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This Crypto Golf Impact review for Android will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!


Thoughts On Crypto Golf Impact:

Here's what we know about the Crypto Golf Impact app so far!

Welcome to my Crypto Golf Impact App Review for the Android! This money making app is a fun new play to earn crypto game in 2022. I will also show my Crypto Golf Impact Withdrawal Payment Proof Explanation (Basic Rundown) But finally we have a new crypto games to add to my legit paying list!

Remember this is my own experience with Crypto Golf Impact based on living in Australia! You may have a completely different one especially when it comes to crypto based apps and games. 

The Crypto Golf Impact app is a super fun way to earn some cryptocurrency while playing a game against other real life people from across the world but I do think that it will be confusing for a lot of people as the developers don't really have a tutorial on how to cashout or really any payment proof online so hopefully this review helps you.

A new generation of play-to-earn mobile golf game! Powered by NEOPIN Blockchain, players can tee off in real time with players all across the world to earn Crystals which can be swapped with native game token!


Hi everyone vince here welcome to my crypto golf impact review i hope you enjoyed let's kick this off crypto golf impact has been spamming my phone with advertisements lately so i thought you know what let's give it a try and review it for the channel this game is promising you guys out there real life money in the form of cryptocurrency to play golf and i have to say everyone i tried crypto golf impact out and it's actually quite a fun game let me just break down the whole concept here of how you can actually start to earn crypto on this app now crypto golf impact isn't like a normal paypal earning application.


as i mentioned at the start guys it's a cryptocurrency earning application so that means there's going to be some hoops to jump through to eventually cash out on this application but we'll cross that bridge in a second so when you first join up to crypto golf impact you'll notice that the design is actually very slick and easy to understand at the top of the screen you'll have two different currencies one is the free gold that you get from actually playing the game and the second currency are the diamonds which is a little bit more rare and sort of a premium currency on this application that you can use to unlock various different rewards and in-game items crypto golf impact is definitely one of these freemium games where it is free to play and earn on but they really are trying to push you to actually invest into their application with the various different plans and of course top-ups that you can purchase within it.


now granted they are promising that this is going to speed up your earning process on crypto golf impact a good example is that you can constantly get new golf bags and these golf bags actually include various different items mainly in my experience so they include new golf clubs or upgrades to your current clubs because that's right crypto golf impact actually has a whole item system where you have many many different golf clubs guys and you can actually level up these golf clubs as well pretty much each of these golf clubs has their own little perks and benefits my personal gameplay experience on it was where i was thrown into tournaments against other real life players across the world i was able to generate around 400 to 500 of these in-game coins and i actually managed to win all of my matches in a row which was fantastic.


when you verse someone you wager up 100 coins and then they wager up 100 coins and whoever wins takes the total amount of 200 coins now this is just the tour that i was on at the start of the game so technically the more experienced players could actually earn a lot more of these coins as there are different leagues and a global leader board so there are definitely people competing against each other on higher levels than just what i am as a beginner if you guys enjoy what i do here on youtube please don't forget to hit like subscribe join my free newsletter and drop a comment thank you so much for helping me grow the actual gameplay element of it is very straightforward as well you literally go to a golf course with another player then you have a golf ball in front of you and it's your job to try and judge the distance of your shot now if you can time it perfectly you'll always pretty much get a solid game and you'll more than likely win the thing is though it's quite hard to time your shots and judge the strength correctly.


i have to say i did get quite lucky sometimes thanks to the other players missing a couple of shots this is actually quite an interesting and competitive game and it does actually impress me quite a bit every time you verse someone and when you gain trophies at least that's what i experienced and with these trophies you can get free rewards with them and that's actually quite cool i do like a system that rewards the player for playing good on the application and actually progressing on it now granted everyone when i get to the earning process and how you can actually make the money on this app it might not be for everyone.


and the reason for that is because you actually have to have a crypto pass to earn crystals and with these crystals you can then convert that into real life money thankfully when you first join up to the application they give you a crypto pass for 30 days completely for free now when that runs out though or if you want to extend that it will cost real life money but thanks to me having this crypto pass i was able to earn 10 crystals it does seem like there's some kind of crystal limit per day so you can't just earn like a thousand crystals in one day okay in the tour mission section that's where i was able to generate my crystals by completing a tour if there's any other way to generate crystals i haven't found it just yet.


if you scroll down to the bottom of the tour page you'll see that there's a daily mac symbol representing how many crystals you can earn in a day at least that's what i gather from that honestly i love the concept of the application i just feel like it's going to be way too confusing for a lot of people out there especially since you don't just get an instant cash out of swords you will need to cash out the crystals into a s2t token and then that gets transferred into a neopin token and that's how you can trade it on exchanges so it is quite complicated and not for everyone and honestly that's where i'm going to leave this review i think that crypto golf impact is a fantastic idea i see it having a solid future i just think that you're going to have to have some money invested into the application to make it worthwhile at the moment of this recording and i think once you guys give it a shot you'll probably come to the same conclusion i do i am confident that they will actually pay you out though okay at least from what i've seen online as well thank you very much for watching i hope you enjoyed the review i'll see you all tomorrow guys.

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