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This Dollah review will cover all aspects of the platform and it's money earning capabilities plus Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!

Thoughts On Dollah:

Here's what we know about Dollah so far!

Welcome to my Review! Let's find out if it really is the new best way to earn money online or a waste of time? You will be seeing my Payment Proof as well as full experience and opinion on this money making platform. Similar to you can get paid for surveys, tasks and games.

Remember based on your country, age and gender these money making applications and methods will change so always keep this in mind. I can only show you my experience with based on my country Of Australia.

I have to say I really do love the idea of and I feel like the developer actually does care about paying out their users. The biggest issue I can see is that most of the cash out options are actually out of stock so this will need to be improved when possible.


Hello everyone vince here welcome to my dollah review we're going to find out if dollah is a legitimate money-making platform or just another scam i hope you enjoy let's kick this off just a quick disclaimer guys depending on where you live what your age is and what gender you are dollah will behave completely different what you're seeing on today's video so always keep that in mind guys that these money making platforms change per user.


today's video is my experience based on living in australia now the whole concept of dollah is that we use their platform to generate money by completing surveys playing games and completing offers at the top of the screen once you've signed up to dollah you will notice three different tabs the earn tab the cash out tab and the leaderboard tab this is an area where dollah will give away up to 30 dollars every single day we'll talk about that in a second though for now let's get back to the rundown something that i noticed straight away with dollo is that there are plenty of off-a-wall providers to choose from which is something that you definitely want to see on a money-making platform.


 below the offer wall section you'll find the survey area now the surveys is what i'll be using for today's video review so this is the main way i'll be earning the currency on this platform something else that i could not help but notice is that dollah looks exactly like free cash the resemblance is absolutely uncanny okay i have no idea why this developer decided to copy free cash i'm hoping that it's made from the same developers but if not i'd be shocked if free cash didn't try to take this website down eventually you never know though the developer could have got permission from the developers of free cash.


but i just have to mention it dollah runs on a coin based currency system where 1 000 coins equals about one dollah united states currency as you can see from an example here of offer tauros off a wall you'll notice that there are very high paying offers and tasks available you can easily earn thousands of these coins per offer or task i also noticed that age studios and lootably also have very high paying offers and tasks available which i love seeing the absolute worst thing about covering platforms like dollah is that you guys will not have the exact same payout rates that i will here in australia i cannot stress it enough and it does make me very sad but i'm yet to find an application or platform that gives us all the same advantage.


when it comes to earning the only way you guys will find out what you can earn is by joining up to the website and seeing the prices available in your country something that i recommend no matter what country you live in though is that you look for when offer wall providers have bonuses on at the moment of this recording age studios is running a 40 promotion where all their offers and tasks reward you guys out there with 40 more of the currency now you can imagine how much of a huge difference this makes to your money making capability when going through this offer provider and i did notice with a lot of these offerable providers they will randomly run promotions on different times of the year.


you just really have to pay attention to that i would of course like to say if you guys enjoy what i do here on youtube don't forget to hit like subscribe share this video to anyone that you think would like to watch it be sure to join my free newsletter and of course drop a comment thank you so much for helping me grow now it's time to talk about the various cash out options that dollah provides you guys out there i'm completely surprised with how many options that dollah has and again i just cannot get free cash out of my head just look at the cash out page of dollah compared to the cash out page of free cash it's really strange to me but either way something else that you'll notice straight away as well is that a majority of the cash out options are actually out of stock now i don't know whether that's because i live in australia.


that's just all the stock they have for me but i'm hoping when you guys try this platform out everything's not out of stock because at the moment the majority of stock that's actually available is just cryptocurrency cash outs and i know for a fact a lot of you guys out there don't really use cryptocurrency so i'm not too sure what's going to be available for you when you try it out but as i mentioned earlier all i can do is just show you the website there is an affiliate program with dollah as well where whoever you refer you get five percent of their earnings completely for free without impacting their experience plus they get 100 free coins for joining up through your link if you guys want to join through my link you're more than welcome to i'll include it in the description below now moving on to the actual free giveaways and leaderboard system that dollah has.


i absolutely love when developers do this on their money making platforms the fact that they're willing to reward you guys every single day with a certain amount of money just for actually using their platform is really really incentive to me the thing is though guys it's only 30 dollars per day at the moment on this platform i'm assuming because they're still trying to grow their website but they are still giving away that amount of money per day which is really cool obviously the way you progress up this leaderboard every single day is by using the platform and accumulating the most coins it's a very straightforward process everyone get to the top of the leaderboard and you earn the most amount of rewards for free every day but even if you don't manage to land in the top three positioned on the leaderboard you'll still get rewarded.


 at least up into a certain position on that leaderboard that's something i really do appreciate let's talk about now my earning experience on dollah and what more than likely you guys are going to experience as well so as i mentioned at the start of the video i mainly earned my currency on dollah by completing surveys and i have to say everyone it was not a smooth experience and this was expected especially because i was completing surveys you guys can imagine what i went through okay i got disqualified at least 10 to 12 times just to earn one single dollah on this platform now on the flip side though i managed to earn that dollah in roughly 35 to 40 minutes so it wasn't the worst thing in the world okay but it definitely wasn't the best experience either and to be honest with you dollah does have quite a limited survey provider list.


at the moment i do hope they expand upon that eventually anyone that has ever completed surveys through a platform before that rewards you money will know exactly what i'm talking about when i say that disqualifications are very frustrating but ultimately that's not dollah's fault that's the providers that are really strict i also did notice the amount of actual cash that i would receive per survey provider changed dramatically depending on who i was going through so that's why i always recommend that you guys shop around a bit with providers to see who's offering you guys the best deals.


it's as straightforward as that don't just rely on one single provider on these money making platforms because more than likely there are much better offers with other providers on the same day by the way you always have to check regularly on what providers offering what deal for example that 40 bonus that i was mentioning earlier with age studios now the moment that you've all been waiting for is dollah legitimate or a scam well i went to go cash out my one dollah in the form of the cryptocurrency litecoin and i am very pleased to say everyone that i was paid my litecoin to my coinbase account within 30 minutes of requesting it so it's not exactly instant but it is still super fast payment so i can definitely respect that of this developer whoever is running this site is actually paying their users now whether or not you will have the same experience that i had with dollah you're gonna have to let me know how you go if you do use it thank you so much for watching guys i hope you enjoyed this review i will see you all tomorrow catch around.

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