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This Easy Bucks review for Android will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!



Here's what we know about the Easy Bucks app so far!

Thoughts On Easy Bucks:


Hey everyone vince here welcome to my easy bucks review i hope you enjoy let's kick this off easy bucks is a brand new money making application that allows you to earn real life cash by not only completing surveys but by also playing games and completing offers and tasks something i want to make clear here depending on your age gender and location your experience with easy bucks may be different to my personal one here in australia because just like every other money making application i've covered on the channel this is not one of these applications you're going to become rich overnight with easy bucks.






This will take time and effort but in return you will be rewarded with real life money which you're about to see on today's video once you've installed and signed up to easy bucks you'll notice straight away how incredibly easy the layout is to navigate and this is something that i can really appreciate let me break down exactly how easy box works so the first tab you're going to be greeted to is the home tab and this is where you can get a general rundown of what exactly you can do on this application you'll notice a few tabs with some coins on them generally each of these tabs represents a different area that you can actually earn real life money in there is a see more area at the bottom of the home tab where you can see various different surveys that you can complete your referrals rewards page which we'll get into in a couple of minutes.



the your payouts page where you can see payout history the first tab is the survey tab and this is a tab that i'll mainly be focusing on on today's video the second tab is the earn per minute tab aka rewarded play time tab where easy bucks will reward you with real life money for playing games for a certain amount of time that you play them for now the other two tabs represent the in-game offers and tasks that easy bucks will allow you to complete from what i can see easy bucks gives you actually a very generous portion of these rewards compared to a lot of the money making applications on the market at the moment so that is definitely a positive when you download the application in your country it might look slightly different with different offers and providers maybe not being available at the current time.


let's move on to the earn tab the earn tab is where you will be making a majority of your in-app currency of coins now these coins convert into real-life money of course we'll go into that a little bit later on the video but for now i want to explain to you and break down the actual earned tab and the amount of surveys that you'll receive on your experience here on easy bucks now something to keep in mind just like every single survey application on the market including poll pay everyone which if you did not know this is made from the same developers that developed polpay these applications require you to be honest with your answers you'll notice on easybox that it will ask you to complete your profile and in this version of the application what that means is that it keeps on trying to clarify that your answers are truthful and honest every time you answer one of these profile questions you will then be granted access to new surveys.


i have to say easy bucks has so many different surveys available it's actually quite overwhelming but of course in a positive way on the downside even if you are the most honest person on this application you will still more than likely face disqualifications in certain surveys and the reason for that is because most survey providers are looking for very specific people to complete these surveys so when you don't fit that criteria you get disqualified which i completely understand is very frustrating but that comes with the parcel of actually completing surveys online i did face my fair share of disqualifications on easy bucks but i did know that was going to happen i'm extremely happy with the amount of currency that easy bucks will reward its users for completing surveys.


though in my personal experience you can easily earn between five to ten dollars in roughly one to two hours on easy bucks at the current time of this recording you'll just have to go through as qualifications more than likely there is also a survey streak where it seems the more surveys you complete per day the more of a bonus you may get i can definitely get behind a system like this next to the earn tab you'll see a little flame icon if you tap that icon it will directly take you to the best paying survey at the current time of when you're using the application so if you can't be bothered searching for surveys to complete you just generally tap the flame icon now we'll start talking about the actual redemption process and what to expect on easy bucks when it comes to earning the currency so easy bucks runs on a coin based currency system as mentioned earlier and at the time of this recording in my country of australia easy bucks is offering both paypal currency and xbox currency the minimum cash out on easy bucks at the moment is 15 and the maximum is 50 at a time for xbox it's a 25 minimum up to 50 dollars maximum.












on the screen right now you're going to see the different coin values for what i need to be able to cash out a certain amount of money on both paypal and xbox just remember with an application like easy bucks obviously there's currency conversions in play here and from what i can see they currently do have a fee of 350 coins at least in my country for when you use the paypal cash out system but i have to say everyone when you have surveys that will earn you literally thousands of coins at a time you won't really notice that fee in the long run in my personal opinion easy bucks is definitely one of these applications that i feel like you guys could very easily earn these coins in a short amount of time if you just keep checking back on the application every few hours or so or at least daily.










again all i can do is show you my own experience and it only took me around two to three hours to earn the minimum cash out on easy bucks and that was me just constantly smashing out surveys over and over again plus i did try out the rewarded time area as well for a bit to make sure it worked and i can confirm it did work another quick tip to actually earn more money on easy bucks is when completing the surveys please be sure to not go too fast they don't want people that are just going to rush through without actually taking in the information from the survey so if you want to earn more and get disqualified less actually answer the questions with your honest opinion and i'm sure you'll have a much more smoother experience on easy bucks.


i can't really show you a survey completion from start to finish because of the privacy policy that this application has in place but just take that advice and i'm sure it will help you along your way easy bucks has a pretty sweet referral system as well where whoever you refer gets a 250 coin starting bonus plus you earn 15 of your referrees earnings completely for free whenever they complete a survey so you definitely cannot complain with that and by the way you'll see my referral code in the description below so please don't be afraid to join it because then you'll be supporting me directly through referring you there is also a discover tab where you can keep up to date with the latest news with easy bucks plus find guides on how to actually earn more currency on the application now it's time to talk about my cash out experience on easy bucks it was so straightforward and because all i had to do was literally just enter in my paypal email address and then the money was instantly sent to me so i have absolutely no worries in the world that easy bucks is actually going to reward you at least in my personal experience with the way that i earned my currency so now at least we can add another legitimate money making application to the channel thank you so much for watching and thank you to the easy bucks team for sponsoring today's video i'll catch you all in one to two days guys stay safe see you next time.

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