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Fulldive Browser VIDEO REVIEW


This Fulldive Browser review will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus my personal Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!

Thoughts On Fulldive Browser:

Here's what we know about the Fulldive Browser app so far!


So today I'm going to be teaching you how i earned money by browsing the web on my mobile phone with a full dive browser now full dive browser is apparently available in multiple countries.


So everyone this is a very unique application to me i've never actually used an app that will pay us for browsing the internet through it full dive browser has multiple ways to actually cash out it seems as well interesting enough you can actually use the credits that you earn through full dive browser to donate them to charities to either plant trees feed people in need or save animals apparently you also have options to donate to charities such as red cross or the world health organization but they can also reward you with either amazon currency bitcoin or ethereum i'll talk about the cash out system later on in the review right now though i want to run you through my experience with the app so the app actually has an inbuilt youtube player and tiktok player plus even a twitch stream player that is right everyone fd browser literally has all these platforms built into it.



The only thing is everyone i did try and earn credits through browsing youtube but it didn't reward me with any so it looks like sadly this is not the application that will reward us for watching youtube videos i am still on the hunt for that one same goes for tick tock and twitch but what it seems the app will pay you credits for is for either reading the news articles that are available on the app which there are literally hundreds of news platforms to choose from such as gaming news celebrity news finance news you can literally browse ign the financial times your favorite gossip news article site and actually get rewarded for it which i find very fascinating but on top of that you will also get rewarded with credits for every single time you pretty much browse a website through their google search platform at the top of the screen so that is right everyone as you're google searching and going through websites this app will actually reward you with credits that then once you reach a certain amount you can cash out.


Now that is something i can 100 get behind the fact that it will reward you with credits is freaking awesome what i personally did not do on this app is enter any passwords now i'm not saying that this application is a virus or an app that maybe the developers would try and hack you on but it's just a personal security step that i like to use not to enter my passwords on non-official platforms so i wouldn't go to facebook and then enter my password on full dive browser personally you might do that but i just won't run the rest this could be the most secure platform in the world but unless it's the website directly


I wouldn't enter my passwords in or bank details or anything along those lines what i did do though is browse various websites read various news articles and even watch youtube and tick tock through it now i did have a bad experience with this app and i actually had to contact their support team the thing is everyone if you browse the web for too long on this app and you earn too many credits in a single day they will actually permanently ban you from earning any credits until you contact them so in general for around 30 minutes of browsing the web i earned about 2 000 credits i decided one day though to browse for like an hour and a half and i haven't managed to earn like 5 000 credits and they actually banned me i kid you not i sent their support team an email saying what's going on I'm trying to review your app and you've actually banned me they got back to me and said it's because i earned too many credits in a single day which i don't know what kind of fraud system they got running on there but if they don't expect you guys to browse the internet for more than 30 minutes a day i don't know what they're thinking so let's hope they change that system up real quick thankfully though they did unban me after that email exchange but going forward everyone i made sure i only earned around 2 500 credits a day maximum because i didn't want to get banned again i found the earning credit system very hard to understand if they just had a simple tutorial telling me how many credits i should earn a day without the risk of getting banned.


That would have been nice or at least limit us per day so then we don't get banned because no one wants to browse the web for hours then all of a sudden find their account hasn't been earning any credits because it's been banned there is a ton of opportunity for this application if they could make it that we can actually earn money by either watching youtube videos watching tick tock videos or even watching twitch streams that would be incredible but we have to wait and see what they're going to do with this app because at the moment i was not able to earn any credits but as i said earlier watching youtube tick tock or twitch now this application also allows you to attach your favorite websites to somewhat of a favorite buy and it also has a tabs system so you'll never lose where you're up to you know how you can get tabs on internet browsers this app actually has that same feature now the different types of cash out systems have their own currency conversion rate here so apparently for 1 000 credits i could donate one lot of food for 2 000 credits i could plant one tree and for 5 000 credits i could save one animal now it seems donating to charity funds is a bit more different that seems to have the real one-to-one value there so twenty thousand credits equals two dollars it seems the currency has a one dollar equals ten thousand credits system so you have to think of it this way guys amazon has a minimum cash out of two dollars so that means you'd need twenty thousand credits so five dollars equals fifty thousand and so on and so on the maximum cash out seems to be twenty five dollars at a time by the way now bitcoin runs the same system here but the minimum cash out is ten dollars and the maximum is twenty dollars same for ethereum.


It took me around a week to actually earn enough money to cash out the two dollar minimum which is a very long time pretty much if you're just using this app just to earn money but i mean at the end of the day as long as the app actually pays i don't really have a problem with it because all i did was browse the web and get paid for it by the way this features an in-built ad block just an fyi so you won't really ever get ads i wanted to see if the amazon cash out was real so i decided to cash out two dollars which cost me 20 000 credits and i received that reward literally instantly i don't know if it was just because it was two dollars or not but either way they did send it all right guys so here's a live example of what i'm talking about okay i'm on the google side of the application right now let's say i tap the search bar here we have a whole bunch of trending searches now if you can't really think of anything to search you can just browse the trending searches so let's see here apple iphone 13 pro max i've just tapped that now it's straight away searched it up on google but guess what i now get paid credits for looking at this page so let's just say i want to go to let's see here tom's guide so tom's guide for iphone 13 release dates prices and specs i now will get paid for looking at this page as well hopefully that makes sense guys.


Let me try it again here so let's go family guy and then if i want to look up things about family guy i can actually get paid for doing that as well so let's just scroll down a bit here i want to see what the schedule is for family guy on the fox channel i should now be getting paid for this as well now i'm fairly sure you can actually get paid for watching trailers and clips on websites because it's not technically youtube but you guys might actually have to try that out yourself okay but right now for all the browsing that i'm doing i should be getting paid for so i really hope that this makes sense and definitely if you haven't been updated with credits at all no matter how long you've browsed they're more than likely you got banned that's just from my personal experience so there you go everyone there's another money making app to add to the list that actually did reward us is it really worth your time i guess that's up to you i don't know how much american currency would be worth in your country i do hope you all enjoy please remember of course a like and subscribe and if you have the chance maybe become a member of the channel i'll see you all the next couple of days guys please stay safe out there see you next time.

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