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Dreamlike Candy VIDEO REVIEW


This Dreamlike Candy review for Android will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!

Thoughts On Dreamlike Candy:

Here's what we know about the Dreamlike Candy app so far!

hey everyone Vince here today we're reviewing dreamlike candy now this money making application is promising you guys literally up to 5 000 in various cash out rewards now apparently they'll also give you a free iPhone 13 as well as a free smartwatch as well valued up to 500.


All you have to do is simply merge some candy together now we're going to be taking a look at this application from start to finish i hope you enjoy so dreamlike candy runs on a very basic concept all you need to do is merge the candy together and then apparently once you watch an ad you can generate some of the in-game currency that you can put towards a PayPal cash out or various other online currencies.


Not only are they offering up to five thousand dollars with just PayPal but they're offering five thousand dollars on amazon Xbox visa google play PlayStation just to merge the candy together now if you want to win your iPhone 13 then you have to watch at least 120 advertisements to apparently unlock the withdrawal mind you the iPhone 13 is valued at 1400 everyone so this is not something small there is a prize will that you can just keep on spinning indefinitely pretty much to win PayPal prize and of course you do have to watch an advertisement also to claim that reward funny enough they've kind of separated the PayPal withdrawal section.



The other rewards section you need diamonds which you can

earn just by various tasks on the app and then you have the direct PayPal option now at first glance dreamlight candy just looks like a basic application what amazes me about these developers is that they literally make these games that would actually be pretty decent if it wasn't for the money making aspect to them but where they go wrong in my opinion is the claims of giving away all this money see if you're new to this everyone what I want you to know is that these developers really want you to watch advertisements over and over again that's why when you play an application that forces you to watch an advertisement even against your wishes just like dreamlike candy.


It's a massive red flag and a problem if you enjoyed today's video please remember to hit like subscribe drop a comment and join my free newsletter links in the description below you're helping my channel grow thank you so here I am just watching the advertisements over and over again every time I merge a piece of candy together I have to watch an advertisement every time I want to claim any type of reward I have to watch an advertisement as you can see it's a running gag here watch ads all the time it felt like all I was doing was just literally watching advertisements man and the game was just put there just as a distraction and a lure for me to watch the ads hence why they put everything behind an ad wall like watch hundreds of ads.


Apparently, win an iPhone 13 or log in enough times to apparently win a free smartwatch everything is scheduled and set up just to make you watch ads and play for as long as possible I have to say everyone I easily watched over 100 advertisements on this application in the span of around an hour I activated the thousand dollar withdrawal and it asked me to watch advertisements straight away I waited for the timer and then it literally reset itself at the end of it, everyone, these developers have actually left their reviews enabled and they are getting destroyed by people you see everyone to me dreamlike candy is just another basic scam application that just wants you to fat and developers wallets stay safe out there everyone for the love of god doesn't play these type of applications I'll catch you all the next review tomorrow see you next time.

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