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This CashApp review will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus my personal Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!


Thoughts On CashApp:

Here's what we know about CashApp so far!

hi everyone it's Vince here today I'm reviewing a money making application called cash app now don't get it twisted this has nothing to do with the cash app application that already exists out there in the world okay this cash app application is promising to pay you guys real-life money for completing surveys completing offers and playing games I'm here to see if it's legit or if it's a scam let's kick this off so the first positive thing i want to say about cash app is that they do have a credit based system which does seem very simplistic.


Anyone can really pick up this application and get started straight away the thing about cash app as well is that it has a very good design all you do is literally turn on the application and you'll see that all the money making options are actually laid out in front of you straight away here in Australia i could either complete surveys to earn the in-game credits that then could be transferred into real-life money or i could complete offers or play games to earn the credits as well on the screen right now you'll be seeing all the different cash out options that cash app had available for me here in Australia.


Now I'm assuming based on your country this might change but this is all the options i had here in Australia it seems to only cash out to PayPal at this present time what you'll notice pretty quickly on cash app is that there are different tasks that you can complete to earn various amounts of these credits now in my opinion the higher paying rewards for the tasks are obviously going to take you the longest amount of time so you really have to try and weigh up which task is actually doable because some of the tasks i noticed even though they have a huge amount of credits that they will reward you for completing them they really cannot be done without spending real life money and that's something that i try to avoid on these reviews guys the whole concept of these reviews is to allow you to earn money for free so my opinion would be stick to the offers that pay you around two thousand or one thousand credits minimum because one thousand credits here on cash app equals around one dollar usd now on the flip side you have surveys that will pay you large amounts of credits for completing them.


This is mainly what i did to earn my five dollar usd on cash app something that i really want to point out here though my experience on cash app was very very strange because i was disqualified so many times when completing surveys on cash up it was ridiculous and for some reason even though i was completing offers on cash app it wasn't registering that i actually completed them this is a massive problem for me because what i don't want you guys to do is start offers off and waste your time and then not even get rewarded for them.


I emailed their support team and i'm still waiting for a message back i haven't heard anything guys and it's easily been more than three days now but when it came to completing surveys that was very straightforward if i didn't get disqualified i would be rewarded the credits straight away after completing the survey it took me roughly five hours in total of completing surveys just to earn around five dollar usd and the reason for that was because of the disqualifications that i faced it was very very painful so that roughly equals out to a dollar per hour usd i reviewed this application like a year ago and the feel is completely different now when completing surveys i'm assuming that's because survey providers are a lot stricter now compared to back then and trust me guys i know a lot of people out there hate being disqualified but if you can soldier through it you will get rewarded the credits thankfully i have no idea what's going on with their task system though they need to fix that asap you might have better luck than i did it might actually count your tasks as being completed but all i'm doing is just retelling my experience and sadly they did not reward me for tasks that i completed.


Now it all comes down to is cash app actually legit or is it another money making scam out there on the internet well in reality everyone i'm very disappointed that i wasn't rewarded for the tasks that i completed when you complete offers and you dedicate hours of time you should be rewarded so that's a big negative for this application but on the positive side when completing the surveys i was rewarded and as i mentioned earlier it took around five hours to earn five dollar usd just from completing surveys i cashed out my five dollar usd reward and it took roughly two days to hit my PayPal account so yes everyone cash app is legitimate thank the lord there's another paying application out there on the marketplace right now that you guys can use when you're bored thank you so much for watching i'll catch you all tomorrow for another money making review see you next time guys.

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