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This FunTap review for Android will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!

Thoughts On FunTap:

Here's what we know about the FunTap app so far!


Hi everyone vince here welcome to my fun tap review funtap is claiming that you guys can earn real life money just by playing games in their application now the cash out values that fun taps actually offering up are extremely high in my opinion for money making games so going into this i did have some expectations that this application might not live up to what they're claiming it's going to be i hope you enjoy let's kick this off funtap has a very simple concept the whole idea is that you guys play games through their application.


then they'll reward you with coins the more you progress on those games or apps that you download going into fun tab i actually expected this application to record my gameplay time accurately and the biggest problem with these type of money making applications is the time it takes to earn on them and fun tap sadly straight off the bat disappointed me and the reason for that is because i would play the games that they recommended but then i wouldn't get rewarded the coins for completing set tasks if you look very carefully there might be some text underneath the game's picture instructing you very vaguely on what you have to do to earn coins on the application.


i noticed even though i did these tasks fun tap would not reward me with coins now if you didn't know the minimum cash out on fun tap is 20 000 coins interesting enough when you join up to funtap they actually reward you with 5 000 coins completely for free as a welcome bonus and now that's all well and good but once you find out the actual coin conversion rate you guys might look at fun tap completely different to put it into some sort of perspective here in roughly one hour of playing fun tap i was only able to generate 300 coins now when you have a minimum coin threshold of 20 000 to actually be able to cash out you can imagine how long you would be spending on this application.


now just remember based on my country of australia this is my experience if you were to download fun tap in your country you might have a completely different one to what i have had i just wanted to say please remember to hit like subscribe drop a comment be sure to join my free newsletter to help my channel grow thank you so much guys the reason why i only was able to earn 300 something coins in an hour is because the app just didn't count when i completed the tasks that it wanted me to do i only found that one of the applications which was the throwing knife game actually rewarded me with coins i have no idea how this application has been able to go on for so long having these type of game breaking bugs in my honest opinion fun tap is not worth your time by any means.


i understand that there's a chance it will cash out which is all fine and good but the amount of time that you would have to invest into this application is just not worth the reward in my honest opinion in fact if i was to recommend you guys anything i would even check out the most bare bones basic money making apps for games including apps like cash's mall missed play app flame cash alarm there are so many better alternatives to fun tap in my view i understand there's multiple cash out options on funtap but i just don't get a good feeling about the application and that's the beauty of youtube everyone.




this is my personal review if you guys want to give it a shot you're more than welcome to but i've covered much faster rewarding applications and fun tap for your time boy you guys are getting all the knowledge today aren't you so even recently i've actually reviewed an application called just play just play literally will pay you out every three hours for playing games in my personal experience just play is leagues better than funtap in fact i believe that fun tap is literally a relic of the past now when it comes to making money online through games there are much better alternatives okay all you need to do is browse around if you guys check out my youtube channels playlist you'll find many many better game applications that will pay you the thing about miss play that i want to mention also is even though it's a fantastic application it's super strict with its cash out rules you will need to supply identification more than likely including your address and even id if needed so always keep that in mind it all comes down to you guys out there though all i can do is tell you about my experience and honestly that's why i never try to get payment proof for fun tap because it just was a waste of time in my view and at least in my country thank you for watching i hope i've warned someone out there about fun tap i'll see you all tomorrow guys catch around.

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