually features multiple ways to cash out including cryptocurrency and paypal so i actually have to say i do like this kind of system on money making applications i'll be going through each of the features on play and earn on today's review give you plain earns layout and design is very straightforward you literally install the application and then straight away you'll have all these different options on how to earn the in-game coins that then you can change into real money how long it takes you to reach the minimum threshold to cash out is up to you you either have the choice of completing surveys or completing offers in my personal experience completing surveys is the faster way to earn the coins just because most of the offers will take quite a bit of time and honestly some of them do not reward that many coins from what i've seen now of course this is my experience here in australia.


in your country it might be completely different so that's always something to really think about when you play any type of money making application especially givvy earn and play in my view though i really think you guys should stick to the surveys if you want to earn fast but as i said the choice is yours you will also find that there are other options to earn coins such as playing mini games against other players now i personally don't really care too much about this section of the application because i feel like the main money-making way is completely based on the surveys and the offers i feel like these little mini games are just there for looks really because you only get a couple of coins for completing some of the matches plus you have a limited amount of lives that givey actually allows you per day plus you do have to watch an advertisement every time you play one of these little mini games.


for today's video i decided to cash out to my coinbase wallet guys and i feel like if you guys out there want to try and earn fast you're probably going to want to do the same because the minimum threshold to cash out on givvy earn and play is around a dollar for the paypal currency but it will not be instant so please keep this in mind with the cryptocurrency payments guys they are obviously instant to your crypto wallet okay so that's quite nice to see compared to the paypal which apparently according to givvy will take you around two to three days to receive i have no reason to doubt that givvy is actually going to live up to their word as well as it is quite a large application so i don't really have doubts when it comes to the payment section of giving play what i do have doubts with though is the actual time it takes to earn the money.



when it comes to earning money on givvy earn and play you're going to run into a little bit of a snag if you expect to earn fast okay let me get straight into this now if you've ever played a money making application then you know that offers generally do pay out the highest amount of coins but they also take the longest amount of time to complete this is why i prefer surveys surveys might not pay you the highest amount of coins guys if you're lucky though you might find some really high paying ones but sadly it's quite rare but what you can do with surveys is obviously stack them up so you go from one survey provider to another to try and complete as many surveys as you can as fast as possible in general surveys usually take around 10 to 15 minutes to complete each if you're lucky you might find some faster ones or you might find some slower ones but usually you can get through them pretty quickly i feel like the reward they're giving you for surveys is actually very small so compared to other survey applications such as attapoll or poll pay which i've covered before on the channel there is a massive price difference guys to what you're actually getting rewarded for completing surveys and where the rest of that money goes i believe it goes to givvy earn and play.


now i do understand that applications have to get money as well and this is how they probably take their cuts out of you guys using their application but then again they also have advertisements throughout their application as well so it's kind of like a little bit of a double dip there and i honestly believe that earn and play could probably pay you guys more than what it currently is at the moment givey also has an inviter friend system which i honestly believe really isn't worth your time either i mean at the end of the day guys you have to invite hundreds of people to actually see a decent amount of return and we're not even talking probably ten dollars or so honestly it's not that much money if you actually pay attention to the graph of how many referrals you need to get paid out compared to how much money you can actually withdraw on givvy and in play.


t's really not that much okay so consider that before you invite every one of your friends to this application because it might not actually be worth it at all so after three hours of constantly grinding out surveys i managed to clock up enough coins to then convert into real life money through giving plays website if you go through their website you get a 10 discount on the conversion rate everyone it's really weird how givvy has this coin system conversion rate i just don't understand why they would do that why not make it one for one value it's really odd to me guys but either way i went through the website and i cashed out enough money to then withdraw to my coinbase wallet and i'm happy to say that yes skivy earning pay did send that cryptocurrency to my wallet straight away which was bitcoin by the way but think about this three hours for only 48 cents worth of bitcoin it really doesn't seem worth it in my opinion for people living in america 48 cents is really nothing of their currency.


here in australia i at least got a dollar okay so technically i got a dollar in three hours instead of 48 cents but if you live in america then you only got 48 cents american currency so think about it that way depending on your country the conversion rates are going to be different for the dollar value but i still don't think it's worth it guys that was way too long just to earn literally a dollar of australian currency worth of bitcoin but there you have it everyone that's my review on giving and play i really hope you enjoyed i will catch you all in one to two days see you next time.

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