This ClipClaps review will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus my personal Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!


Thoughts On ClipClaps:

Here's what we know about the ClipClaps app so far!

hey everyone it's Vince here welcome back to another video guys today we're going to be reviewing clip claps an app that promises real life money and rewards for you the player out there to watch videos upload videos and play games let's find out if it's legit or not please remember to hit like and subscribe by the way and drop a comment as well tell me what you think of click claps now we are greeted to a whole bunch of videos.


As soon as we join clip claps okay you'll notice at the bottom of the screen while you're watching these videos you will be rewarded with a treasure chest if you complete the amount of time needed these treasure chests actually contain in-game currency and raffle tickets everyone for real life rewards so we are literally just about to unlock another treasure chest here on camera which is excellent so we've just watched the video the treasure chest is now awarded to me here we go as you can see at the top of the screen here you have the chest i have four of them that i can open right now on camera let me open one that will have the coupons in it first okay so here we go we're gonna open a silver chest we've been awarded 10 raffle ticket pieces to win 500 000 clap coins now clap coins are the in-game currency that you can convert into real life money so keep that in mind now next what have we got there we go 32 clap coins and two raffle tickets into winning one dollar so there you have it everyone open again i want to open another chest now aha a whole bunch of clap coins there you go so as you can see you scroll down a bit here 10 amazon gift card 500 000 clap coins one dollar reward ten dollar cash raffle there you have it everyone sees pretty straightforward now you can also earn clap coins by playing games on click claps which is actually pretty cool dude as you can see whole bunch of games it looks like there's actually slot machine games as well which is very interesting to me let's go and play coin cat here you literally just merge cats together everyone okay put two cats together here literally just straightforward as this all right done there it is we just got awarded 100 clap coins for merging some cats together so now we've got to the point where we have let's see here 1600 clap coins technically that should mean that i should be able to exchange that or cash it out which i reckon i am going to try and cash out 10 cents now on clip claps.


Okay so I'm going to try and run through this process now i think it wants me to log into my PayPal account so I'll get that done yep here we go everyone see your withdrawal application will be processed in three to 14 business days you can withdraw up to three times a day let's just log into PayPal let's get this withdrawal happening okay so now it says your PayPal account is now connected because i just connect to my PayPal account let's return to clip claps withdrawal come on give me that 10 cents i want that money okay we go total withdrawal 13 cents Australian dollars as confirmed processing 10 cents excellent let's see if it arrives into my paypal account if it arrives into my paypal account it's pretty safe to say the app will be legit okay legitimately i can't see it being fake i mean why would they be around for this long either way i'll be back in a couple of days to let you all know the update okay all right everyone we are back here about 24 hours after the initial recording a couple of things to update you about clip claps okay so you can't just keep watching it videos forever even though like it says that it's going to reward you with the treasure chest right essentially what happens is that little bar the bottom of the screen continuously increases from what I've seen to the point where it's about 20 or 30 minutes per treasure chest and i think it just keeps on going bro after 30 minutes.


I just turned off the app after that and now it looks like it's refreshed itself so it's almost like every day or so the loading bar refreshes itself for every 12 hours I'm not too sure but you can't just sit here forever getting treasure chests every 30 seconds so they do sort of restrict you in that category okay so don't think you're gonna play click claps and just watch videos forever to get paid but i do have a whole bunch of treasure chest to open on camera here so let's do that now just so you can all see okay so the first treasure chest has given me about 12 of the amazon gift card coupon pieces and 150 clap coins nice let's open the next chest up here what have we got oh about what it's almost probably 200 or if not 200 clap coins there lovely all right let's continue on to the next chest here what have we got here so not that much there let's open up another one okay we got three of the raffle tokens there for a dollar and a couple of clap coins another two dollar coupons and some clap coins let's open up the standard chest here we go 30 52 30 clap coins done now what I've also noticed as well i run and by the way that's my progression so far the raffles it is quite a grind to get real life money on clap coins okay I'm not gonna lie to everyone this app is a very slow grind what you can do to actually increase the clap coins you get though is play games invite friends and complete bounty tasks.


So bounty tasks are apps that clap coins want you to play and they'll reward you with clap coins for you playing other apps so it's like a referral system sort of now if you can see here as well everyone there is some sort of like financial plan as well where you dump your clap coins into a fund and then you get more money out of it it's crazy to me i don't know why they have these funds but they do everyone so essentially you can like invest your clap coins into clip claps and they give you more clap coins at the end of the day so I'm getting 3 000 clap coins of profit from my investment to one of these funds now i have also uploaded some videos onto click claps as well to get some claps on my videos apparently i get paid for claps I'm fairly sure from what I've seen one of my videos here has 457 playbacks 81 claps another one has 85 claps and another one has 92 claps so yeah we're getting some good ground here everyone hopefully it doesn't take too long for us to see if we get paid or not content revenue details yesterday 52 this month 52 video income so see you can definitely get paid looks like clap coins and i think you get paid by the amount of claps on your videos that'd make the most sense every day at 12 p.m i'm fairly sure they count up the new clap coins that you earn okay so keep that in mind but now if you look at everyone my little bar at the bottom of the screen has been reset so we can continue to earn treasure chests which i will do now we have our videos on click clap so I'm going to let that generate clap coins for me we can only have 2 000 clap coins as we speak if i go to cash exchange i can only get 2 cents for 2 000 clap coins which really isn't that much the minimum cash out is ten dollars so watching videos really at the end of the day i don't feel like is the best way to earn clap coins the game wants you to do tasks and the game wants you to share tasks as well to get clap coin rewards it looks like you can actually go up levels the more you watch videos so please keep that in mind i'm up to level 12 at the moment but i have to watch three hours of video watch time to actually upgrade my rank to earn more clap coins per video we'll soon see if clip claps pays me in PayPal money fingers crossed i might as well do the daily spin as well on camera here guys if i can okay here we go spin spin let's do it one lucky free spin every five hours sure i've got four of them at the moment.


Okay i won three cents good let's keep going here what do i have here come on give me something good here your rewards 13 cents one cent all right your reward 14 cents at the moment give me some real money here game come on give me something one cent okay that's terrible why are you doing this to me why are you doing this to me clip wraps what's going on here one cent again okay so we earned 16 cents from that spinning wheel that is completely useless to me but better than nothing right all right everyone here we go the home stretch sorry a little update we now have four thousand three hundred clap coins in the bank that is six cents ladies and gentlemen i reckon i might cash it out now four cents we'll take the four cents in maybe I'm doing this wrong maybe I'm not the bottom line is we need the ten dollars to cash out let's check our PayPal here and find out now is this app legit or not have they actually put money into my PayPal account let's do this all right everyone and there you go they actually paid me i cannot believe that clip claps actually paid you know how insane this is to me for real the fact that they actually pay it just freaks me out dude it really really does that really confirms it man that clip claps is legit they paid me the problem is here though i don't know if they're gonna pay me ten dollars click claps has a bad record if you look at the reviews that they only pay when they want to pay okay and that's something that I'm not really happy about but the bottom line is this my goal was to find out are they actually going to deposit into my PayPal account and they did okay it's a slow grind but it seems like it is legit that's the god honest truth i hope you all enjoyed this video it has been a hell of a ride editing this and recording it please remember to show support as always and I'll catch you all in the next video in the next couple of days guys stay safe out there and happy new year if i don't speak to you see you around