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This Crypto Sense review will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus my personal Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!

Thoughts On Crypto Sense:


Hi everyone vince here welcome back to another review ladies and gentlemen today we are reviewing a money-making application called crypto sense now crypto sense is a new application that's just caught my attention i literally had no idea ever existed it is a cryptocurrency earning application where essentially we have to play these little games to start earning some sense currency that then we can turn into cryptocurrency now you will need a coinbase wallet for this application so if you have not signed up for coinbase i recommend you do that right now as this application requires it it seems that crypto sense is made by one developer according to the pop-up that appears when you first sign up to the application this developer is giving a small percentage of the advertising revenue back to the players.


so apparently this is how the developer of crypto sense will pay you guys out there please keep this in mind going into crypto sense he also shows us a screen saying this is not a get rich quick application it's actually going to take time to earn any type of serious cryptocurrency on crypto sense now myself looking at this application guys i've experienced a lot of different applications in my time and i have to say this is quite normal when it comes to making money online applications we have to find out is this really worth the time of investment okay now apparently i'm a score 10 out of 10. i'm not too sure if that means i'm a very high paying country or a very low paying country so you guys out there will have to tell me what your score is on crypto sense because at the moment i'm a 10 out of 10. so i'm assuming that puts me in a position where i can earn more cryptocurrency based on my country but i would love to know what your score is out there so please drop me a comment below oh and of course please remember to hit like and subscribe if you enjoyed it really will help my channel grow out there okay thank you so much for that crypto sense has an extremely easy to understand layout okay all you do is literally sign up get past the pop-up screens.


 you're greeted to three mini games that you can actually play to earn this sense currency now the first mini game is called flip sense flip sense is a very basic to understand game all you do is literally match the cards together you cannot get any easier than that everyone okay when it comes down to it this developer has obviously made it so flip sense gets harder and harder as you progress throughout this mini game so i found myself earning an average of around 100 to 120 cents currency per flip game that i played you will need to watch an advertisement as well each time you try and play one of these mini games and from what i can see when you finish one also so that's how a developer is making his money off you okay it's pretty straightforward the next mini game is called sliding sense this is a puzzle type of minigame where you have to slide all the pieces of an image together to form one big image it's very easy to understand as well okay exact same concept as flip sense essentially you get around 100 to 120 cents per game you play.



next up we have lucky sense and this is the last mini game on crypto sense guys lucky sense is literally just a slot machine element put into the application to get you guys to watch ads with an even less reward rate than the mini games so developer if you are watching this maybe consider bumping up those rewards for the lucky sense okay because at the end of the day i'd rather play the mini games than watch an advertisement and have to wait like 10 or 20 seconds for that slot machine to actually stop spinning that's right everyone that slot machine will spin for quite a while okay i haven't actually seen a slot machine spin that long in my life so developer maybe look at that lucky sense okay maybe rework it a little bit because it needs improvement in my opinion if you're going to force people to watch a 30 second advertisement almost on your application the highest reward i ever actually got on crypto sense with that lucky sense mini game was about like 60 or 40 cents.



i haven't been able to crack 100 cents yet because you have to try and match all three of the symbols hence the slot machine element now moving on to the actual currency system and cash out system essentially we need 1 000 cents to be able to cash out at all on crypto sense now crypto sense features over i think 13 or 14 different ways to cash out to your crypto coinbase account guys so please keep this in mind you need to have that coinbase wallet ready to go because crypto sense will ask you what is your coinbase email address now once you fill in that email address all you literally need to do is pick the cryptocurrency that you want to cash out your crypto sense currency into and then it will go straight to your coinbase account it's literally that easy everyone now this is where i think a little bit of you guys out there are probably going to be a bit disappointed like i was okay what you have to think about here is that it usually takes around 20 minutes on average for me.


 at least to get 1 000 of the crypto cents when i cashed out on crypto sense three different times i only got around six cents in total of cryptocurrency sent to my coinbase account now think about this okay i just spent at least an hour on this application to get rewarded about six cents or so honestly i don't know everyone i think this application is probably made just for fun by the developer to test things out i would not recommend this as a main source or even a side hustle to try and earn anything online give it a test if you want to have some fun earning a tiny minuscule amount of cryptocurrency then crypto sense is an application you might want to give a shot but at the moment i can't really see myself ever using crypto sensor gang at its current pay rate so i do have to applaud the crypto sense developer for at least making an application that at least pays to your coinbase wallet straight away but you definitely have to improve on that earning scale i think right now because i feel like a lot of you guys out there are going to be a bit disappointed but that's why i made this review so at least you know what you're getting yourself into on crypto sense thank you so much for watching please stay safe out there see you next time.

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