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This Fishtopia review will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!

Thoughts On Fishtopia:

Here's what we know about Fishtopia so far!


Remember the only people that make money out of these applications are the developers they have set them up to make you endlessly watch ads and Fishtopia is no different to the thousands of scam apps on the Google Play Store. In my honest view Google should be banning Fishtopia ASAP as it's already scammed way too many people.

Welcome to my Fishtopia Review for the Android! This money making app is promising that you can earn well over 13 dollars per fish merged but is it legit or a scam? Today I will be sharing my honest opinion while also showing you exactly why you'll never see real Fishtopia payment proof. The system is rigged from the start people.



Hey everyone Vince here welcome to my Fishtopia review ladies and gentlemen you all like putting me through hell don't you get ready for this I hope you enjoy let's kick this off.


What Is Fishtopia?

Fishtopia is a money-making application that's promising you all out there thousands of dollars worth of prizes just for growing some fish and merging them together I am not exaggerating here okay Fishtopia if you don't know literally looks like one of the biggest puppy town and lucky puppy clones I think I've seen in my life if you guys are fortunate enough to not understand what I'm talking about essentially these two applications were some of the biggest scam applications on the market back in 2020 and 2021 Fishtopia comes rushing out the gate offering between 300 and 400 worth of PayPal currency cash out to grow these fish and within only a couple of minutes I was able to generate 142 dollars worth of PayPal currency.



How Does Fishtopia Work?

now before I get into exactly my experience with Fishtopia let me just break down exactly how this application works so in Fishtopia you grow fish these fish will generate your coins the way that you apparently actually earn this real life money is by merging and leveling up the fish and the higher the level on the fish the more income you can generate in coins does that make sense everyone it's just pretty much one of these basic applications that you play when you're bored now where Fishtopia takes the journey into crazytown.


What Real Life Rewards Does Fishtopia Offer?

They're promising real-life rewards for you guys to play and as I mentioned at the start of the video they're also promising the PayPal currency as well let me just talk about the prizes that Fishtopia is apparently going to give away to you guys out there so to start off with we have a MacBook Pro laptop that you can win via a raffle if you watch enough advertisements now if you think that sounds too good to be true you listen to the next part because then we have the free item section where there are multiple items where thousands of dollars that you can apparently win by collecting enough puzzle pieces now stop me if I'm wrong everyone, but we've been down this road before with puppytown and lucky puppy not only that there is a lucky spin section where if you watch an advertisement you get to unlock more puzzle pieces and if you think that's too good to be true as well.


How Much PayPal Money Is Fishtopia Giving Away?

Let me just tell you that Fishtopia is also offering up 175 dollars per day to the lucky users that collect five unicorns now on a scale of one to ten how realistic do you think all of this is straight away here guys are we starting to see a little bit of a problem coming up here there is a task system as well where the game actually plays and feels like a normal game without all the ridiculous money-making elements to it and honestly that's all well and good once you'll start to notice those that the more that you play Fishtopia the less and less amount of rewards you'll gain so what I mean by that is that there's diminishing returns that is the most painful word for me because a lot of these money-making applications that have ridiculous prizes also come with diminishing return I sat through at least one hour and a half of playing Fishtopia and I easily watched over 50 advertisements and the main reason for that is because they lock down their fishes with ads.



Ad Spam Within This App

If you don't want to have to wait to collect the coins you have to watch an ad to unlock the fish but to make things absolutely painfully worse advertisements will play when you press buttons on this application so I'm not just talking about I want to unlock a new fish so I'll watch an ad I mean if you press anything on this app it has a chance to play an advertisement only people that have played an application like this before will understand the absolute torture this is I cannot stand when developers force you to watch advertisements against your will it's pathetically scummy in my opinion if you don't want to merge the fishes together manually.


you can watch an advertisement to activate auto merge for three minutes which I can actually live with a bit because I'm choosing to watch the advertisement there is also a two times coin reward as well if you watch an advertisement and that will last two hours but not only that there is also a clickable that floats around the screen where if you tap it you get a bonus, and you have to watch an advertisement usually the bonus is either a fish an extra space to put the fish on or coins if you're enjoying what I do here on YouTube please don't forget to hit like subscribe drop a comment share this anyone you think would like to see it and of course join my free newsletter you guys are helping me reach 80 000 subs so thank you so much.


Scam Tactics Used By Fishtopia Developers

Something else you'll start to notice is that puzzle pieces and presents will start to flood the board the reason why this is painful is because as soon as you tap them, and you say no thank you I don't want the reward and advertisement will play it is such bare bones scummy tactics from these developers in my honest opinion when it comes down to the actual gameplay element of Fishtopia.


It's very straightforward all you do is grind the coins up over and over again and keep upgrading your fishes to the highest level possible with the hopes of earning a unicorn guys in my opinion the unicorn system's just a complete joke I've never seen an application ever offer out as much money as Fishtopia has every single day unless it was a complete scam app, so we have red flags instantly all over Fishtopia that's the thing I'm making this video today to show you my experience with Fishtopia and my honest opinion and from what I've played and what I've seen honestly it would have been a fun game application.


I have no idea why these developers throw these money making elements on top of these games okay I mean I understand the concept they just want to scam you guys into watching advertisements to fatten their wallets because there's no regulation on the Google Play Store but I just think to myself why not just make real money making applications these developers have the tools to do this stuff but yet they decide to be complete scumbags and rip you guys off of your precious time you see that's the thing we don't lose money on these applications unless under the very special circumstances where you have these pathetic systems that charge vip which is again a complete scam, but we lose time so luckily enough I do this as a job so even though I'm wasting my time playing the scam apps.


Is Fishtopia Legit Or A Scam?

 I can at least make content to warn you guys about it, you guys out there are just actually playing these apps to think you're gonna win real life money I cannot even imagine how many millions and billions of hours have been wasted in the last couple of years on these type of apps you have to remember millions of people play these things, and they never get paid, so you really have to think how many people are actually angry out there and have wasted their time it just really confuses me I guess because I feel like it's been two years now these developers could easily have made legitimate money making applications but instead they decide to literally keep the rigged system going and keep pumping these applications out like a factory.



it's absolutely pathetic it just makes me think how long am I going to be reviewing these type of scam applications for and are they actually ever going to and thank god we have a real legitimate application on this channel as well as soon as I started getting diminishing returns I completely gave up on Fishtopia this application has scam written all over it and I guarantee you guys will feel the same way once you try it out I've done this long enough to spot these things from a mile away guys if you want legitimate money making applications just check out the playlist on my channel I literally have hundreds of different methods now they do exist, and it's certain as hell not going to be in Fishtopia I'm telling you that much we need google to wake up and do something about these applications it's been two years now enough's enough thank you for watching guys I hope I saved someone some time out there do not be tricked by these apps they're going to force you to watch hundreds of advertisements with absolutely no payment I'll see you all tomorrow for another review catch around.

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