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This Easy Rewards review for Android will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus my personal Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!

Thoughts On Easy Rewards:

Here's what we know about the Easy Rewards app so far!

hey everyone it's Vince here welcome back to another video guys today I'm covering easy rewards now easy rewards is a money making application that allows you guys out there to actually earn cash by completing surveys completing offers and actually playing games now.


I'll be getting into all these different topics in today's video plus the payment proof please remember to hit like and subscribe if you enjoyed let's kick this off now now you see the thing is everyone with easy rewards depending on what country you actually live in the rewards will vary so here in Australia.


I had the generic cash out options of PayPal amazon iTunes but as i said what i have here in Australia might be different to what you have in your country so it's up to you guys to actually download this application and see what kind of options are available in today's video I'll be testing out the PayPal cash out option.



The currency system in easy rewards is based on a coin system obviously you get different amount of coins for each of the activities that you complete whether it be surveys offers or playing games each of the actual cash out options will have various coin amounts needed to actually withdraw that money as well guys so please keep that in mind here in Australia i had many different options for cashing out different PayPal amounts so it's not just one single cash out that you can do you can cash out up to I think about a hundred dollars here in Australia which is actually quite nice I'd love to know what you can cash out in your country though now.



Something else that i can really appreciate with easy rewards is the absolutely fantastic design of the application itself I'm talking about the layout and the money making system guys the thing is easy rewards has such an easy to understand layout where the categories for earning money are literally just listed at the top of the screen and you can keep hopping between them i love that i absolutely do the thing is with money making applications these days i find that some developers are really making them more complicated than they need to be to earn a few dollars i don't know what it is these days guys and i feel like slowly but surely I'm going to start moving out of the money making area and more into mainstream money making ways because it seems like most of these applications follow each other and copy each other so thankfully this application though easy rewards is quite unique.


With the amount of offers that it has for you guys out there to actually earn money which is great to see if only other money making apps copied what easy rewards is doing i feel like we'd have much better applications available to us across the world because if you come into these applications expecting to earn big money then you're mistaken.


I mean they might earn you five or ten dollars here and there but it will require hours of work and easy rewards is no different okay you will need to put quite a bit of hours to earn some money on here so if you ever see an application that's offering hundreds or thousands of dollars for literally minutes or hours of work don't believe it because you guys know the saying if it's too good to be true more than likely it is you see everyone easy rewards has a minimum cash out amount needed before you can actually withdraw the money for me in Australia it was five dollars so my job on today's video was to try and get to five dollars as fast as possible what you'll find with again money making apps is that depending on the application this can be a very smooth process or a very painful one.


Thankfully easy rewards gave me a very very smooth process i not only earned the coins through completing surveys for around i think about one hour or two hours I just smashed out surveys non-stop but then i jumped to playing games this is the great thing about easy rewards everyone the system to earn the coins is so good in my opinion the rewards for completing surveys as well were quite high which I really do like guys i love when applications actually reward you with a decent amount of money for completing surveys obviously because surveys take so much time but then I moved to the gameplay aspect of easy rewards and i was able to see that you could earn so much more coins by playing the games the thing is though obviously with this kind of system you can only really earn a certain amount of coins before you have to play these games for too long the system on easy rewards would give you coins for a certain amount of minutes played i noticed at the start when i was playing games that i was earning coins quite fast literally like every one or two minutes but then what ends up happening is the longer you play a certain app for then the application starts to say okay we've just given you money for the last two minutes of gameplay we'll give you the next set of coins after you play this application for another 6 minutes then 10 minutes then 15 minutes it constantly keeps increasing while the coin reward barely goes up so this is obviously to stop people from playing one single game for like the whole time they want you to keep playing different games guys for a different amount of coin rewards.


I did notice though that obviously you had a certain amount of apps that would pay you really nice to start off with and then all the other apps that you download would never pay you close to what the first batch of apps would pay as I said earlier guys you're not going to win massive money on applications especially ones like this but what i was hoping for was at least five dollars something that did irritate me though was the amount of times i got screened out from surveys so again everyone where surveys are involved you can expect to get screened out or disqualified so keep that in mind that's why i really started to lean towards completing offers or you know playing games per minute because they're the much easier options again though i swear you can earn more money from the surveys than the games in the long run but the thing is you have to go through getting disqualified over and over again so some people might not like that so they might prefer to complete offers and play games which i completely understand no one likes sitting in a survey for 15 or 30 minutes just to get disqualified right at the end it is a very irritating situation and i hope that most survey applications will get better but this is why I'm saying guys i want to start moving on to mainstream money making ways applications are kind of limited on the amount of money they actually reward you with and how much you can expect to get back for the time you invest into them which again is irritating the whole concept of spending five or six hours just to earn a few dollars really isn't practical.



In most countries i understand in some countries though five dollars or ten dollars American is a lot of money but i want my channel to cover all across the world not just on basic money making applications but thankfully i did have a good experience on easy rewards it only took me around four to five hours to actually reach that minimum cash out of five dollars everyone so it's a trade-up between you know five hours of your time for five dollars now i could have easily kept going but i really didn't want to invest too much more time into the application for that amount of reward think of it as about a dollar an hour pretty much mixing up surveys with playing games and completing offers of course if you complete an offer that's going to give you like 16 000 coins that's literally over 10 worth there easily then you'll be laughing everyone but it will take you longer obviously the more offers that reward you with higher amount of coins the longer they're going to take to complete now just a warning everyone if you're going to go and cash out your money like i did on easy rewards make sure you verify your phone number because they will not pay you out unless you verify your phone number just saying okay the thing is as well guys they didn't tell me that i had to verify my phone number.


Until i waited two days to get paid before they were gonna pay me they said i had to verify so i verified my number and then I had to wait another two days so in theory it should only take two days to get paid by easy rewards but it took me four days because my mobile number was not verified so hopefully that saves you some time and headache from not being verified i wish they just told me that to start off with but yes everyone easy rewards did actually pay me that five dollars PayPal money which I do appreciate of course again though you have to decide yourself is this kind of application worth your time or not I'd love to know what you think let me know in the comments thank you so much for watching check out my channel for other money making ways stay safe see you later everyone.

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