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This GAMEE review will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities and my thoughts on if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!

Please note that the link provided on this page is my referral code so I might get a small bonus as a thank you for signing you up!  

Thoughts On GAMEE:

Here's what we know about the GAMEE app so far!


Hi everyone vince here today i want to talk to you about the money making application GAMEE now GAMEE to me is very interesting for the simple fact of how you actually earn money on it essentially you have to earn tickets on GAMEE that then get converted into real life money now i've had questions asking me how exactly can you turn your tickets into the money the thing is everyone if you didn't know GAMEE has many different giveaways for various amounts of money throughout the week or month.





they also have a daily leader board where every single day a certain amount of money gets split up between the top ticket earners for that day it seems the top winner earns five dollars second place pulls in four dollars third place pulls in 3.50 fourth place 2.50 fifth place 1.50 between sixth and tenth place is one dollar between 11th and 19th place is 50 cents and anything below that all the way up to 50th place is 10 cents from what i gathered with my experience just remember everyone this is daily as well there are two main ways to actually earn tickets on GAMEE and one includes playing the little mini games that are featured on gamey itself the amount of tickets you get really depend on your profile level.



the more you use GAMEE the more of a ticket multiplier you can actually earn as your profile level goes up on it these mini games actually have challenges that you have to complete to earn a certain amount of tickets but the amount of tickets that i found you earn through playing these little mini games is quite small compared to the real money making way of completing offers and i feel like this is what GAMEE really wants you to focus on to put it into perspective some of the mini games might give you like a max of a thousand or two thousand tickets a day right that's just based on my level at the moment but then you'll have some offers that actually reward you with like 300 000 tickets all the way up to millions guys so you don't really stand a chance against someone that's going to complete offers.



that's something you have to understand here that being said there are lucky giveaways every day that you can enter into you will have to watch an advertisement though to actually enter into these giveaways these giveaways are called lucky games i have multiple of these lucky games available to me to enter into you have the weekly draw which is roughly around 1 350 you can enter into a 10 000 lotto you can enter multiple times into a five dollar giveaway and you can enter multiple times into a one thousand dollar giveaway plus of course you have the daily prize pool so that's how you can actually make money on GAMEE.



just think of it as a competitive platform where everyone's trying to earn as many tickets as they can every day to then get rewarded for it at the end of that day or week or month depending what kind of giveaway you're entering i think personally that most people are going to enter into the daily giveaways all the time because you're able to enter like six times or so on each of these giveaways so you give yourself a better chance to actually win now there's no guaranteed winning on game either okay you have to remember that there is a ten dollar minimum cash out though on GAMEE.


so keep that in mind the only real way that i was able to earn that 10 was by referring people to use the application but that did allow me to actually test out the cash out method on GAMEE because you get rewarded 10 cents per person that you referred to GAMEE and if they reach level 5 you also get a bonus of the 10 tickets that they earn as well completely free without affecting your friends earnings of course so it took me months to actually get to the point right now that i'm up to where i could cash out on GAMEE.


i am happy to say everyone that i was able to cash out on GAMEE and they literally paid me within that week so yes GAMEE is a legitimate money making application they will pay you it's just a grind to get to that cash out point so my recommendation is try and refer as many people as you can while also entering into those daily giveaways okay they do have a spinning prize wheel as well but i barely win real life money on that i mostly get the in-game tickets so there you have it everyone i hope that this answered your question about GAMEE please leave me a comment telling me what you think of GAMEE and of course please remember to hit like and subscribe be sure to join up to my free newsletter so you never miss out on upload again catch you all on the next video tomorrow guys see you later.

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