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Earn Money: Get Paid Get Cash VIDEO REVIEW


This Earn Money: Get Paid Get Cash review for Android will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!


Thoughts On Earn Money Get Paid Get Cash:

Here's what we know about the Earn Money Get Paid Get Cash app so far!


Hey everyone vince here welcome to my earn money app review i hope you enjoy let's kick this off now i was extremely close to not even considering this application for the channel but the earn money app has over 1 million downloads at the time of this recording so i figured you know what let's give it a shot and see what happens the whole concept of the earn money app is that you get paid to either complete surveys play games or complete offers now this application runs on a credit based system so essentially each of the tasks or surveys that you complete will reward you with a certain amount of credits.


 something that i do want to say at the start of this review is depending on your country obviously your experience is going to be different and in some cases your gender or your age might actually affect the amount of reward that you get for completing tasks as well so please always keep that in mind because i can only show you my experience based here in australia and i think some people get it confused because they see the review and they expect the same kind of rewards that i can get based on my country there's nothing that really can be done about this this is up to the developers and the actual survey providers.


okay so please keep that in mind and i hope you guys understand this application's layout and design is extremely easy essentially you just have a simple list in front of you with all the different providers and offers that you can complete now this does include play time rewards which is a fantastic feature to any money making application but something i want to mention and give you a big warning about is that i noticed when i ended up using the playtime rewards feature it actually stopped counting my hours played and this is a big problem everyone so i literally played some apps for one to two hours and then i realized it wasn't even counting the time anymore so even though it rewarded me at the start and i thought this is going to be a very very easy application to actually earn some revenue on when i checked back an hour later there was no added funds to the account of mine so what that meant is i just wasted all that time and i made sure to try later on in the week.


the same thing happened so this is literally one of these applications that may have a broken reward time feature and i want you guys just to keep that in mind if you're going to try and use the playtime rewards section of this app but if you are fortunate enough to actually get rewarded the correct amount of credits and for your time then you'll be laughing because this has a very very high payment rate for minutes play so if it wasn't for the fact that i got completely screwed over with my time i would really consider this a fantastic way to actually earn some money while playing games but right now i seriously have to say if you're going to use it make sure you're very cautious i did want to say if you're enjoying my content please remember to hit like subscribe drop a comment and join my free newsletter links in description below thank you very much now in between the different tabs at the top of the screen you're going to find various different types of advertisements and the thing is i don't really have a problem with this because i understand the developers are probably trying to sign people up through their referral code and affiliate links.


they get a kickback which is fine because i guess as long as this application actually pays its players it's not the biggest deal in the world throughout the various tabs as i just said you'll find the ads but you'll also find the different offer providers and including playtime rewards as well here so this is something i want to make clear if you sign up through some of these affiliate links like let's say they give you free bitcoin or something for signing up i don't think that that's going to apply to the account on this application i'm fairly sure all you do is just literally help support the developers in that case so as long as you understand that then there's not a real big problem here now heading over to the actual cash out amount needed to withdraw on this application it roughly takes 3.5 million credits for around five dollars usd .


you might think that is an insane amount of credits remember what i said though everyone the surveys offers and providers generally pay out quite a high amount of credits each at least here in my country as i said your cash out value might be completely different in your country so please keep that in mind from what i can see as well this application only allows paypal cash out so you won't get any various gift cards or anything like that from what i can see which is fine because i do prefer paypal cash out applications anyway there does seem to be a daily reward area as well where all you need to do is literally watch an advertisement to earn free 10 000 credits which is pretty cool i guess my whole goal on today's video was to try and get to that minimum cash out as fast as i possibly could but thanks to me being screwed around with the rewarded time.


 i really did suffer to get this done fast so the way that i managed to earn enough money to actually cash out on the app was that i tried to play as much of the rewarded time as i could and i think i clocked up roughly around a million credits if i can remember correctly before the application stopped rewarding me for them it might even be less than that everyone i'm trying to remember now as it was a few weeks ago and you're gonna know why it's a few weeks ago in a second so the next thing i did was try and find a very high paying casino offer or task that i could complete so i literally played a casino game for like three to four days straight trying to get to the required level to earn around three point something million credits i generally don't like completing offers because i believe most of them take too long but i really didn't see any other option on this application.


i couldn't find that good of surveys at the time i have to say though the experience was very simple all i did was literally sign up to the application they wanted me to and then i played the casino game all the way up into the required level which i think was like 96 or 94. it took ages everyone okay but it wasn't hard because casino games are generally very easy just press a couple of buttons thankfully though after i achieved the required level the application literally instantly rewarded me with those credits so i didn't have to wait any type of day or anything like that they gave the credits to me straight away which i absolutely love this next bit is probably going to make you guys a little bit wary of the app okay so i finally had enough money to cash out on the application.


when i went to cash out all i had to do was enter in my paypal email address well everyone it said that the money should be processed in a few days and i should get it within a few days it literally took two and a half weeks for me to get that money so what does this mean okay it means the application did pay me which is great to see okay i'm not going to knock it for that but what i am gonna say is why hint that the money is gonna arrive in a few days and make it take weeks it's just ridiculous and i know for a fact the developers are easily choosing to make the players wait this long.


what i don't like is it gets people's hopes up you know so yes the money did arrive in my paypal account but i noticed something super weird after i got paid i was not able to use the application anymore like it literally just would not turn on anymore and i looked at the reviews and someone else had the exact same problem that i did i had to reinstall the entire application which is just so strange to me just an fyi you can refer your friends to use this application or people across the world and you get 50 000 of the credits for free if you do so but the person you refer will also have to earn 50 000 credits as well do i think this application is for everyone i mean sure i guess if you want to run the risk of potentially waiting weeks to get paid and with a faulty rewarded play time and a faulty application in general once you get paid thank you for watching i'll see you all in a few days catch you next time.

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