This Coin App review for the website version will cover all aspects of the platform and it's money earning capabilities plus Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!



Here's what we know about Coin App so far!

Coin App to me is such a great application with so many different ways to earn the XYO coin! If you haven't tried it yet I recommend you give it a shot as you are able to actually mine XYO tokens while doing day to day activities which is very unique.

There are different types of cash out options allowed on this app as well including Bitcoin and Ethereum which I think is fantastic.


Explore a digital world overlaying the real world with COIN. Find rewards, items, and special opportunities. Interact, communicate, and compete with other players in location-based games. Redeem rewards for a variety of exciting items, like digital assets, gaming systems, tablets, and more.

Here's what you get when you use:

Verify location data through "Geomining", and earn! Use the "Auto Explore" feature to earn on the go, or establish a "Home Base" if you'll be spending the day indoors!

It has a variety of redeem options, and we're always adding more! We'll even sometimes add redeem items specifically requested by users. Normally, we have redeem items for digital assets that can be stored in digital wallets, Bluetooth speakers & headphones, gaming systems, and more.

Earn more through completing quick surveys with our partners, playing minigames to unlock more places to Geomine, or trying a variety of our other features! We're always growing, updating, and improving, and look forward to finding the most fun ways to earn rewards.

it allows you to use referral rewards links or "SentinelX Sharing" to earn more when your friends join in on the fun! Invite a friend to earn more , or simply compete to see who can earn more faster! Geomine near each other to activate Team Lift, or Geodrop messages to each other inside the app!

I is a free app -- you don't need to spend money to start earning now! If you want to add verification to your data, and increase that data value (earning more COIN!), you can use a SentinelX device or try a subscription:

• Basic Account
• 1x Geomining Speed & Recharge Rate
• 1x Likelihood of Big Geomines
• 1x Geomining Rewards

PLUS: $24.95/month
• 2x Geomining Speed & Recharge Rate
• 2x Likelihood of Big Geomines
• 12x Geomining Rewards

*MOST POPULAR* PRO: $34.95/month
• 3x Geomining Speed & Recharge Rate
• 3x Likelihood of Big Geomines
• 12x Geomining Rewards
• 3x Additional Geomining Rewards


I only just started using this app. I generally walk everywhere I need to go, so "travelling" costs me nothing anyway. Basically I found this app in an add, and decided to try it out.

It's lucrative if you are on it for at least 5 to 10 years that is the only way to actually make a dent as a free user. But to actually get something out of this app you have to spend real money over the 5 year span which is $420 (AUD) a year by the time you actually make money from this app you have spent $2300 (AUD) just in subscription fees. Is it worth it? Yeah if you have a 9-5 day job with a steady income, on the other hand no.

I subscribe for a pro, the first 3 weeks of my subscription all the rewards points in the ads are working well but after my 2nd redeem all rewards are not working anymore, I appreciate if this issue will be fixed? My previous rating was 5 and now is 3

The app is very easy to use, the gains are really (like seriously) slow but it will be all worth it if you can get the things you want, there are a lot of amazing prizes you can get so this app will be worth using even after you get your first prize. I haven't gathered enough coins/currency for the prize I want yet so I don't know how shipping works with this app, hopefully they'll actually be able to ship all over the world where the app is available

This app is damn near perfect. To give it 5 stars I suggest that it truly be able to run in the background. When I put the app in the background and use another app. The auto mine feature is turned off. I will say. From reading critical reviews. I have never experienced any of what is described other than the auto mine feature does not stay active. Don't waste your time with surveys. Surveys are time consuming and you are better off doing the small tasks (games) on the offer wall for coin.

Slowly seems to be improving. Has gotten more stable and does not crash nearly as often. Still does not seem to run when it is not on top. Surveys are psychotic. They are there then they are not. Missing for days then reappear. Not yet a 4 star app, but may get yet get there.

you cant geodrop 69 coins Anyways, fun app but goals are naturally unreachable, you need premium subscription to make your time worthwhile. So you might just buy those things yourself. Yes, this is cheaper but I don't think any human being is *that* patient. Didn't do the math but it probably takes 6 months or so to redeem something good.

I use my tablet for app tracking and it doesn't support the NFC scan to be able to use the SentinelX card that I purchased. I have tried to scan the card with my phone but the bonus doesn't transfer/register to the tablet. I use my phone for work so I am unable to keep the coin app open. Please make SentinelX card bonuses active on account instead of device. Otherwise I have been very happy using this app and am looking forward to my first coin purchase.