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This Fitplay review will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus my personal Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!

Thoughts On Fitplay:

Here's what we know about the FitPlay app so far!

We are back today with another real life paying application now this app is called fit play fit play actually promises us real life money to use apps such as tick tock and current plus they also pay you to install and play games on your mobile phone as well now that's what the advertisements say on today's video we're going to try and find out is this app actually legit or is it fake i do hope you all to enjoy please remember of course hit that like and subscribe button if you did hopefully i can pass 150 likes in this video if not that's fine let's kick off the review.


Now the first thing you'll notice when you install fit play is that the apps will change depending on what country you're from so here in Australia fit play is telling me that I can make money by using tiktok so what they want me and you to do is use tiktok through their application where they will record our time on the app and then they reward us with credits fit play has a scaling reward system where essentially at the start you'll get credits for each minute you use the app but then eventually they'll start turning into every 10 minutes or every 20 minutes and it keeps going up and up and up from what i've seen with minor increases on the credits rewarded it seems like the time between each reward goes up dramatically and the credits only go up a little bit per that time increase fit play gave me around eight apps to actually play and earn credits on.


It seems like they throw the best paying credits at you directly as soon as you open the app up and then it gets worse and worse and worse on the credit scale as you scroll through the app so you obviously want to pick the one that's going to pay you the most out that's just how it works with these apps everyone you want to try and go for the highest paying apps and it just happened to be that tick tock and current were the highest paying apps for me so everyone knows what tick tock is but if you don't know what current is essentially it's another application that pays you to listen to music and complete surveys and offers if i was to look at fit play for the first time i think that this app is probably a scam because of how basic it looks all it is everyone is just a gateway for you to use other apps through their app that's it that's all you have to see fit play ads and we get a little bit of a reward for using apps through fit play i didn't really enjoy the games on there either so i was definitely stuck to just using tick-tock and current now whether or not you're gonna like this app i mean that's up to you to decide okay if you have the spare time to put into an app like fit play then go right ahead the thing is for me guys.


I feel like you're not really getting your value for the dollar on fit play because of how slow it actually rewards its users at least for me here in Australia i got barely any credits dude to put into some sort of perspective here 4 999 credits is the minimum cash out for 50 cents around 24 000 credits is 2.50 47 000 credits is for five dollars 93 000 credits it's for 10 138 000 is for 15 and 180 000 is for 20 guys this is probably one of the slowest rewarding apps I've actually reviewed on this channel so far and that is worrying to me since over a million people have actually downloaded fit play so for anyone out there that's actually using an apple product they also give you apple gift cards the only difference is the minimum withdrawal for apple is ten dollars so that's 93 000 credits everyone that you're to have to be waiting to grind up to to withdraw that 10 they also have a 15 cash out as well for 130 i think 8 000 credits which is very high as well you do also get gifted 444 000 credits when you sign up for this app so pretty much this is from the same developers that we've covered on the channel already and that's the same people that made cash and wall at flame et cetera et cetera i already covered them all on my channel if you guys want more apps like this then check out my channel i have a playlist full of it but either way.



What we've come here for today is to see that if fit play is legit or not and will it pay us i cashed out one dollar in total everyone it took about eight hours to get to one dollar it was crazily slow for me and straight away fit play asked me for face verification so yet again you have to send your face in to these developers that's how you know straight away it's the same developers as app flame hash them all because they have the same face verification system after setting my face in which i didn't really want to do but you're going to have to do it if you want to cash out one single day of waiting fit play actually ended up depositing that money into my PayPal account which actually surprised me i wasn't expecting them to pay so fast but they actually did which was very refreshing everyone it's a nice feeling to actually get rewarded for the work that you put into an app but there you go everyone that's your answer is fit play legit or not.


in my opinion yes it is the only problem is it's so slow to actually earn credits and it seems like the apps they offer you are very limited so if you like using tick tock and if you like using current then that's great for you but for the people that don't like using those apps you're pretty much out of luck and you have to resort to playing the very very low paying app sadly now before i wrap up this review i just want to make it clear to everyone right now I'm not saying that this app right here is the best way to earn money by any means okay this app here though is legit in my opinion for the fact that it actually did pay us after a day of waiting so it gets to one of those situations where we are at the crossroads here okay we found on an app that actually pays but the problem is it's very slow to earn the currency so unless you're going to be using tick tock or current or one of the apps on fit play for a long time you're not really going to see a proper revenue at all in my opinion this app is not actually worth the time for the rewards that they're giving you.



so i like that it actually pays but this same company has made better variations of fit play in app flame or cash em all I don't want to say to you all to use it because it's so slow and that's my brutally honest review here it is very slow to earn money at least it was for me all i can say to you though is give this app a try let me know how you go in the comment section below i do reply to all your comments so i love hearing what you guys have experienced with the same apps that i reviewed because it seems like everyone has different types of experiences some people say it was faster than what i did and some people say it was slower so the choice is yours guys I'll leave it up to you okay but all i can say is definitely let me know in the comment section below if you can use fit play or not I'm not too sure if this can be used worldwide either that's another problem with these apps some of them just block countries out for whatever reason i have no control over.



by the way some people ask me why is it blocked i have no idea that's something you have to speak to the developers of the app about it seems like most of these apps where you earn this in-game currency or points that you can then convert into real-life money are blocked in like countries like Indonesia Philippines Thailand it's so weird i don't know why i have no idea guys you have to let me know though if you can use this app or not okay now if this app is actually blocked for you guys please let me know as well because then i will link you to a playlist where i have all my legit apps that I've found all right so i'm sure there's some apps in that list that you can actually use in your country i have no idea why developers are blocking certain countries out you have to ask the developers that but either way thank you all so much for watching i really hope that you all did enjoy this was a very interesting video to make because of how long it actually took to get the footage due to how slow it is so again thanks guys.



I will catch you all next video in one to two days please check out this video that I'm about to play and if you click the link in the description and download this app onto your pc then it will help me greatly okay it is a sponsored post I'll see you all next time catch around please check out the description of this video as i have a link to download rise of kingdoms lost crusade in this game you can actually build your own kingdom and play with millions of other people around the world give the game a download through the link in the description below i'd love to hear your opinions on the game okay you

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