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Crazy Pusher Master VIDEO REVIEW




This Crazy Pusher Master review for Android will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!

Thoughts On Crazy Pusher Master:

Here's what we know about the Crazy Pusher Master app so far!


hey everyone vince here today i'm reviewing crazy pusher master god help us all let's kick this off crazy pusher master has been bombarding my phone with advertisements promising up to ten thousand dollars just to drop some coins on a conveyor belt every few seconds so on today's video i'm going to give you my experience with the application first off everyone this looks like another one of these generic pusher applications that we've seen throughout the years that are promising a huge amount of money including various different cash outs.


 not only that they're also promising multiple different real world rewards now something that i want you guys to realize is that legitimate money making applications generally will only pay you between one to maybe three dollars per hour when it comes to making money through games but crazy pusher master is literally promising hundreds of dollars per minute to drop some coins on a conveyor belt and not only that they have a sort machine element where essentially you can win even more money almost every five minutes or so.


crazy pusher master is also claiming that it's giving away paypal money but not only that it's also giving away cash app amazon and walmart gift cards now mind you these gift cards are for a thousand dollars each the coinbase currency system in this application is so frustrating everyone because you run out of these little tokens that you drop on the conveyor belt within about 10 seconds of tapping the screen and what ends up happening is that you can either buy these tokens for 50 worth of the in-game currency of apparently real-life cash or you can watch an advertisement and what you're going to start to see is that this whole application is built on farming you guys out there to watch advertisements every single 15 to 30 seconds instantly throwing up a red flag.


for anyone out there that's ever used a real money making application there is also a lucky scratch section that's completely based on advertisements as well so you watch an advertisement you get to scratch one of these little scratchy cards or apparently real life rewards there is apparently a special event on right now where you can earn a thousand dollars paypal as well but that's only if you meet the special requirement and god knows what those requirements really are the worst part is advertisements will play even if you don't tap anything on the screen either and the reason for that is because the developers are trying to make as much money out of you before you catch on that this application is a complete scam in my opinion.


something to really keep in mind here everyone legitimate money making applications will never ever be able to give away the amount that these scam applications promise if you guys are enjoying my weekly content please remember to hit like subscribe drop a comment and join my free newsletter to help me get seen around youtube thank you all so much as soon as you go to cash out on crazy pusher master it then puts you in a queue and then you have to wait seven days to see what they're going to say next they're very smart with this as well because they're trying to waste as much time as possible and they hope that you go back and try and earn more money in the meantime but in reality when that timer hits zero you're going to be earning absolutely nothing this is another early access pathetic scam attempt that's plaguing the google play store just check out my playlist on my channel for real money making apps i would stay so far away from crazy pusher master i will catch you all in one to two days stay safe see you later

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