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Thoughts On Cash Giraffe:

Here's what we know about Cash Giraffe so far!


This Cash Giraffe review will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!


Remember guys depending on your country your experience is going to change on Cash Giraffe compared to mine here in Australia so you might see different payment options or games that you can play to earn money.

Welcome to my Cash Giraffe Review for the Android! This money making application is promising free paypal cash in 5 mins but is it really legit or fake? You'll be seeing Cash Giraffe Payment Proof with my full experience and thoughts on if it's a fun way to earn money playing games in 2022.



Hey everyone it's Vince here today we're looking at the money making application cash giraffe now this application has been bombarding my phone with advertisements it's time to find out is it actually going to pay us for playing games or is it another scam I hope you enjoy let's kick this off so at least here in my country of Australia cash giraffe will reward me for the time I spend playing games so this is called a rewarded play time system if you don't know now in your country you might have the complete opposite where you get paid to complete levels.


Earning System

I'm not really a big fan of that system by the way I prefer what cash giraffe is doing here with allowing us to earn per minute and thankfully cash giraffe does seem to have a very nice set of games that it's allowing us to play straight off the bat the worst thing you want to do on these type of money making applications is use applications that you actually don't enjoy playing so that is the first thing I want to say about cash giraffe the second thing is the design of this application is very straightforward as well if you guys have played any of these money making applications like cash more lucky miner cashyy app flame you'll be right at home with cash aura as the layout is almost identical to these other applications.


Apps And Expectations​​

The first tab is the featured tab this is where you're actually going to find all of your games that you can play to earn real life cash as I mentioned earlier in my country I get the currency per minute so that's why you can see there's a plus symbol with different numbers representing how many coins I would earn per minute for playing these applications now the second tab is the apps tab this is where you'll see exactly how long you have to play an application for to get that next set of rewards you see that's a big misconception here with these money making apps even though it says you technically earn per minute on the main page.


Earning History​​

If you head over to the apps page you will then see the real time to earn the next set of rewards for playing a game the more you play games on these type of applications the longer it ends up taking to get your next set of rewards, so it's not like you're always going to earn let's say three cents per minute or something like that what will end up happening is that you earn the first set of rewards aka the three cents for the first minute you use the application then you might have to wait another five minutes to get the next set of rewards which more than likely would be another three cents hopefully that makes sense to you guys out there I don't know why the applications don't make this clearer because I really do think it sets false expectations but at least on the apps page you can see how many coins you've generated from each app and also how much time you've spent on them as well heading over to the payouts page.


Cash Out Options​​

Now the cash out section you can see in my country of Australia I would need 4 999 of these coins to actually activate my first PayPal cash out here in my country I get both PayPal cash out and iTunes cash out the max cash out I can do in my country is almost 27 at a time something that I do like about cash giraffe is when you sign up to the application they actually give you bonus coins so as soon as I signed up to cash giraffe I was almost at the minimum cash out instantly thanks to that welcome bonus they do have a referral friend section as well so if you guys want to invite anyone to use cash giraffe you can earn 250 coins instantly for free just for referring them additionally you will earn 25 of the coins that they earn and in return your friend will earn 25 of the coins that you earn so I will include my link in the description below, so we can all earn together because that is a system that I can get behind where we all start earning money together for using an app.


Earning Will Change Based On Country​​

If you guys are enjoying what I'm doing here on YouTube please don't forget to hit like subscribe drop a comment join my free newsletter and be sure to share this to anyone you think would like to see it I'm almost at 80 000 subscribers so thank you all so much. Something that is always interesting to me about these type of money making applications is that the games that they allow you to play will obviously change depending on your country so here in Australia I was able to use tiktok and various other casual games to actually earn my coin but I'm not too sure what kind of applications you will have in your country so that's always the problem when creating these videos because I can only show you what's available in my own country and that leads to some people thinking that they can get the same things that I can get here in Australia sadly that's just not the case.


Is It Worth Your Time?​​

That's either the doing of the developers or whoever the developers are going through to get these games that we can earn money on cash giraffe though is such a simple concept and I don't really think there's too much to it other than just literally playing these games and earning the coin one thing I can say though is that when it comes to the actual cash out methods of cash giraffe I personally think that they should expand their cash out options to maybe include Amazon or even some cryptocurrency because it seems these type of money making applications have had the exact same setup for years now.


My Earning Experience​​

Don't get me wrong I am happy that they're actually making these earn per minute type of games still because I really don't like that level based system like I mentioned earlier we're halfway through 2022 and I really feel like money-making applications need to step up their game because at the end of the day it's always the same stuff over and over again recycled with another design or layout and I'm certain that you guys will agree with me that we are desperate for some new money making methods other than just playing these games that reward us with a few cents per minute now that being said my earning experience on cash giraffe was very straightforward I literally installed the applications played them for a certain set of time and then I cashed out to my PayPal account.


Now I was able to cash out extremely fast literally within about 10 minutes of using cash giraffe because of that big welcome bonus mind you though my cash out was only about 67 cents or so but that's why I mentioned earlier that I really do like these systems because then at least it gives you a chance to see if cash giraffe is going to actually pay you or not you will need a verified PayPal account as well so don't think you can just sign up to PayPal enter in fake details and then cash out because PayPal will actually end up blocking your account if you don't give them correct information it seems that PayPal has become a lot stricter when it comes to people using their platform now.


PayPal Rules​​

You really do have to be on the ball with that stuff guys I did have to sign in to my PayPal account though through cash giraffe which I'm not always a fan of I don't really understand the concept of us signing in to our PayPal accounts on these money making apps that really only generate a few dollars for us per hour because after crunching the numbers honestly cash giraffe is really going to make you between one and two dollars per hour maxed depending on the country that you live in I guarantee that some countries out there will barely make 50 cents per hour or less on this application.


Is Cash Giraffe Legit or a Scam?​​

Something that I am very happy to say about is that cash giraffe did pay me two times to my PayPal account without any problems in euro currency so that was nice to see and at least we can add another legitimate money making application to our list if you guys want to earn more money I've just posted a video covering games that will pay you well over twenty to thirty dollars or using them and completing their offers you can find a link to that video in the description and comments below something that I want you guys to think about when using these type of money making applications is if they're really worth your time or not you see my job here on YouTube is to review these type of money making methods to figure out if they're worth your time and so far out of all the hundreds of money making applications I've covered.



I have to say there are only really a handful that could actually generate you money that is actually worth your time the max that I'm able to generate on rewarded play times here in Australia definitely is between one and three dollars per hour max the main reason for that is because most of these money making applications will actually punish you the further you get into using them and what I mean by punish you are that they increase the difficulty and the length of time it takes between earning each set of rewards just like I mentioned earlier on this video so please only use these applications if you just want to earn a couple of dollars here and there per hour you can easily complete one or two surveys within about 15 to 20 minutes and earn a lot more than these money-making apps will generate you in one to two hours that's just solid facts at least in my country here in Australia I just thought I'd let you guys know that thank you all so much for watching I'll catch you all in one to two days please stay safe out there see you next time.


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