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This Curious Cat review will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus my personal Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!

Thoughts On Curious Cat:

Here's what we know about the Curious Cat app so far!

hey everyone it's Vince here welcome back to another video ladies and gentlemen today I'm here to introduce to you an application that is promising real life money not this stuff here that's fake money but real life money for you guys out there to complete surveys now this application is called the curious cat the curious cat is available both on android and iOS from what i can see which is very different to usually what i review here on the channel at the moment i do not have an iPhone and all i cover is usually android apps i do hope you all to enjoy this video please remember of course to hit that like and subscribe button and thank you all so much for being an amazing audience let's kick this review off now.


So guys starting off you'll notice that the curious cat is a very bare bones and simple looking application there's no real fancy graphics or anything like that on this app and to be honest at the start i didn't know if it was going to be legit or not due to the fact of how plain it looks but don't let the design fool you right because at the end of the day all we care about is if it's actually going to pay us or not so just like with any other typical survey app it has its own currency system that you'll have to convert into real life money now the thing is with the curious cat guys it actually states that you can cash out once you hit about a dollar which is quite good compared to other survey apps out there that usually require around a five or ten dollar withdrawal limit now from my own personal experience with survey apps i do know that disqualifications are a pain and sadly the curious cat is no different here guys if you don't like survey apps that disqualify you then you're probably not going to like the curious cat personally but if you usually don't get disqualified every second on survey apps i feel like the curious cat will be a good match for you.


The curious cat features a currency system which is called points these points can be earned by just completing surveys essentially i couldn't see any other way for me to actually earn points other than completing the surveys so it's not like other applications where you can play games or complete offers it just seems like they want you purely to complete surveys on this application now the points you earn from each survey is usually range from about 6 points to 60 points mind you the higher the points that you get from the surveys the more harder the surveys are actually going to be and another thing is guys i don't really know what country the curious cat is going to be available in so that will be up to you guys to go onto the google play store or the apple store and search this app up and see if you can actually use it or not because that's the biggest problem that i face as a creator of showing you guys apps out there because i know some of you guys can't use the apps that i can here in Australia which is very frustrating to me and i wish that developers would allow more countries to use apps like these but moving on if there weren't really any errors or you know glitches with the curious cat app either i think the biggest problem i had was getting screened out of surveys but at the end of the day as long as this app is legit that's all i really care about everyone.


I'm willing to sit through getting screened out and disqualified as long as i can bring you an application that actually pays i have to say everyone i do wish that the graphics were a bit more better because at the moment the pictures on the surveys that you're actually going to enter into are just generic circles with no real variety in them so you're pretty much just going down a list of circles and tapping on each one to earn as many points as you can now it is funny though everyone this is why it's called the curious cat because the thing is the app is littered with cats in it so if you guys like cats out there you're gonna love this application every time you complete a survey a little cat will appear on the screen saying success or something along those lines to indicate that you're successful with the survey so you can definitely tell the developers love cats but all the work we've just put into this application will not matter if it does not pay us.


Now it's time to come to the moment of truth here is the curious cat app legit or is it fake well everyone after about an hour and a half of investing my time i managed to grind up to over 100 points that gave me around 1.83 worth of Australian currency now when you go to cash out the application will ask you to enter in your PayPal account so i entered in my PayPal account guys and guess what literally within about three minutes i got paid this is on the same level as attapoll when it comes to the speed of the pay-out i was absolutely shocked at how fast the curious cat app actually delivered those funds to my PayPal account now whether or not you might have a waiting time if you cash out more than a dollar 83 I'm not sure but at the end of the day the money did arrive in the account and that's all you really want to know when you use apps like these that at least you will be rewarded for your time now that being said i do understand if you guys out there might not like this app too much because of how simple it looks or the surveys are too hard or you get disqualified.


at the end of the day at least i can add another application to our list of legitimate apps that actually pay and before anyone asks yes i will have a referral code in the description below so you guys can install the curious cat through that link and you should hopefully get some sort of bonus I'm not too sure how the invite system works hey everyone now we're on to the bonus section of the video guys i want to talk about an application slash website called qmee now if you do not know what qmee essentially it's a website that features surveys cashback options aka you spend some money and you get some more money back you get gaming options as well that you can actually earn real life money in if you complete certain challenges that qmee sets up for you on applications on your phone you can actually earn money as well it's actually quite crazy once you think about it qmee also pays instantly everyone so that is the real reason why I'm actually referring this on today's video you guys love instantly paying applications and qmee pays instantly now you can complete surveys obviously on qmee as well and that's mainly what i use it for everyone to actually complete surveys there is a qmee app as well that i'm fairly sure you can get both on android and iOS.


This is another platform for you guys to expand your money earning efforts now i have included a referral code in the description below for qmee surveys where we both get 50 cents the first time that you actually cash out so that's right you actually get 50 cents extra on top of your initial cash out I'm fairly sure i recommend you use it so at least you get that extra currency when you do cash out the first time now jumping back to my favourite application on the marketplace right now called attapoll look at the number of surveys i have available to complete guys at a poll is legitimately one of the most best survey apps i think I've ever encountered.


you have to see this app it's insane now the only problem is again just like every other survey app out there it disqualifies you and that's the problem with these applications same things happens with the curious cat same thing's happening with qmee surveys we need to try and get to the point where we can find a survey application that doesn't disqualify you all the time and a poll might not even be available in your country but if it is please use this referral saying you at least start off with an extra dollar in your balance it is a five dollar minimum cash out with instant payment again.


sadly curious cat in my opinion does not beat attapoll for the simple fact of the money that you get from completing surveys on attapoll at the moment seems unrivalled i do have to say as well everyone if you don't like surveys and you'd rather earn money through games try an app that's literally built around earning money through games which is called missed play i thoroughly recommend miss play for the fact that it is so easy to actually earn money on there and they pay out so fast which is awesome never ever have i had a problem with miss play i recommend it all the way if you guys have any other apps that you think that i should try or that you are trying at the moment then please let me know because i am always looking for new apps it seems these days that these apps are becoming harder and harder to find i will include a miss play referral link as well in the description below for the people that do want to give it a try thanks for watching everyone catch you around guys.

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