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This Givvy Coffey review for Android will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!


Thoughts On Givvy Coffey

Here's what we know about the Givvy Coffey app so far!


Hi everyone vince here today we're reviewing the money making application coffey by givvy now to me this is a very unique money making application for the simple fact of how low the cash outs actually are on it and the tasks that this application makes you guys do out there to start earning some sort of money at the moment i'm using coffey on my android phone.



i'm not too sure if it's available on ios but what i can tell you everyone is that this concept i really can get behind the whole aspect of you guys out there getting paid real life money to serve a virtual customer's coffee is so hilarious to me what you need to understand with any type of these money making applications that are online is that they do take time to actually earn some sort of cash that's probably the main difference with these apps compared to these fake money making applications out there is that these apps actually will require you to use these applications for a certain amount of hours before you even make a solid dollar or two.


if this application is not available in your country please be sure to check out my top 32 paying application and website list so hopefully you can find something that will work in your country and be sure to join my free newsletter links are in the description below something that i really do like about coffey though is that it actually has an idle aspect to it and what i mean by that is that you don't have to actually use the phone app constantly to earn every single aspect on coffey is ran by timers so you have a timer on how happy your customers are waiting in line so if you don't sit your customers down in a certain period of time you actually end up getting a bad response from the customers there is a rating system for your coffey shop.


so you obviously always want to keep your customers as happy as possible there are also timers on how long it takes for your customers to pick their food and eat their food now not only that you will have to pick the ingredients yourself for each of the meals that the customers want this is a pretty cool aspect of the application but let me just tell you something everyone with these type of applications as well you're going to be watching ads and coffey is absolutely no different you'll be watching ads for pretty much almost all the actions that you do in this app and i believe that's because the developers obviously want to get paid but i do understand that some people might get a little bit annoyed with how many advertisements you actually have to watch on this application i do love the fact that there are so many different food options though on the menu and the ingredient system really is unique to me.


it's just when it comes down to everyone you have to figure out is this really going to be worth your time and that's what we're going to talk about right now so when it comes to the actual cashing out system and reward system on coffey it's pretty unique in the sense of how you earn the money you have the choice of either you know being a good coffee shop owner and feeding your customers that will reward you with the gibby coins that then you can cash out into real life money from what i've noticed the customers will only give you about five or ten if you do a good job with the serving so if you actually do a poor job and let's say you don't check your phone in time and the customers are still there when you come back to your phone the next day and you haven't sat them down you'll start losing experience which means revenue in my opinion now that's the best way that i can decipher this little system they have here.


you need about roughly 120 givvy coins for one single usd cent and each of the customers table might give you a max of around 10 or 15 from what i've seen you can only clear these tables out every few hours in reality you're going to be checking your phone quite regularly just to get customers in and out of the coffee shop so then you can actually start generating experience from them now is that a bad thing i guess it all depends on what you expect from your money making application i don't really like having to check my phone all the time at least not for that little of money you're gonna have to be playing for days or weeks actually generate the minimum cash out value of around 19 cents for cryptocurrency and one dollar for paypal i ended up just completing surveys on this application everyone because yes there is an office system that does offer a large amount of a give coins now i know that a lot of people out there probably don't want to complete surveys on an application like this.


That is the only option i found to earn fast you can complete offers as well such as installing other applications but that feature wasn't available in my country at the moment i managed to earn around 50 cents usd on coffey by completing around three surveys now something to keep in mind here as well is i'm doing the cryptocurrency cash out method so now i get that money instantly to my coinbase wallet this is just to test the fact if coffey will actually pay us but i suspect a lot of people will be using the paypal method which apparently takes up to three days to hit your paypal account i'm happy to say though that coffey did pay me instantly to my coinbase wallet everyone so i can confirm that coffey is a legitimate application from givvy but it is completely up to you if you're going to use it or not let me know in the comments what you think of this application i'll catch you all in one to two days for the next review thank you so much for watching guys see you next time.

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