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Below you'll find all all my money making application reviews.


Before Using Money Making Apps Read This!

You will find every money making application that I have ever covered on my YouTube channel here. The whole concept of these type of online earning methods is to try and earn an extra income while using mobile phone apps. On each of these reviews you will see test all the available features of them while also showing my own personal payment proof.

Rules of Earning Money Online From Apps

Something to keep in mind here when it comes to making any type of revenue from mobile phone apps is that depending on where you live exactly your experience is going to be different.


If you live in United States your money making potential is much higher than someone that lives in India. The reason for this because of the developers themselves setting specific prices and rewards per country. Every review on this website is my own personal experience so what you see are my genuine reactions to the online money making method.

My Experience With Money Making Apps

The main reason why I started reviews on money making applications is because I found out that there was literally a tiny amount to no regulation on the Google Play Store which meant that money making scams ran rampant!

I discovered that not only are hundreds of these fake money making applications being uploaded to the Google Play Store daily but I also found out that these apps were actually stealing peoples likeness and never getting punished for it.  I myself have had my own likeness stolen from these disgusting developers that are hidden away more than likely in some country where copyright does not exist and they have to make a living by scamming people.

Now you may be thinking that Google would actually step in and stop these apps from being promoted and shared on their platform right? Well sadly that is just not the case because I've had thousands of people tell me that they report these money making apps and absolutely nothing happens to them in fact they just continue to grow! 

I then made it my mission to expose these fake applications to the world to make sure that other people do not fall victim to their time wasting ways. Some of these money making apps actually will charge you a subscription fee with the promise of allowing you to earn unlimited money which of course is just rubbish.


Are Legit Money Making Apps Real?

Thankfully I'm able to post my reviews on YouTube to expose the fake money making apps while promoting ones that have actually paid me because YES some apps really do pay! Now don't get it twisted because while some do pay the actual amount they pay may disappoint some people especially for the amount of time you actually have to dump into them. Some Apps may take up to 2-3 hours to earn one single dollar which in most countries is not worth it at all.

How The Pay Changes On Money Making Apps

Now going back to how the pay changes on these apps I do have to say that most people are also going to probably get quite upset with how certain countries are allowed to earn more than them and usually that's set by the developers or the actual providers as countries like USA generally get paid a lot more than say someone living in the Philippines. The reason for this is the ad rates are different.

Final Thoughts

I personally think that money making apps are a great little way to earn an extra income online but I seriously think they need a huge improvement with the time to reward ratio because right now most of these money making apps really aren't worth the time investment and once you use one you'll probably come to the same  conclusion.