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This Fiverr review will cover all aspects earning money online by typing. I hope you enjoy as this guide did take a while to record! Let me know what you think!


Here's what we know about earning money on Fiverr by typing  so far!


hey everyone it's vince here welcome to my video showing you all how you can earn money by typing up youtube subtitles i really hope you guys enjoy this video please remember to hit like and subscribe i'm going to walk you through the steps of creating your own little fiverr business guys for the people that don't know what fiverr is think of fiverr as an online marketplace where freelancers like myself can sell their services across the globe because that is right we are going to start selling our services on fiverr let's begin shall we.


now the first thing we have to do is head to you can either do that by going to google and typing it in or use the link in the description below which is my affiliate link once you are on the fiverr website head to the top right corner of the screen and tap join if you already have a fiverr account then don't worry about this step now as you guys can see fiverr gives you multiple options to sign up with i personally signed up with my google account because it was much more easier for me mind you everyone this isn't some survey application or a money making app this video is here to help you sell your services for legitimate money so when you sign up for fiverr please use your legitimate information because now we're moving into a more serious category of earning money online the idea here is that we're going to sell our services aka writing subtitles for youtube videos.


youtube creators are probably going to reach out to us eventually by the way everyone don't panic i will be teaching you all how to write up the subtitles and what website i used as well okay now that you've created your fiverr account my advice would be to sign out and then head back to the fiverr home page if you look at the top right corner of the screen now you'll see an option to become a seller this is where i signed in again with my fiverr account that i just created now as soon as you hit the become a seller button it will take you to a page where you get to read and listen to the terms of service essentially on fiverr pretty much this is where fiverr tells you exactly what they expect from you and what they don't expect from you okay so you just keep pressing continue essentially once you've listened and read all the terms of service.


next up you'll get to the profile page now this is where you actually start creating your seller account so of course you'll have your first name and last name there note that people will not actually see your first name and last name as it is private okay so keep that in mind next you'll have your profile picture now for the sake of this video i actually went onto google and downloaded a copyrighted free profile picture guys so if you don't know where to really start head to google and try and find some copyright free profile pictures that are relevant to your profile name like perhaps the first letter of your profile name or even upload a picture of yourself if you want you also have to write the description of your seller's account pretty much this is where you write what you want to offer people guys so for my description i just type the base again that i like to watch youtube videos and will actually convert the youtube videos into subtitles for creators i also mentioned that i speak fluent english and i cover all types of content essentially i say that because i don't want to limit what kind of videos i actually get sent to convert into subtitles also if you can speak more than one language. you can actually add that at the bottom of the screen there where you can see languages obviously speaking multiple languages will be a big benefit to you here on fiverr once you've completed that section.



this is where we actually get to choose our occupation i chose two occupations one was transcripts and the other one was proofreading and editing if you feel like you are more comfortable with other options then feel free to tick them as you have up to five of them to choose from now you do need a minimum of two plus you need to say how long you completed those occupations four and two so i chose 2021 to 2021. pretty much that means that i'm still in that occupation right now i'm assuming i couldn't really find a youtube subtitle button there but i'm fairly sure you could probably add that in if you click the add new button underneath that is skills this is where i found youtube subtitles and i put my skill level as intermediate because obviously i'm a youtube creator guys and i've had experience with it before i also entered in typing video subtitles and subtitling as intermediate just to add a little bit more spice to my skill section now the next section is the education area i entered nothing for the education area guys what i'd recommend from this point onwards is that you pause this video head to the description below and complete a typing test let me show you how you can earn this online typing certificate now the website we're heading to is called rata type all you literally need to do is go into rata type and hit the take a typing test it is literally that simple everyone.


once you've completed the test it will give you a typing speed and accuracy number then it will also present you with a certificate underneath that all you need to do is press get my typing certificate sign up with either your google account or just enter an email address then it will take you to your profile page this is where you can click the certificate tab right click the certificate on the screen and hit save as and then you save the picture to your computer this will come in handy for later on the good thing about rada type everyone is that people can actually validate your score with a little link in the actual certificate i'm not too certain on the validation process of entering that certificate in to your personal information i mean it's up to you if you want to try it out guys if you have any issues maybe just take away that information but i'm going to tell you how you can use that certificate later on when you actually create the page that people will see to purchase your services there is also a personal website area i left that blank since i don't have a personal website.



next is the linked accounts page where i feel like having a google account associated with your fiverr account is more than enough so i just hit continue now the last bit is the fiverr security page and this is where things might get a little bit complicated depending on your country and what kind of information you've entered i personally just had to enter in my mobile number to become verified guys there wasn't really any drama to it my email address was also already verified since i signed up with it so let me know in the comments below what kind of verification process you have to go through but essentially once you pass this page you're pretty much on the home stretch to starting up your own little fiverr business here for typing up youtube subtitles once you hit finish and you verified your account the fiverr website should take you to the actual business creation page this is where we get to actually create our little business guys so we get to decide the title what kind of work we do and what we want to charge per our service so as you can see everyone.


i've created a little template here for you all i mean you obviously have to spice it up yourself for your own page but for the title i literally just wrote i will write subtitles for youtube videos also note the category i chose video and animation plus subtitles and captions of course for the language i chose english now you'll have search tags as well and this is where you want to write in what you think people will actually search for on the fiverr website then i press save and continue this next bit is the prices everyone this is where we get to decide how much we want to charge for our services my advice to you is go and check out the competition see what they're charging and either match it or undercut it because it seems at this point in the game a lot of freelancers are charging around the same price maybe offer up some features that other freelancers are not offering for example the basic pack i can actually tick off certain things that maybe they would have to pay for usually.



i can include it in the basic pack i can also decide how much i'm willing to charge per video length so a video that might be three minutes i can charge seven dollars to cover that video guys per three minutes so it gets to the point that you are literally timesing your revenue each three minutes by seven dollars or whatever price you've set so if you manage to get a really big video you can make a lot of money like imagine doing a video that's 20 minutes long and you're charging them seven dollars per three minutes now there is a section here called srt file i recommend if you're going to be typing out subtitles for youtube videos you include the srt file now i'm going to show you how i create srt files but there are plenty of tutorials on youtube themselves as well.


srt file aka the sub rip subtitle file is pretty much a file that contains the text that is being spoken the video now usually this is time stamped as well because us as youtube creators really love not having to enter in any information if we buy subtitles of someone we just want to purchase the srt file containing all the timestamps and words being said at those time sams so if you're able to do that for creators we would actually pay pretty decently for it so i recommend you tick that you will submit the srt file for creators if you can actually do it obviously go through the other options available and if you think that you can offer them up then tick it i will show you how to create an srt file so make sure you stay tuned next up we have to create the description of what we're offering i mean this is pretty straightforward all i wrote down was i will watch your youtube video and write english subtitles for each of the words spoken with time stamps once you press save and continue you then get to ask the buyer a question.


i pretty much just put down the question of do you want a word document of the subtitles as well next up we have the images page so this is pretty much where you have to put in images to showcase your services you will have to have one video explaining what kind of services you do it can be a 10 second video it doesn't really matter you can actually have three images and if i was you i would upload the certificate that we earned earlier to our store so then people can see that we own a certificate and how fast and accurately we can type so i went to google and looked up some royalty-free youtube pictures and i added some font on top of it guys i would hope that you know how to edit a picture but if not then pretty much download a picture from google that's royalty free open it up and paint and then enter some fonts on top of it and then you can actually upload that back onto fiverr.


i recommend trying to make the most professional looking photos you can by the way and for the video literally edit over some photos talking over it if you have to even take a little video with your phone talking about what you do for like 5 or 10 seconds and then use that if you can if all else fails go to youtube and type in how to edit photos and how to make a video easy now i'm not a us citizen so i just press no and then i'm able to go to the next page after writing that all up guys this is what we're left with how cool is that dude and as you can see to the right of the screen it actually has standard service and this is where the buyer aka the customer can type in how many minutes of work they want from you it is literally that easy everyone as i said if you're not too sure what you're doing or if you don't know really what to base your prices on look at other fiverr sellers look at what they're doing try and base your stores on them because obviously they're doing something right in my opinion.


if i was you i would type in the search on fiverr youtube subtitles and then just see what's on the market right now now let me teach you how to create srt files this is assuming that you now have a buyer that has sent your video the website i use for this demonstration is called happyscribe now happy scribe i'm not too sure if it's a free website or not but i was able to transcribe a 30 second video or so of a family guy episode which i thought was funny so this is all for demonstration purposes guys my advice to you is go to google try and find a free srt site if you can as i said look it up on youtube if you have to but let me show you pretty much the process of what you can expect on any srt site essentially so if i happy scribe it had an option to either import a video url from youtube directly or i could upload a video now for this instance i was using a funny family guy scene where stewie wants brian to hit him what i ended up doing was watching the video second by second and typing down exactly what was said making sure the timestamps matched up with the words that were coming out of the character's mouth.


there was a download button on the top of the screen it told me i could download the subtitle file as srt i downloaded that srt file and that's what i would send to the buyer everyone for the sakes of the video let me show you what it looks like on the youtuber side so as you can see i go to the video that i uploaded then i went to upload file and then i imported the srt file and there you go all the subtitles are now timestamped that's exactly what kind of services you are selling to youtubers okay sometimes they might not want an srt file though this is where you just literally submit them a transcript of the video word for word who knows what they want to do with those words but that's up to the buyer your job would be just to write out subtitles there might be much better srt websites out there guys that's up to you to find though.


i would recommend you look up other fiverr tutorials as well for the whole process of actually getting payment obviously you would have to set up your payment information on fiverr as well so please make sure you do that before actually accepting orders so obviously go to your profile and set up any billing information that's necessary i chose paypal as my recommended payment option just remember as well everyone this is not guaranteed money okay you are going up against other competitors in the same niche as you that's why i'm saying you need to try your hardest to make the most professional looking fiverr page and sellers page as possible i'm fairly sure the minimum price on fiverr is seven dollars so you need to make the most of a person seven dollars and make it so they go through you instead of the competition so always keep that in mind okay i really hope this video helped you all guys thank you all so much for watching if you enjoyed these type of videos i'll make more of them i'll catch you all in the next video in one to two days stay safe out there see you next time.

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