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This Cashyy review will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus my personal Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!

Thoughts On Cashyy:

Here's what we know about the Cashyy app so far!

hi everyone my name is Vince welcome to my Cashyy review i hope you enjoy it for those who do not know Cashyy is a money making application that allows the player to earn coins every single minute that they can then convert into either PayPal money or iTunes money also if you plan on using Cashyy.


Do not skip through this video you're going to want to know every single bit of information or more than likely you're not going to get paid now unless you're completely new to money making applications you've probably seen the Cashyy advertisements and if you were like me you probably thought that Cashyy was one of the biggest scams you've ever seen in your life i don't know who makes these advertisements everyone but i really think they should reconsider their approach because they look absolutely ridiculous and i could not even distinguish them from scam but either way on today's video we're gonna find out is Cashyy legit or is it fake and i'm gonna teach you how you can actually earn money on it and yes i did review this months ago but now I'm doing a double check to see if it actually still pays so starting off everyone Cashyy greeted me with a 4 500 coin welcome bonus which is always nice to see.


I do appreciate when money making applications reward us for just signing up so I'm not complaining there at all now you might be thinking if you're new to this app what are these coins and exactly how do i make money with them well the currency system works on Cashyy like this guys every time you play an application that Cashyy recommends you they will reward you with coins these coins are all part of a mission system so on the app selection page of Cashyy it will literally tell you how many coins you'll get per minute for using a certain application once you get enough of these coins to meet the minimum cash out you can then cash out these coins into real life money it's a very straightforward concept that's pretty easy to understand now Cashyy will keep on giving you applications to play but what you start to notice is that the reward for each mission will start to go down depending on what app you're playing so you won't be earning the same amount of coins each application.


Guys you have to keep this in mind what i did notice though is that usually the best paying applications were the first ones that Cashyy recommended me to play as soon as i turned on the application in the first place so personally if i was you i would just stick to the highest paying applications until you think you're absolutely forced to move on to the next one as i said everyone technically these missions are just minutes played on applications so always keep that in mind what i did notice as well Cashyy will actually give you bonuses depending on how long you play these applications for it these are called the day bonuses guys so it seems like if you have an application installed on your phone for a certain amount of days you'll get a mission bonus where you can actually earn more coins at least that's what happened to me there was also some gold event of sorts where i got extra coins as well so it seems cashew will have these random little events where you can earn extra coins that's because they want you to check back on the application every single day it's a very smart business move but ultimately what ends up happening is that you end up spending all this time on applications but then what you start to notice is that your coins per minute will start drastically being reduced and what i mean by that is let's just say you're earning a hundred coins per 10 minutes at the moment okay the next mission after that would be like okay now you earn 105 coins for 16 minutes now you've only gone up in five coins but you have to dedicate six more minutes this is exactly how the Cashyy system works everyone so you can expect this through every single application you play on Cashyy.


This is where simple maths comes into play you have to decide okay do i want to dedicate you know 20 minutes to earn 125 coins or do i want to dedicate 16 minutes to only earn 65 coins sometimes it's worth dedicating that extra 5 or 10 minutes to get that extra amount of coins on the original app instead of constantly switching between apps that's why I'm saying you should probably stick to the highest paying apps on Cashyy because ultimately they'll pay you more in the long run unless you play it for that long it literally gets to the point where it takes hours to get paid permission now what i did notice as well with Cashyy everyone and what i seem to notice with a lot of these applications that will apparently pay you per minute played is that Cashyy didn't actually register some of my game time.


that's a big problem for me because we don't want to sit here and always be scared or worried that we're not going to get paid for the time that we invest into these money making applications but sadly it happened to me here on cashy as well i played an application for about 30 or 40 minutes i checked back and i got no reward for it whatsoever my advice to you is always launch your applications through cashie directly do not launch it from your phone always open up Cashyy first then launch the application so then cashie attaches itself to that app and then i'm pretty sure it starts recording the time accurately that is probably some of the best advice i'm going to give you for any sort of money making app.



trust me playing an application for almost an hour and not getting paid for it is a terrible feeling now thankfully Cashyy offers us a huge variety of applications to use and play which is a great change of scenery to most of the money-making applications i've played in the last few months we're talking easily over 10 different applications to play guys to earn money on and i'm sure i could have even got more than that if i really wanted to but just remember each of these applications the more i went on started paying me less and less so really i found my like top 10 best paying apps on Cashyy and then i stuck to them directly these apps range from casino games idol games the most casual games you can think of such as farm games puzzle games drawing games there's even like a bitcoin trading app that you can actually use as well if you're into that stuff and those really casual games were the best for me to earn money on Cashyy.


All i did was literally just leave my phone on without even touching it and i was still getting rewarded for playing games which is hilarious to me that's why i love these farm games and puzzle games because you don't really have to do anything everyone now let's talk about the cash out options this is where things get a little bit messy because depending on what country you're actually from these cash out options may be very different i decided to go with the PayPal cash out route because that's what I'm used to everyone i only have PayPal.


if you have iTunes you're better off obviously using the iTunes cash out now i have read all my comments that a lot of you guys want me to cover gcash money making apps i personally do not use gcash so i have no idea how that whole system works but i will be bringing you hopefully some gcash paying applications soon on the channel so please stay tuned for that but for this video's sake we're sticking to paypal here in australia i had the cash out options of cents for 9 900 coins that went all the way up to 180 000 coins for 26.50 Australian currency now as i said depending on what country you're from this will differ massively now for the iTunes options i had 70 000 coins for 10 and 104 000 coins for 15 if anyone has an iPhone out there or an iTunes account can someone please test this for me because i don't actually have one of them so i'd love to know if it's legit or not okay please leave me a comment below telling me if you tried the iTunes cash out now another cool thing about cashy is that there is a wallet system so you can always check on how much money you're actually earning on the application which came in handy a lot for me because I'm very paranoid I'm not earning any money what i discovered though after five straight days of grinding out Cashyy i was only able to make enough coins to cash out three dollars and 30 cents Australian currency for 24 000 coins and trust me everyone when i grind these apps out i smash my phone out for literally like eight or nine hours a day to get the footage for you.


Now let's think about that five days for three dollars and thirty cents currency does that really seem like a fair trade off to you honestly unless you're leaving your phone on your table doing absolutely nothing that's where i can accept something like that but if they expect you to actually play these games and you know dedicate that much amount of time just to earn that little amount of money i can't really agree with that guys that seems like quite a rip-off to me for the labour that you're putting into this application and the thing is as i revert back to the start of this video the advertisements make it seem like you can make literally tens if not hundreds of dollars by playing cashy but in reality that's just not the case again.




it could be because of my country they may have changed how many coins i get rewarded per mission compared to your country that's why i need you guys to let me know in the comments how much you get paid per mission on the applications that Cashyy gives you i also get a lot of questions regarding vpn usage like can you use a vpn with this application guys i would not risk ever using a vpn with any money making application no matter what country you're living in right now because of this simple fact if they find out that you're using a vpn they're not going to pay you and could you imagine dedicating five days of your life towards an application like this to try and cash out three dollars and then getting banned right at the end could you imagine how mad you would be it's just not worth the risk if you can't use this app just check out my channel i have a playlist with almost 50 real paying applications now okay so you would definitely find at least one application that will pay you now a big warning everyone Cashyy features a face verification system and an email verification system so if you're going to sign up with an email please make sure it is legit and if you don't like sending your face verification don't expect to get paid on this application as well because they save that face verification right at the end when you try to cash out so if privacy is an issue for you you might have some problems here okay i read the terms and service and apparently they only keep your photo for four weeks at the end of the day you guys have to make a decision.


If you want to submit your face or not that's why i also suggest that if you're going to use this application you do not lie about your gender or age because they are going to try and verify that when you try and cash out so you're always gotta be aware of that everyone these money making applications are getting much more stricter now with the terms of service and how they pay people it's a very big difference to when i first started almost a year ago now for the moment of truth did Cashyy actually pay me well everyone after submitting my face verification and email verification i actually got paid the 3.30 into my PayPal account after 24 hours and that makes me extremely happy because it's always nice to get rewarded for the time that you dump into an application like Cashyy especially how long it takes to even earn the coins thank you all so much for watching i hope you enjoyed i will see you soon stay safe out there catch around.

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