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If you have ever wanted to make money by using your voice on Fiverr then this review will be for you! Watch as I show exactly what you have to do to start getting paid by using your own skills on this platform!









Here's what we know about earning money with your voice on Fiverr so far!


Hey everyone it's vince here welcome back to another money making video ladies and gentlemen on today's video we are taking a look at the money making platform fiverr i'll be showing you how you can sell your voice and not only your voice but a robotic voice aka text to speech on fiverr i do hope you enjoy please remember to hit like and subscribe and be sure to drop a comment as well telling me what you think of fiverr and if you're going to give it a try and i also have a free newsletter that i really hope you guys join up to so then you'll never miss out on an upload again because i don't personally trust youtube's notification system anymore any links mentioned will be in the description below by the way let's kick this off.


so first things first we're going to head over to the fiverr website and literally type in voiceover into the search bar that is all we're going to do to start off with here i want to show you exactly what you're going to be getting yourself into and what kind of competition you as a seller are going to be going up against okay starting off here for the voice over categories we have literally 21.4 000 different sellers over a vast majority here of the gigs though are based in just pure voiceovers so you'll notice there are also sub categories to this kind of selling you not only have the generic voice over jobs that you can sell but you also have the sub categories such as article to video which is majority of the time the youtube videos that you see with the top ways to earn aka you can tell the voices are literally computer generated this is where youtubers will get these type of videos to be made they buy them off of sites like fiverr guys.


 it's a very cheap way to get videos pumped out for channels that don't really want to invest time these are called cash cow channels and you'll probably notice there's a lot of them on youtube that are really low effort and that's where they get them from from buying them on fiverr and sites like this okay this is where you can actually make money from people that don't want to invest time into youtube but still want to make videos and then the rest of the categories though we won't really talk about today's video i'm going to show you what kind of competition you're going to be going up against in the voice over category with almost 20 000 different sellers now just remember this category spans over heaps of different voice over jobs so keep that in mind but to give you an example here's the first guy right now i will record a professional american male voice over 73 he's starting out by the way let's look a little bit more in depth here to the kind of services he is offering he is a top rated seller though and more than likely a voice over professional so keep that in mind let's click on him now here we go voiceover this is the job he's offering just called voiceover 73 is the minimum here okay with a two days delivery with one single revision he will allow for 50 words he is charging 73.


now watch what happens if i put that to let's just say 500 words okay 204 dollars bro let's just say i put that on a standard script for a youtube video for instance so 1500 words almost 500 pretty much mind you though this is a professional okay so keep that in mind so if we scroll down here you will see that there's an about this gig section this is where you as a seller will need to make sure that you fill out your description accurately and explain exactly what kind of services you're offering as you can see this seller mentions that he worked with wells fargo virgin honeywell bissell shell and staples and he's even saying i can provide you with one of the best minelli voices on fiverr see he's got some guts everyone he's going straight out there not only that though he's saying he's recorded thousands of projects and then he goes on to state what he actually did.


if you scroll down further you'll notice that he actually has his gender the language that he's speaking in what kind of accent he has his age range obviously which is an adult what kind of purpose he has aka what kind of content he likes to narrate and then it even has his voice tone calming casual corporate energetic and sarcastic then you scroll down even further and this is why having your profile set up on fiverr is so important it is because it explains exactly who you are as a seller and what me as a buyer would like to see so this states exactly who he is how long he's been in voice acting for and his other past jobs scroll down even further you'll notice guys as a seller you have even more options to actually start earning with here let's say i want to use his voiceover on my advertisements i would need to pay him an extra 292 dollars to even be allowed to do that because i would need to purchase the full broadcast right.


if i want to have same day delivery an extra 146 dollars would be needed i hope you guys are understanding the power you can have just by literally selling your voiceovers all he is offering is literally a hq audio file aka a wav file which any of you guys out there can record literally with your computer software now mind you though you probably would need a decent editing software when it comes to voice overs which i'll be talking about at the end of this video by the way so looking at the prices on the first page here these are more the premium and professional sellers if you guys start off just selling on fiverr you're probably not going to reach the first page but as you can see you have the different price ranges here some of these are starting at 150 some of them are starting at 28 or so or even 21 there look at this one for instance as well i will record a professional brazilian portuguese voiceover starting at 7.31 so let's have a look at her quickly she's also selling a hq audio file aka just a wave format file 50 words will cost me seven dollars and 31 cents what if i want to give her a 500 word script that will cost me 138 dollars now if we scroll down a bit as you can see she has a very in depth about this gig section.


she also has her vocal style which she says is warm intense mellow low pitched and smooth but then she has the tonal voice as well which is authoritarianism calming corporate emotional and sexy i love that i absolutely love the in-depth that these sellers will go to make sure that we understand what we're going to buy so as a seller aka you out there you need to make sure you're doing this kind of in-depth descriptions even her profile again is very in-depth so hopefully you're learning what you have to do here guys if you're ever curious just look at one of your competitors and see what they're doing and try and base your store around them don't copy them flat out but at least draw some inspiration from them now it's time to talk about the article to video category this category here is for the people that want to sell their services to edit a b-roll video together so all you would need to do as a seller is get this buyer's script find out what the script is based upon find b-roll for that script and literally generate the script into a computer-generated voice aka text-to-speech voice and put it on top of the b-roll that is it everyone that's all this job really is it's insane to me and they're charging up to literally 21.94 mind you this is a cheap seller by the way.


so this person will go up to a thousand words with a premium ai voiceover recommended for youtube monetization most of the money making channels here on youtube are doing this i'm just putting that out there right now this is one of the easiest ways for youtubers to make their cash cow channels it is a crazy weld out there ladies and gentlemen like i'm not even joking look at this i will make a top 10 cash cow video for your youtube channel starting at 14.63 this goes all the way up to 73 dollars for an eight minute plus video you as a seller have an opportunity here to make money literally by doing the most minimal work by finding b-roll footage using a very generic video editing software that you can probably find online for free and then using text-to-speech everyone all you need to do is set up your store base your store around these generic text-to-speech sellers and then you can take advantage of the market as well simple as that some of the best tips i can give you to becoming a fiverr seller would be make sure that you have an appealing store page.


so what this means is that you're going to have preview images here okay anyone that goes onto your fiverr gigs will see a preview area make sure your descriptions are in depth as i said check out your competitors see what they're doing and get a feel for it and also try to price match or undercut if you can but mind you it is very competitive when it comes to voice overs all in all though please remember fiverr is not a get rich platform it's a platform meant to be where you sell your services so you literally start your own little business the most important part though of this video is definitely the microphone section so my advice to you out there you're going to have to find a microphone that you're comfortable to spend the money on just remember the more better quality of microphone the more happier the buyer is going to be of course and i mean no one wants to hear a bad microphone essentially so your job especially if you don't have a microphone is to find the cheapest but best sounding microphone and for that either go onto google go on to youtube.


definitely watch some of the creators that are covering this type of content trust me everyone in the age of streaming you're gonna find a microphone that sounds amazing for quite cheap okay but just remember don't sacrifice your quality for a cheap microphone if you can afford it because it will affect your selling chances for sure if you guys need a free editing software out there to get started with for videos if you're going to do the voice to article section start with open shot video editor it's a free video editing software at least that's what it claims okay and it's the first result that comes up on google that's not an ad and by the looks of it it's an open source software so i think that's a good place to start but don't even stress about it guys go on youtube and type in free video editing software and i guarantee you'll find something within like one minute or so a great free voice over software so you can actually start recording is audacity everyone i really recommend you use audacity as it seems to be probably one of the most top-notch voice editing and recording softwares that i can find.



it's been around for many many years so i don't think you can go wrong with audacity when it comes to defining the free b-roll there are so many different options guys seriously all you need to do is type into google free b-roll and you will find so many different websites that will allow you to download hundreds if not thousands of b-rolls make sure you read the terms and conditions carefully when it comes to b-roll but most of them should actually allow you to use them for free within your youtube videos that's why so many people like to use b-roll in their videos because they don't have to pay for it it's pretty straightforward if you are looking for music to use in your b-roll footage that is copyright free check out no copyright sounds always check the descriptions of his video to see the lights and sing.


essentially you should be able to use most of the music in your videos as long as you give credit be sure to check out my website as well for more resources including various softwares microphones etc etc that should help you on your fiverr journey okay but here's a little plug for no copyright sounds there are so many different text-to-speech softwares out there online this one here is called natural readers you can use them for free to a certain extent but what you need to understand is that if you want to actually start selling them properly you'll probably need to buy a license of sorts but mind you that's just the website i found you guys out there might be much better googlers than i am and you'll probably find some really nice free text-to-speech softwares out there but i like natural readers because of all the different voices you can get okay but i'm sure you guys out there will find a proper text-to-speech software for free i'll be covering many more fiber videos in the future i hope you enjoyed the video stay safe out there see you around.

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