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This Free Bitcoin Cash review for Android will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!


Thoughts On Free Bitcoin Cash:

Here's what we know about Free Bitcoin Cash so far!


Hey everyone vince here today I'm reviewing free bitcoin cash I hope you enjoy let's kick this off so the whole concept of free bitcoin cash is to complete offers surveys and play games to earn literal bitcoin cash now I know straight off the bat this application is not going to be for everyone because I know there's a whole area of my viewers that mainly stick to other currency cash outs instead of cryptocurrency but for the small majority of people that might be watching my video that enjoy cryptocurrency applications hopefully this appeals to you free bitcoin cash is a very simple application to actually use as soon as you sign up.


you are given all the different ways that you can earn your free bitcoin cash but the one thing i want to mention here is that you're going to be seeing advertisements a lot on this application depending on what kind of offer selection you use you see every single hour you can actually win a certain amount of satoshi's aka the bitcoin cash with the applications lucky giveaway area I truly love this idea and I feel like if you're going to use this application you should probably head there first and try your luck it seems you get free spins then you have to watch an advertisement for more free spins and you have these chances every single hour so you can literally keep coming back to just this area to earn free bitcoin cash then once you're done with that you can then head to another free claims section.


so there are literally two different ways to earn satoshi completely free which I actually do appreciate a lot as I said you would have to watch advertisements to claim them but that's all part of the parcel with these money making applications we'll talk about the actual cash out in a couple of minutes but I just wanted to talk about how the actual offer wall selection that you have available to you on this application I'm actually very impressed there are many different providers that you can actually go through to earn the satoshi guys which is actually fantastic to see I would, of course, like to say if you enjoyed today's video please remember to hit like subscribe drop a comment and join my free newsletter links in the description below thank you very much.



these offers include many survey providers and actual playtime reward providers as well so the more you play an application the more satoshi you actually earn and of course your generic offer walls where you install an application and then you get rewarded a certain amount of satoshi for completing a task or the actual offer itself mind you with offers though of course there are verification processes plus the higher rewarding that offer is more than likely the more longer you'll have to wait to actually get verified on it and of course it takes longer as well that's why you really have to weigh up what's worth more of your time i usually prefer completing surveys and applications like these just to get that instant reward now thanks to having the play time offer available though i stuck purely to that because who doesn't want to get rewarded just for playing games right there with quite a bit of game to choose from.


which I was very happy about there is also an inviter friends section as well where if you invite your friend and they join the application through your link you will then earn 10 of their earnings completely free which is quite nice especially if you can invite many many people but just remember guys you haven't heard the actual amount i managed to earn in a couple of hours of time on this application so sit back and get ready for this one this might change your deciding factor and if you're going to use this or not i roughly spent around three to four hours on the play time section of this application just smashing out games to generate the satoshi now my only issue was guys i generated around 20 000 or so satoshi including the free spin sections as well and all the other free methods that you can earn the satoshi on the app.


with now i did cash out my 20 000 satoshi and apparently, I was going to be paid on the following tuesday because this application actually pays out every single Tuesday so when the Tuesday finally arrived yes everyone i was actually paid by free bitcoin cash but the only downside was i only made around eight cents Australian currency which is pretty much like four to five cents American currency now I'm happy that they paid me i have no problems with that and i feel like if you use this application for a long time you can definitely generate some nice amount of bitcoin cash but in my experience.


i can play much higher paying applications for cryptocurrency at this current time so is this application for everyone most likely not is it for people that want to earn some free bitcoin cash on the side then yeah I'd say so I'll leave my referral link in the description below thank you so much for watching I hope you enjoyed seeing you all in a few days catch you around.

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