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FeaturePoints VIDEO REVIEW


This FeaturePoints review will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus my personal Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!

FeaturePoints Referral Code: Y4HSKM

Please note that the link provided on this page is my referral code so I might get a small bonus as a thank you for signing you up!  

Thoughts On FeaturePoints:

Here's what we know about the FeaturePoints app so far!

I'm bringing you today a new money making app which we are reviewing from the start until the finish called FeaturePoints now before i begin I just like to say thank you so much for sharing my last video around we managed to hit 5 000 views guys that is incredible you have no idea how much I appreciate you all sharing my channel around to your friends hitting like dropping comments you guys are outstanding thank you. all so freaking much seriously man it gets me all like emotional when i say that but thank you all so much now let's begin the review of FeaturePoints.


So to start off with FeaturePoints is a money-making app that offers you guys real-life money to complete surveys and or offers now by offers i mean installing applications mainly and playing them for a certain amount of time the only thing guys I'm just going to say this straight off the bat okay when it comes to apps that make you install other applications i don't like the limits they set on them and what i mean by that is the sense of the actual requirements to get paid on some of these apps are so ridiculous and the sad thing is well FeaturePoints also has this kind of standard where they set a ridiculously high requirement to get paid on some of these apps like i played a casino app and it asked me to get to like at level 80 or so but the thing is everyone with casino apps when you play slot machines you lose your money most of the time and guess what that means okay that means before you ever get to level 80 the app requires you to spend real life money in it.


That's not okay to me okay when i play these free money making games i don't expect to spend money out of my own pocket and I'm sure you guys out there don't either especially if you're grinding these apps up to try and get like five or ten dollars but anyway besides the point as you can tell i did try the offers on FeaturePoints but for the majority of this review we will not be talking about them okay i gave up pretty quickly on the office of FeaturePoints now what i didn't give up on though was the surveys and I'm starting to love surveys as weird as that is to say everyone I'm actually starting to like surveys in the sense of they are just so easy to do they do take up time though this is the whole toss-up here that we have we either have to sacrifice our time to complete surveys or we sacrifice our time to complete offers that you might not ever complete because the apps are too hard without spending real life money thankfully FeaturePoints features multiple types of surveys so then we never really get bored okay i haven't actually seen an application that has this much variety in polls so i am impressed they also have some sort of giveaway section where you can enter into like a weekly giveaway for five or ten dollars.



I'm pretty sure i didn't even worry about that i pretty much never enter into these things guys because i never believe I'm gonna win them and most of the time i never do win okay it's pretty straightforward now there is also a referral system as well where you can refer your friends and family i never ever get a referral code i'll always forget guys i do apologize for that as so many of you all out there have asked me vince where is the referral code for this app i promise you i'll get you a referral code for FeaturePoints alright i'll put it in the comment section below or the description one of the two but you will get a code now back to the surveys himself this is where FeaturePoints in my opinion gets priority over the other apps that feature surveys out there in the world not only because of the variety that the app offers you in surveys but they are actually quite easy to complete now don't get it twisted though because i do have a big complaint and this is the only complaint i have about the app all right and this is what a lot of you guys out there have been complaining about you all try to use the surveys right but then it just kicks you out now FeaturePoints is no different to any other app out there with this system it will kick you out constantly and when i say constantly i mean all the freaking time dude so if you don't like survey apps that disqualify you at the drop of a dime.


FeaturePoints might not be the app for you okay but if you don't mind getting dropped out of a lot of surveys with the hopes of finding a server that suits you then this is the app for you because everyone I'm very very happy to announce that we actually got paid by FeaturePoints that is right see this here we got this well not this this is just fake cash this is the proper one ages ago I'll miss play but we managed to get paid FeaturePoints paid me literally within like 30 minutes of me cashing out the initial five dollar minimum withdrawal guys and that is outstanding to me that turnaround time is freaking a plus and it seems the maximum cash out you could do at a time is 500 i could never imagine pulling out 500 from a survey app but maybe one of you guys out there will complete that me personally no i don't think I'll ever grind a survey up that much to get 500 but I'm very happy to announce everyone we can add another app on the legitimate list now the thing is though that gets me scared there is a pending point section okay where apparently some of the surveys i finished go into a pending state and they need to be approved by FeaturePoints now the thing is everyone with this pending state they hold your credits ransom so even though i was able to cash out five dollars i was technically meant to cash out ten dollars but because half of my credits were impending.



i wasn't able to actually do that so for the video sakes i only pulled out five dollars instead of ten it's an interesting concept i don't know why they do i guess they try and do it to validate your answers or something but that's gonna cause a lot of problems for a lot of people out there i feel and you guys know for a fact if i find an app that's a scam i will cover it okay but FeaturePoints paid me i don't know if they're to pay me again all right that's the dead set honestly here with these apps you have to take them with a grain of salt i'm happy to find any legit apps because in my opinion 99 of the apps you find online are absolute garbage okay simple as that and i'm the first to say guys i built my channel around destroying scam apps alright I've gone to war with some of these developers where they've taken shots of me by stealing my content and putting in their ads and then i do the same in return it's been insane it's in the same year so far everyone you all have been along for the journey which i love and i feel like it's only going to get crazy as time goes on but at the end of the day in my honest opinion FeaturePoints is legit it paid me out the only problem is i don't know how legit it's going to be and for how long okay with these apps as i said when i review them they pay me but whatever goes on from here it's up to you guys to distinguish if you don't get paid give them a one star review tell everyone it's a scam and let me know simple as that all right but in the meantime everyone there we go another app completed and we can add it to our legitimate list hey everyone just quickly jumping back in here mentioning the pending point situation again as you can see I'm still literally stuck on pending points even though it says 2 000 points in the top right corner of the screen they're holding over half of my points right now literally ransom.


FeaturePoints developers if you are watching this you need to sort your pending points system out it is going to make people not want to play they're literally holding a survey that's worth 726 points for ransom even though the minimum for cashing out is 3 000 points now you can imagine how painful that would be for someone right there to literally have that hold ransom over their heads okay so look if you go here paypal cash five dollars three thousand points see something needs to happen about this it even says points may be added to pending if earned from cash back or from surveys that require extra verification well where's the verification where how do i do it how do i verify my surveys do you know what i mean it just doesn't make sense like what i click on it nothing happens it's weird everyone just got to be careful okay FeaturePoints did pay me but they got some weird tactics going on right now to hold up your points if you haven't done it yet check out my second channel at crusader that's where i take on the scan maps every single day and obviously hit like and subscribe to subscribe to vinsane for more weekly legitimate app reviews thank you for making this what it is everyone you guys are freaking amazing out there i will catch you all in the next couple of days stay tuned see you next time.

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