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Thoughts On CryptoTab Browser:

Here's what we know about CryptoTab Browser so far!


This CryptoTab Browser review will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!

Welcome to my CryptoTab Browser Review for the Android and Web platform! The CryptoTab Browser is promising that it will pay you real free bitcoin just for mining while using the web but is it really worth your time? I'll be showing CryptoTab Browser Payment Proof I found online also as I think this is 100% legit.


Remember this is just my opinion on CryptoTab Browser. I honestly love the concept of it and I truly believe that it can continue to grow into something massive but I think the paid subscriptions may scare off some people from using it. My hardware is different to yours so your bitcoin mining earning rate may not be the same from what you are seeing on this video!


Hey everyone Vince here welcome to my CryptoTab review ladies and gentlemen today we're going to find out if CryptoTab is really worth our time or not.


Now CryptoTab is a very interesting application slash web browser if you guys have no idea what I'm talking about CryptoTab will allow you to earn bitcoin cryptocurrency simply by browsing the web watching YouTube videos reading the news using Facebook Instagram whatever you want to do on the internet CryptoTab claims they are going to pay you for it now how much they're really going to pay us in cryptocurrency.


I'm going to try and find out on today's video i hope you enjoy let's kick this off now getting into who can actually use CryptoTab. CryptoTab can be used in my opinion worldwide or at least in most of the countries from what i can see the whole concept is you literally either download the application or the browser and then whatever version of CryptoTab you download will then turn into a miner on the device you've installed it on.


From what i can see CryptoTab does use your devices resources to mine so straight off the bat if that is the case and i am correct then obviously there is a chance the power of your device will be a factor in how much you can actually earn with CryptoTab now something that i do want to say about CryptoTab from what i can see is that you can install it on many devices so i actually installed CryptoTab on three different devices around my house and i logged in with my same google account and i was able to generate minuscule amounts of bitcoin every single minute or so now I'm sure that's just sparked your interest and you probably want to know all about the earning capabilities of CryptoTab at least here in Australia.


I was able to generate 0.01 USD in four hours by browsing CryptoTab while having it run on three devices now I have no idea what you guys are going to do with that information if you think that's good or if you think that's terrible what i noticed is that on my main pc my hash rate aka the mining speed per second did spike all the way up to almost 7 000 or so while on my mobile phone i was capped at 300 h/s but i did have the option to go all the way up to 1 000 hash per second if I subscribe to a plan.


Now this is the very interesting thing about CryptoTab that you all need to listen to very carefully CryptoTab is technically a free to use software and platform and at the time of this recording they are claiming that they have over 25 million active users but what you'll start to understand is that there are different layers to earning on CryptoTab the first major difference between a free user and the premium users is that you get access to cloud boost so CryptoTab has other products as well including a VPN service and even an NFT line.


If I was to actually purchase an NFT or subscribe to one of their services i would get an earning boost but this does involve real life money the plans start from 2.49 euro per month all the way up to 15 euro per month and between those price ranges you get different multiplications on your earnings now the boost that the nft gives your CryptoTab is through the roof everyone you would gain an additional 100 000 hashes per second to your CryptoTab browser until October 1st if you own one of these CryptoTab NFTS there are only 60 days left until this actually finishes for this review i completely stuck to the free plan because i feel like a lot of you guys out there are going to be doing the same thing there is another way you can earn on CryptoTab though this.


Other way of earning on CryptoTab is by referring people to use their platform now what they want you to do is build an entire mining network so essentially you can be the owner of this network and whoever you invite you then gain a percentage of their earnings completely for free at least that's the best way i understand it personally and it seems that you can even earn through your friends referrals as well funny enough if you guys want to use my link you can find it in the description below I would love to see how much cryptocurrency i can earn through referrals then I'll make a follow-up video showing you guys the outcome if you guys are enjoying what i do here on YouTube please don't forget to hit like subscribe share this anyone you think will enjoy it drop a comment and be sure to join my free newsletter you guys are helping me get to 80 000 subscribers thank you so much according to CryptoTab the platform will apparently only use unutilized resources on your device so whether that be the mobile phone or your pc you can also change the mining speed if you want to do so but I generally leave mine on max.


something I would love to know if you guys use CryptoTab already or if you're going to download it through my referral link can you please let me know your mining hashrate per second i would seriously love to see the speed that you guys are earning at as i mentioned here in Australia I was only earning one cent per four hours with three devices mining mine due two of those devices were mobile phones capped at 300 hashes while again my pc was at 7 000 hashes.


when it comes down to if I believe CryptoTab is legitimate or not i truly believe that CryptoTab is going to be paying its users it's been around for a super long time plus there is plenty of payment proof on the internet as well now on the flip side is it for everyone i really don't think so i think that CryptoTab is only going to be useful for people that really want to try and earn some cryptocurrency especially if you only use one device this will be an extremely slow earning process but again that's what the channels for so you guys can get a basic understanding of these money making methods I hope that this video opened your eyes to the CryptoTab and if you're going to use it or not I love the idea of it i just don't think it's going to be for absolutely everyone out there and i do think that the plans that you'd have to spend money on might put some people off using it personally well now though i'm going to use the free plan and see if I'm

able to cash out and then I'll do a follow-up video later on thank you all so much for watching i hope you enjoyed see you all tomorrow.

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