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This CashKarma review will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus my personal Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!


Thoughts On CashKarma:

Here's what we know about the CashKarma app so far!

hey everyone it's Vince here welcome back to another money making app review guys today we're reviewing cash karma now this is a mobile phone application that's promising real life money up to a hundred dollars in gift cards ladies and gentlemen to complete offers complete surveys and play games now the whole concept is we do these things in return for karma points.


Now these karma points can then be converted into real life money on today's video I'll be going through the entire app from start to finish including payment proof i do hope you guys enjoyed please remember to hit like and subscribe let's kick this off now the first thing i want to say about cash karma is the fact that the layout of this application is so easy to understand you have no idea how many money making applications I've used that really have the worst kind of layouts and designs thankfully cash karma has a very solid layout guys which pretty much as soon as you open up the application.



You know exactly where to go and what to do with cash karma everyone you are instantly greeted with multiple ways to earn these karma points so starting off you have the daily check-in option this is where you obviously sign in and get free karma points for literally just turning on the application now secondly you have scratchy cards as well these are lucky scratchy cards where you see if you're lucky or not to win either between maybe 10 to 100 karma points it all depends on how lucky you actually get the thing is i think the max I've ever earned on a scratchy was around 100 karma points which i'm not really complaining.


Now on cash karma you also can create an account i recommend that everyone does create an account and validate your email because what you'll notice is that cash karma has a unique feature where they reward you with badges everyone these badges are kind of like achievements that you get for your profile that will also reward you with the extra karma points so i would go through and get these random badges while using the app and all of a sudden i would have extra karma points it was actually a really cool system i hope more money making applications implement this kind of badge system but you will need to verify your email address as well so then cash karma knows that you're actually a real person okay now let's talk about the cash out options of cash karma the thing is everyone depending on your country these cash out options are going to be different so here in Australia i have the options of PayPal iTunes and google play.


I want you guys to install this application and actually find out what kind of payment options you have because i know in America they have options up to a hundred dollars of amazon and the thing is i only have a max of fifty dollars of PayPal here in Australia so that kind of proves that you know these rates are all completely different depending on where you're living at the current time so while i say i can earn up to fifty dollars you guys might earn something completely different depending on your country so please keep that in mind again it's up to you guys out there to really decide are these kind of money making applications worth your time or not that's why i hope this review will help you decide that factor for me.


The minimum cash out was around 5 000 karma points for only three dollars worth of PayPal now the thing is how long it takes me to earn that 5 000 for karma points is really gonna decide is this application worth it in my opinion or not now depending on what you do that's what will decide how many karma points you'll get so if you just do nothing but surveys you might have a good shot at earning a decent amount of karma points as each survey will roughly pay between like 60 karma points to like 500 or 600 depending on how lucky you get for the people that don't like completing surveys though you also have the options of actually completing offers or playing games here in Australia i was not able to use the feature that rewards you each minute you play a game which was very frustrating but i was allowed to complete offers which include installing applications and playing games up to a certain level so an offer might say okay install clash of clans and get to town hall level eight i'm sure you guys understand what i'm saying.


These offers usually set a goal that you have to hit before you get paid the points now these offers usually pay very high as well because it usually takes a very long time to even complete the offer in the first place this is what i mean everyone these type of applications although they offer a high amount of gift card rewards unless you really have the time to dedicate towards them they might not always be worth your time overall i think it took me around roughly 15 hours or so of looking at my mobile phone to earn enough points to actually get to that cash out point of three PayPal dollars so usually if you go through surveys you're going to be facing disqualifications and screen outs i like to do surveys everyone because i feel like sometimes offers just take too long now for the people that like completing offers for their points they might get to that cash out point much faster the ultimate goal of today's video though is not to judge how long it takes me to get to the cash out point it's to find out is cash karma actually legit or is it fake when it comes to the earning rate though it was extremely slow for me due to being disqualified all the time while completing surveys.


The great thing is about cash karma is that it has multiple survey hosts that you can go through all with their own unique offers the bad thing is though they're very strict when it comes to surveys so you'll be disqualified many many times guys i'm talking like 20 times easily during your experience on trying to get to the three dollars worth of PayPal but if you look at this application in another way of completing offers or playing games you might be able to earn much faster than i did to clarify around 15 hours of looking at my phone for about three dollars worth of PayPal currency now in your head you do the toss up on is that worth it or not in your country okay here in Australia.


that is definitely not worth the time and effort i would love to know what you guys like to do though do you like completing surveys do you like completing offers or playing games to earn your money it's a very interesting concept that cash karma has because it kind of covers all bases the problem is though is just such a grind to get to that minimum cash out only three dollars i even completed all the scratches that i had i got rewarded heaps of these badges that reward me with the extra karma points i can only imagine how long it would really take if none of those features were implemented on this application i feel like the survey hosts or either cache karma has to reduce the amount of money they're taking off people completing the surveys because that kind of grind really is slow everyone compared to other server applications on the market such as ad uphold for instance or poll pay you know they really don't hold a candle to these guys but on comparison when it comes to the offers i feel like cash karma has a very good selection multiple offers to complete including within cash karma itself so not only can you get offers through the providers that cash karma offers.


Cash karma also features its own type of offers as well on the main screen which is nice to see thankfully though even though i got disqualified so many times while completing surveys kashkarma did reward me with the screen out bonuses yes everyone cash karma actually does reward you when you get screened out or disqualified out of surveys i managed to get disqualified that many times they literally paid me like i think 38 karma points each time i got disqualified which i found hilarious.


 it just goes to show you how many disqualifications happen if you try and take the survey route on cash karma now if you are to complete offers though you won't be facing these problems and this application might be completely worth it to you cash karma also features an inviter friend system so if you guys are willing to invite your friends to this you can get some decent coins as a bonus i think it's like 300 coins per person you invite that hits a certain threshold i will invite you guys to this app but again it's only because i'm hoping you start off with a bonus i don't think i'm ever going to use cash karma again personally as i said but hopefully you guys using my code will give you an extra bonus i think you start off with like an extra 300 karma points if you use my code so keep that in mind everyone but only use it if you're going to use the application.


Honestly I'm never going to look at this application again i feel it took me around 15 hours of screen time to earn three dollars worth of PayPal money i cashed it out everyone and it took two days to hit my PayPal account so yes cash karma did deliver the goods i don't know where i am going to go from here because do i want to use this app again more than likely not here in Australia because i felt like 15 hours was way too long but you and your country might find this app as a great way to earn money on the side i can't speak for you you guys have to go and install the app and give it a try either way everyone thank you so much for watching i hope you enjoyed this review I'll be back in one to two days for the next review stay safe out there see you next time

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