If you have ever wanted to make money by using your voice on Fiverr then this review will be for you! Watch as I show exactly what you have to do to start getting paid by using your own skills on this platform!

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Here's what we know about earning money with your voice on Fiverr so far!

Earning money with your voice on Fiverr really isn't too difficult once you understand the basics of how it works and what other sellers are actually doing.

The whole concept is to ensure your gig store is as appealing as possible to potential buyers..

Remember though due to competition things will be hard so you really have to make your store stand out compared to everyone else! 

This video will cover exactly what you can do to make sure that you have the best chances to actually start selling on Fiverr by using your voice.

Here are some incredible tips to help kick start your journey!


The first thing you can do is write out exactly what you’re going to say and then practise reading it. You need roughly110 words for a minute of voiceover. (this will change depending on how fast you speak and what is required of you)

Avoid any type of echo in your room! The best way that I personally think you can do this is by using some high grade Acoustic Foam. If you do not know what this is please search it up on Google but essentially it is an open celled foam used for acoustic treatment. It attenuates airbone sound waves, reducing their amplitude, for the purposes of noise reduction or noise control.

Make sure to ALWAYS test your audio equipment before committing to anything big or sending your work off to clients because the last thing you would want is to send a faulty piece of sound that will make you look like you do not know what you are doing!

Try to always be natural unless your script requires you to sound silly or perhaps like another person or character. You don't want to force it either make sure to always be yourself unless told otherwise.

And at the end of the day always try to sound like you have energy because even if you have the highest quality recording in the world and unless you are told to do so having a boring, flat voice will never cut it these days. Your job especially if you are to do voice work for a character is to get into their heads and talk and behave exactly how they would. For example if you were playing a character that has just won the lottery you wouldn't sound like you just woke up out of bed without a coffee would you? No, you would sound extremely happy and excited! 

Using that kind of mentality will 99% of the time improve your voice over work even if you are just a beginner all the way up to being a professional. At the end of the day though you want to make sure you actually are having fun with the role and not just forcing it because people will be able to tell when you don't give it your all.

Of course always have fun though because if you don't even enjoy doing this type of gig perhaps it is not worth your time and you can spend your precious hours elsewhere. This kind of work is not for everyone so please do not get upset if perhaps you find that you do not have the patience and time to put into something as difficult as a VO job.

On YouTube and Google there are a ton of tutorial videos and websites that you can follow to help improve any sort of area you feel you might be lacking in so please remember not to give up until you are 100% sure you no longer want to continue with VO gigs because I'm certain once you land your first customer you won't ever want to stop.

Is This Safe To Use? ​

If you are thinking to yourself is this method is safe to use we will have to go over a few important factors: ​ There are many different ways to figure out if you have malware on your Android device. The first major tell is if everything is suddenly much slower.


Perhaps you possibly start noticing ads you've never seen before or perhaps your battery dies extremely quickly.

Public Reviews:

TV - "The app and service great, but do not appreciate the forceful nature of which sellers are expected to get a tip. If a job is quoted, then that is the price, not the quoted price plus 10, 15 or 20 % more. That just stuffs up the commissions paid are to high."

MW - "After dealing with artists in Australia who did follow brief and very pricey I turned to Fiver. I have found perfect artists on here.

OK - "This is the easiest way to get project done. Outsourcing your weakness can save you and your company a lot of valuable time and help you focus on your strengths. The pricing is super reasonable considering there are people from all over the world competing for your money / attention. You can build long term relationships and get pricing down if you continue to work with sellers."

RF - "It's one thing having bad sellers on this website (which is not's fault)
But another disaster is the customer service and quality control not being helpful when things go wrong. All I wanted to do is to leave a bad review to the seller of my bad experience and they wont allow although they made their nice commission in between. IF this site doesn't help BUYERS of services who do they help? Without buyers you don't exist.
For those of you who want to use this service please use instead.

MB - "*Edit- I was able to get my money refunded and put back into my paypal account; for this, I improved the rating. * I picked an artist based on the image he had with his profile that demonstrated his level of expertise/work. What he offered after I paid was not even close; I requested to cancel the order and get a refund. He begged me to give him a chance to make it right. I really did not want to continue but I acquiesced and gave him a chance. I was right he still tried to beg me but eventually agreed to cancel my order. There are no features on the website show me how to get to my money or communicate with anyone. Links don't seem to work. The email I received from this platform did have instruction i was able to follow and received my refund within just hours of requesting."