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This CryptoWord review for Android will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!



Here's what we know about CryptoWord so far!


Hey everyone it's vince here welcome to my cryptoword review i hope you enjoy let's kick this one off so cryptoword is a money making application that allows you to actually earn bitcoin cryptocurrency just by matching words together now the most fantastic thing about this application is that not only can you earn the bitcoin just from matching the words but you can actually earn the bitcoin currency by other offer wall functions as well so there are so many different providers on this application it's actually quite overwhelming each of these providers has their own different set of offers that will allow you to earn satoshi in return for completing them.


now i have to say everyone the design of this application is very straightforward the only downside straight off the bat that i can see is that there are a lot of advertisements now when it comes to advertisements developers need to get paid as well to pay their players so it is understandable to a certain extent i just know that the ads on this application may annoy a few people but it is definitely not the worst application i've seen and at the end of the day as long as they're paying the players that's all that really matters which we'll find out on today's review so the application itself is very easy to use all you do is literally go from level to level trying to match the biggest words together to earn points that then convert into satoshi now on this application you will need to generate words or match words that equal up to 200 points or more to generate one satoshi so keep this in mind everyone.


at least that's what i gather from the rules it's not like you're going to be earning cryptocurrency every single word you match the word will have to have a certain point value to the best of my understanding now i did try to complete multiple levels on this application and what i found is that completing the offers is a much better option than actually playing the word game in my opinion now granted i do appreciate that they have the word game there but for the amount of satoshi that you get rewarded for trying to match words together it's much more easier for me to actually complete some offers to generate the most amount of satoshi and obviously that's what the developers are going for here as well because they of course get paid the most by the offer providers for getting you guys to complete offers it's very simple to understand so while you do have the option to complete various different levels on the word matching game.


i do recommend you check out the offers section especially the play time reward section which i have to say i used all the way through pretty much except for the few levels of the word matching game i had no problems whatsoever with the playtime rewards and when i tell you how much i actually got paid you might consider using this application more often i would like to say if you're enjoying today's video please remember to hit like subscribe drop a comment and join my free newsletter links are in the description below thank you so much my advice is the first thing you should check on this application is to see if you have access to the playtime rewards this in my view would save you so much time because the amount of satoshi i was earning through just playing games through this application really outweighed the actual word matching game itself .


which i found pretty funny now the way that this application actually pays you is very unique in my opinion all you need to do is actually just insert your coinbase wallet address because from what i can see this application only accepts coinbase at the current time of this recording and while you're playing these playtime reward games what you'll notice at least in my country here of australia is that they were literally sending me the cryptocurrency in real time as i was completing each of these playtime offers so what i mean by that is every few minutes or so i noticed my coinbase account being sent this cryptocurrency which is a first time for me i've never really seen an application pay me in real time like cryptoword has so straight off the bat.


i can't confirm that cryptoword is a legitimate application now the amount of cryptocurrency i was receiving really was not that much so don't get it twisted here everyone you're not going to make heaps of money off of this application but depending on what kind of playtime reward application i was using at the time i was being paid between like 10 cents australian currency to 20 cents to 7 cents all within each couple of minutes so you got to keep that in mind it all really comes down to what's available in your country in your country you might find it way more beneficial to either maybe try and complete some surveys or complete offers you might get paid way more than i do.


so at the end of the day should you use cryptoword i mean yeah why not if you want to earn some bitcoin on the side through playing games and completing offers plus you do get of course the word game itself if you have time to devote to it give it a shot i really cannot say anything negative about it except the constant ad spam which is to be expected by money making applications in general thank you so much for watching i hope you enjoyed today's video i'll be back in one to two days stay safe see you next time.

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