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This Crazy Drop review will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!

Thoughts On Crazy Drop:

Here's what we know about Crazy Drop so far!


The thing to always keep in mind about applications like Crazy Drop is that the only people that actually make money are the developers so you always have to really be aware of how you are spending your time because that's the most precious thing about this life and these apps drain it all completely!

This is my Crazy Drop App Review for the Android! You will be seeing the real truth behind this money making application and if I can really earn $2.23 per Plinko Ball dropped. You will not be seeing any Crazy Drop Payment Proof or cash out and I will explain to you why I think this is not legit but a fake scam earn money online app.



Hey everyone Vince here welcome to my Crazy Plinko aka Crazy Drop review I hope you enjoy let's kick this off something that blows my mind about these type of money making applications is that they managed to get so many people to install them at the time of this recording Crazy Plinko aka Crazy Drop has over 1 million downloads on the Google Play Store and the reason why I keep saying two different names is because the developers changed the name of this application recently from what I can see and I think I understand why but let me just get into exactly what this money making app promises we'll just call it Crazy Drop going forward.


What Crazy Drop Promises

Crazy Drop promises you guys up to literally five thousand dollars worth of PayPal currency to just play a plinko game if you don't know what that is all you do is drop a ball from the ceiling into multipliers at the bottom of the screen obviously the goal is to try and get your little plinko ball in the highest multiplier to multiply you're winning not only is Crazy Drop promising all these massive PayPal prizes but in total they're promising eight different cash out methods all with the exact same amounts by the way there is a slot machine element as well on Crazy Drop where you have a chance to spin the slot machine to apparently earn extra prizes as well and if you collect enough letters of the alphabet you can also win real life money apparently.


Real Life Reward Promises

The fun doesn't stop there guys they also are offering a real life prize rewards section that's right just like a majority of the money making applications we've seen around the world in the last two years these guys are offering apparently real life rewards in the form of various very expensive real life items including our Microsoft Surface pro iPhones new TVs they even have a lucky spin system where you can win little pieces of a puzzle to win the real life item all you need to do is watch an advertisement now watching advertisements is going to be a running gag on this application, and you're going to see why in a second once I explain how exactly you can apparently earn all this money on Crazy Drop.


The Earning Experience On Crazy Drop

You see there is a daily login system on Crazy Drop where if you log in a certain number of times throughout a week you can win massive prizes the reason why this is interesting to me is because generally these applications always have this type of system and the reason for that is because they want to try and get you to come back it's not the hardest thing in the world to figure out what I have to say did shock me though what I'm about to tell you now there are two different currency systems on Crazy Drop you have the in-game currency where apparently you can win real-life money if you collect enough of it, and then you have the supposed real cash the real cash is indicated by the green plinko balls while the normal in-game currency is indicated by the yellow plinko balls what you'll start to realize the more you play this application is that Crazy Drop is 100 trying to get you to watch as many advertisements as humanly possible even if you don't press anything on this application you still have to watch an advertisement this was one of the most frustrating things about this application.

Red Flags

What's funny to me is that this style of application has been around since I've started covering money making applications another red flag is that they're hiding their reviews under early access mode and what that means is that you guys can't see the reviews because the developer is hiding them the worst thing about it is they are still allowed to advertise their early access titles directly to your phone this is the whole reason why scam apps are allowed to exist on the Google Play Store due to the severe lack and regulation and on that subject I had to easily watch 50 to 100 advertisements while getting the footage for this video it is such a joke and I really wish google did something about it will they ever do it I mean only god knows i just quickly wanted to say if you guys are enjoying what I do here on YouTube please don't forget to hit like subscribe drop a comment share this to anyone you think will enjoy it and of course join my free newsletter you guys are helping me get to 80 000 subscribers thank you so much now.

Red Flags Turn Into Scams

You might be thinking what exactly made this the most annoying experience possible well other than just the advertisements playing completely at random while using the application I don't even have to actually tap the screen and an advertisement will play mind you if you run out of the tokens which yes they do limit how many Plinko balls they call them tokens that you have at a certain time you will then have to watch an advertisement to earn more so not only do they force you to watch advertisements while literally doing nothing they then force you to watch advertisements to earn the tokens you'd think that these developers would at least give you free tokens for spamming advertisements down your throat but sadly that's not the case with Crazy Drop aka Crazy Plinko it was so frustrating okay now they do give you around 40 tokens or so when you watch an advertisement but guys you're literally going to waste those tokens within a few seconds each time you tap the screen a token appears.

Is Crazy Drop Legit Or A Scam?

 You have to keep that in mind you're going to be spamming these tokens like no tomorrow it was just a shock okay now what's even more shocking to me was the actual earning experience so I managed to clock up apparently 300 within 40 minutes on Crazy Drop now for anyone out there that knows legitimate applications you know earning 300 and 40 minutes is not possible at least not online through money making applications I personally haven't found one anyway so when I went to the cash out section to withdraw my minimum amount of apparent PayPal dollars I really wasn't expecting too much and what I saw next just made me want to throw my phone across the room what Crazy Drop ended up telling me is that I had to activate 30 bulbs apparently now if you don't know what that means essentially I have to keep on playing the application over and over again and watching more advertisements you see this is a paywall in a very sneaky way to get you guys not to realize they're just farming you for advertisement views.

The Impossible Earning System

So many people don't understand when these applications have this kind of stupid requirements it's because they're just trying to scam you and waste your time before you catch on that the application is never going to pay and that's exactly what happened to me, I ended up getting pay walled everyone or what I like to call ad wall it is so disgraceful that this is allowed even to this day okay it really just boggles my mind that google allows if it's almost 2023 everyone and this is still going on as soon as I got hit with that pathetic paywall I just ended up turning off Crazy Drop if you guys want my advice and if you're still watching up until this point I'm assuming you do why don't you go download legitimate money making applications like the ones on my YouTube channel playlist if you don't want to watch my playlist than here let me help you out try just play out that application might have a really weird payment system, but it pays you every three hours.

Real LEGIT Apps

If you don't want to try just play why don't you try cash em all out then cash them all is probably one of the most well-known money-making applications that pays you to play games even though it's not a lot of money it's only a few dollars per hour but at least it actually pays you all we're doing on Crazy Drop is literally fattening the developer's wallets these scammers build these applications in bulk in some country where they don't care about copyright law or paying their players that's why they're untouchable everyone because google won't do anything about it right now but at least that's why you have YouTubers like myself that will review these trashy games to save you time I really hope you guys take my advice and stay away from these type of money making applications they are complete jokes any application that promises you hundreds of dollars within a few minutes or even an hour should be banned straight up in fact I still recommend you never play any early access titles in general thank you so much for watching I hope this video helps someone out there please stay safe see all the next review.

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