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This Freecash review will cover all aspects of the website and the mobile app plus everyone of the money earning capabilities. I will also show my personal Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber!

Thoughts On Freecash:

Here's what we know about the Freecash app so far!

Today we are looking at the money making website freecash now freecash has been talked about by my fellow friends mike and roop for quite a while and i thought it's about time that i give this website a shot i do hope you enjoy please remember to hit like and subscribe i cannot wait to see if freecash is legit or if it's a scam let's kick this off.


The first massive compliment i want to give the developers a freecash is that their website is such a perfect example of what you'd want to see out of a money making platform all you need to do is literally sign up and then you're instantly greeted to money making ways these include either featured offers which include surveys for you guys to complete or offer walls which include obviously installing applications or playing games to earn money now the thing is their currency system is based on a coin based system guys so anything that you do on freecash will generate coins that then you can convert into real life money.


i could not find probably a better example of what a money making platform should look like everything is on the home page and extremely easy to understand you can literally start earning as soon as you sign up to freecash and that is something that most money making websites and applications are lacking in because when we want to earn money we don't want to screw around and figure out how everything works we don't really have time for that and thankfully the freecash designers have done a great job on their platform.



I just wanted to quickly say that i do have a free newsletter everyone that is available now for you guys to sign up to link is in the description below so that you never miss out on a video that i upload to youtube again thank you very much now jumping into the cash out methods on freecash which i'm sure you're all so curious about i cannot believe how many different options freecash is allowing you guys out there to actually cash out to so not only do you have the generic paypal and amazon payments you have literally bitcoin and other cryptocurrency payments as well but not only that you have even door dash everyone this website absolutely blew me away with how many different options that you have to cash out to if you guys play games as well then freecash is going to be right up your alley you can get skins for some of your most favorite games that you play online right now now obviously depending on your country these cash out options are more than likely to change.


Here in Australia the minimum cash out for paypal was five dollars now the cash out system is something i want to talk about later in this video when i get to the payment proof section okay so keep this in mind as i said depending on your country your experience is going to be different to mine here in australia and for today's video i'm testing the paypal cash out method but maybe in future videos i'll be using this website again to show you different payment methods for at least the paypal method 1000 coins equaled one real life usd dollar so that's something you can use in your head to try and convert how much money you can really earn on freecash per 1000 coins so when you see a survey that might be offering you 1 500 coins you know in your head that that's going to be earning you 1.50 usd it's pretty easy to figure out guys i'm sure you'll be able to convert it without any problems now moving on to the actual money making methods on freecash i decided to go down the survey route for today's video but as i said earlier you have so many different providers to go through to earn your coins on freecash.


It is insane to me you literally have like seven different offer providers plus you have these survey providers as well now i have to say freecash has an amazing survey provider list where on the home page all you literally need to do is decide do you want to do fast surveys which will reward you with 50 cents do you want to do surveys that will reward you with 80 cents or do you want to do surveys that will reward you with one dollar each i've never really seen a system like this on a money making website or a survey website.


so it's really cool to see that they give you the opportunity to choose what kind of survey route you want to go down if you have time to dedicate towards surveys then at least you have the option to earn a minimum of one dollar through surveys but if you don't have time you can take the fast survey route and only earn about 50 to 80 cents i just love the fact that we have the choices here guys which is very rare for a money making platform to allow their users to have i found the best way to actually earn money with freecash was to check their website every single hour or so to see any new survey opportunities what you'll notice everyone is that since you have so many choices to earn money with you have the opportunity to just pretty much farm the website and keep refreshing the website's homepage to see if any new surveys come up.


that's exactly what i did and i managed to snag surveys that would pay me up to like a dollar fifty almost but then i also had surveys that would pay me around thirty cents it all depends on the hour from what i've seen and the day of course now that it's christmas time you're gonna have higher paying surveys because obviously companies want to know more about your opinion on their products but in general i definitely recommend you constantly check the freecash home page to find better paying opportunities that you might be able to come across when it comes to the actual offers i really didn't care too much about them because i like completing surveys but for the people that don't like completing surveys.


You have many many high paying offers to complete on freecash not only that you actually have a mobile phone application as well that you are allowed to use on freecash so if you don't want to use your computer to earn on freecash you're more than welcome to go through their mobile phone application which takes you to their website either way from your mobile phone so yes you can earn directly from your mobile phone on freecash so please keep this in mind everyone freecash has a very involved community as well if you did not know they have a public chat room where you see people talking throughout the whole day and night essentially there are always people active on this website.

but there is also a public leaderboard system where you will get rewarded for how well you perform on the website as a bonus guys so pretty much there is a competitive site to freecash as well if you manage to get the top three positions you will earn quite a large amount of coins but even if you do not manage to get to the top three positions you will still get rewarded as long as you are in a certain threshold of coins earned for that day just go on the public leaderboard system and you'll see exactly what i'm talking about guys at the time of this recording it is almost christmas time and freecash are having a 50 000 christmas event where it seems that people can earn rewards every single day guys so if you join freecash right now you can actually get involved with that 50 000 event giveaway.


Now i want to talk about my actual cash out experience on freecash so it took only about two hours or so to earn 10 usd on freecash that was because i got disqualified quite a bit on the surveys that's the problem with going down the survey route guys freecash gives you a lot of opportunities to earn via the surveys but you have to get used to being disqualified i easily got disqualified over 10 times trying to earn this 10 usd but that comes with the course of completing surveys so if you've ever done surveys before you're used to being disqualified okay i went to go cash out my paypal.


then i noticed that you did have to get verified by the freecash admins i'm assuming this is a security protocol to make sure you earned your coins legitimately i was verified within one day and then i was able to instantly cash out my paypal and when i say instant everyone it literally went to my paypal account straight away which was excellent to see so there you go everyone i can happily say that freecash did pay me my 10 usd paypal reward and i'm actually shocked to see how well this website performed thank you so much for watching everyone and thank you so much for the freecash team for sponsoring today's video i am happy you guys gave me the opportunity to review your website stay safe everyone i will catch you all in the next video on one to two days see you next time.

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