This Cointiply review will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus my personal Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!


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Here's what we know about Cointiply so far!

Cointiply is one of the best applications online right now to earn FREE Cryptocurrency by completing tasks, surveys and playing games!


The amount of different ways to earn on this platform is quite overwhelming but it is still such an incredibly simple application to use and you will get paid out within 2 days!

Remember depending on where you live your experience will be different so please keep this in mind.


The review featured above shows my LEGIT Dogecoin Payment Proof and opinion!  

Description of this App:

It's easy to start earning with Cointiply!


Over 20 ways to earn real Bitcoin & other crypto currencies! * Collect daily Coins from our faucet. * Redeem promo codes for bonuses. * Paid out more than $3,000,000 to our users. * Complete daily surveys. * Play fun games. * Watch short videos. * View Paid to Click ads (PTC Ads). * Chat with other crypto currency enthusiasts and earn while you chat. * Frequent bonus days, coin boosts & giveaways. * Loyalty bonuses up to 2x the rewards. *


Withdraw your Coins to any Bitcoin, Doge, LTC or Dash wallet. * And much more! Cointiply has been enabling our members to earn crypto rewards for over 3 years. Join over 2.7 million Cointiply members in your quest to earn crypto currency.


Use the official Cointiply app daily to gain a loyalty bonus and increase your account level to unlock even more features. Participate in our bonus events & special holiday themed events to boost your earnings even higher.


Please note: Some methods of earning Bitcoin may require purchases, or may require access to sensitive user data such as app installation & usage information. These methods of earning are entirely optional. Please review our privacy policy and data collection policy for more information.

Is It Safe To Use? ​

If you are thinking to yourself is this method is safe to use we will have to go over a few important factors: ​There are many different ways to figure out if you have malware on your Android device.


The first major tell is if everything is suddenly much slower. Perhaps you possibly start noticing ads you've never seen before or perhaps your battery dies extremely quickly.


Also If you experience strange screen redirects or overlays that you've never had to deal with before or maybe apps you don't recognize are now installed on your device.

Public Reviews:

M: "Did think this was a great app till I went to with withdraw and my payment was held with no explanation. So I read the reasons why this could happen and can't see anything I figure I've done  so I raised a ticket (544103) and 2 days have passed and still no word on what has caused this to happen. Very disappointing"

CW: "So far so good, have cashed out about $10 of btc successfully too. If anything changes will update this  Edit 1st September. Unfortunately, I have to change my review. I had my second withdraw request held and upon enquiry, I received a generic response saying I had violated the terms of service and now have a permanent ban and will not receive my coins. I have enquired into how I "violated" them and will wait for the response."

JB: "I hope playtime gets patched in the next update. My device is an oppo find x2 lite, and playtime stops working after a while and i cant click it. It is a great app, would be even better if there was a PHT Phoneum withdraw option since they're a mobile crypto. Everything else is great. If your balance doesnt update after a task just refresh the page and it will update the balance, you can refresh the page by sliding down on the screen on the home page. It pays more than other apps to, so try it!"

DC: "I have been using Cointiply for several months. Have made two withdrawals US$12&$18 in Bitcoin and since Bitcoin price has gone up, so has the value of what I made from Cointiply. This isn't a get rich quick scheme. But it is "TOTALLY LEGIT" the more effort you put in on the site the quicker your return. It is the best platform you can join. Thanks Cointiply"