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This Coin App review for the website version will cover all aspects of the platform and it's money earning capabilities plus Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!



Here's what we know about Coin App so far!


Hi everyone vince here today we're reviewing the coin application that will allow you to earn xyo cryptocurrency tokens absolutely free from your mobile phone now i had no idea how simple this application is for you guys to actually start earning real life money by cryptocurrency i cannot wait to show you this review i hope you enjoy to put it into some sort of perspective here the xyo cryptocurrency token is roughly worth around two cents at the moment of this recording but that price has fluctuated so much over the past couple of months.


The coin application will allow you to actually earn xyo tokens by literally mining from your mobile phone based on your real life location i've never really seen an application that functions the way that the coin application does you will need to let this application access your gps so on the screen you're going to be seeing blurred out parts because obviously it's for security reasons but when you download this application you'll be able to actually start your mining straight away roughly 1 000 coins equals about 23 xyo tokens and every time you mine you do get a few of these coins and you can mine constantly throughout your day as you're traveling or even if you're sitting still the way that i look at the coin application is that you have tiles across your whole neighborhood and country and once you mine one of these tiles if you want to mine it again.


You can either wait for it to refresh or you can play a small mini game to actually clear it that then will allow you to start mining again mining only takes literally about two to three seconds guys so that's why i say you don't even have to travel to use this application you can stay at home and just continuously mine from your own house if you turn on the auto explore feature as you're traveling the application will literally mine without you even touching your phone so even though the coins that you generate aren't that much per tile throughout the day that will add up especially if you're literally keeping your phone running all the time please remember if you enjoyed to hit that like and subscribe button be sure to drop a comment as well as it does help my channel grow thank you so much an awesome thing about the coin application is that it can run in the background as well.


Not in the way you think okay because you will not be able to earn as much as you possibly could if you ran this application in the foreground at least in my experience this background earning though will have a recharge time so it's not like it's constantly going to be earning you money in the background guys it does take a little bit of time to get those background rewards going at least for free users from what i've witnessed now there are premium plans for the coin application that will allow you to earn heaps more but for this review.


I just chose the free plan because i assume that's what most of you guys will be on as well moving on to the various different ways that you can actually earn your coins on the coin application you can not only just earn by geo mining you can actually earn coins by owning parts of geo locations so that's right everyone you can literally buy your neighborhood and earn coins through doing so for a certain period of time now i am assuming the profits are going to be based on how many people are actually using this application in your neighborhood that's just my best estimation there you can also earn via geo drops which contain various amounts of coins plus any tasks or offers that you complete in this app will be rewarded to you via geo drops as well.


From what i've seen geodrops are represented by yellow squares on your mac and usually these geodrops are by other users you can also drop your own geo drops in your locations for other people to find if they come across your type there are different geo mining modes that will encourage you to perform different tasks so if you're more of an active person you can choose the active geo mining mode or if you're someone that wants to play more mini games you can activate the mental exercise mode you can earn coins by completing tasks as well just like any other money making application out there the coin application has in-game offers and tasks surveys that you can complete to earn coins for the xyo tokens.


Now i chose to use the rewarded game time aka playing games to earn the xyo tokens as a main source of income for my review but you can do surveys that will reward you with thousands of these coins and remember 1 000 coins equals roughly 23 of the xyo token of course these offers will differ depending on your country so keep that in mind everything you're seeing on this video is my experience based in australia there are also bonus drops as well so if you log into the application every day you can get bonuses which i do appreciate the developers adding that function the coin app will even reward you for holding on to your coins as well per day it's just crazy to me how many different ways that you can actually earn with the coin app you can even watch video ads to earn some coins as well or you can spot geo mines when people discover them and say you witnessed the discovery to earn coins that's right so when people find big geo mines worth heaps of coins if you're one of the first people to witness this discovery you can earn even more bonus coins.


You can even get extension devices such as little bluetooth devices that help confirm your location to the coin app developers but again this really leans into more of the premium earnings side of things if you want to get into that you might as well start joining up to their premium plans prices are roughly between 40 a month to 20 a month from what i've seen around that price range anyway as i mentioned i stuck purely to the freeway to earn the coin app even goes as far to have a home base so if you mine consistently in the same location over and over again you will then get a home base which i find extremely funny moving on to the actual cash out options of the coin app there are various different withdrawal options available to you guys out there now again based in australia what you're witnessing on the screen is my options i had not only the option to cash out xyo but i had various other real life options to cash out to which i really do like the fact that this application has so much variety.


Is such a positive guys and a breath of fresh air now moving on to my actual payment proof section here it took me roughly eight to nine hours of consistently grinding this application to reach the 10 000 coin mark and above now i earned all my coins roughly through playing games okay that's an awesome feature that i love that this application has they allow you to play games to earn the coins to then withdraw your xyo tokens now the thing is though everyone you need to own your account for two weeks i didn't know this so i was so excited because i thought i can get you the payment proof straight away but the problem was you need to wait two weeks to make sure that your account's old enough to withdraw i chose to cash out to my coinbase account.



Thankfully once those two weeks were over i literally got paid within a few hours of activating that cash out order on the coin app straight to my coinbase account and i was actually shocked at how much i got rewarded compared to other cryptocurrency applications to see those 10 000 coins turn into roughly five to six dollars worth of currency was awesome and just remember guys you can complete surveys on this application that can reward you with thousands and thousands of coins i'm going to be keeping an eye on the coin app for sure.


I'm going to be including it in my channel going forward something that i recommend everyone does is at least get some sort of xyo tokens in their coinbase account because guys i'm telling you now this potential is unreal for the token okay i'm literally going to continue to farm xyo tokens in my spare time and hopefully i'll be able to bring you an updated video showing you how much those xyo tokens are actually worth at the current time of that recording my plan is to at least earn 50 if possible with xyo tokens thank you so much for watching i really hope you enjoyed this review give this application a try if there's a referral system i'll have my referral code in the description below cheers guys catch you all later i'll see you all tomorrow.

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