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This Cash House review will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus my personal Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!

Thoughts On Cash House:

Here's what we know about the Cash House app so far!

hey everyone it's Vince here welcome back to another video ladies and gentlemen it has been over two weeks since my last video and i do apologize i had my wisdom teeth out and if you've ever had that done before you know how painful that is and you know how long it takes to recover but I'm so happy to be back thank you all for being patient with me i really hope you enjoyed today's video please remember to like comment subscribe join as a member if you can and thank you all so much for almost getting me to 40 000 subscribers you have no idea how much i appreciate it honestly let's begin this video.


Let's try and earn some money so to begin with guys the application we're reviewing today is called cash house now cash house is actually not really a popular application at this current time of recording it only has about 10 to 20 000 downloads overall and it was only released about two months ago so this actually might be under your radar everyone now the whole concept of cash house is that you have to play games to earn money and they'll reward you each minute you play a game apparently today I'm gonna find out is this actually true or is it fake let's begin so once you accept the terms and conditions for cash house you are then greeted with gender select page.


now this is where cash house actually differs greatly from other money making applications because cash house actually allows you to choose a little avatar once you choose your gender your avatar is then thrown into a little apartment everyone it is here where cash house gets its name because the further that you progress in this application the more furniture and perks you unlock for your character and money making opportunities this is completely unique to me and I've never really seen this done before with a money making application so far so bravo to the developers for implementing this at the bottom of the screen you'll have a large variety of apps to choose from usually to play to earn these coins per minute cash house runs on a coins per minute system.


so the currency is coined that you then can convert into various currencies in real life now i do have some problems with the currency system in this application and i will talk about that in a second but right now i want to talk about the applications that cash house actually offers you okay the applications seem to vary from person to person and phone to phone i installed cash house on my phone and i was able to choose from over eight different apps to earn money on these applications range from rewarding me around 320 coins per minute all the way down to like 80 or 70 if i can recall correctly but then i installed cash house on another phone and only gave me three applications to play and the highest app was 230 coins and the lowest app was about 140.


so it seems like a person's experience will vary on this application and that's something you have to keep in mind when you watch these reviews everyone my experience might be completely different to yours based on your country this application might not even be available in your country and if it's not available i still suggest you watch this video as apps like these could become available in your country soon and you'd probably want to know how they work my goal was to earn as many coins as possible in the shortest amount of time.


so obviously i started with the highest paying applications thankfully the applications that were referred to me weren't terrible okay so i actually enjoyed earning the money there's nothing i can't stand more than applications that force you to play trash apps that spam ads every single second but thankfully as i said these were premium apps by the looks of it that didn't force me to watch ads every minute which we can all appreciate i just hope again that your experience was the same as mine so i managed to make around seven dollars Australian currency in roughly six hours everyone of just playing applications and games which isn't the worst in the world but again it's nothing really special this isn't some life-changing application or anything like that.


at the end of the day my job is just to see if they'll actually pay to my paypal account as I've stated on most of my reviews I'm not here to show you these quick money making schemes everyone i couldn't care less about any of that all I want to see is if the application will actually pay it's up to you guys if you want to give this a shot or not ultimately now let's move on to the applications currency system in my honest opinion the currency system on cash house is completely wrong and is displaying false information to what you're earning per minute.


i would play an app and apparently get 320 coins per minute but then when i looked at the app i only earned about 20 coins after a few minutes so i don't actually understand what's going on with this application and how they count currency but the developers really need to look into that because no one likes being lied to about how much money they're earning per minute for their time i already think we're earning a little bit too little on this application to start off with and then on top of that it gives us false information about how much we're actually earning.



that's a big negative for cash house for sure but either way as i stated i earned about seven dollars Australian currency in about six hours of time but if the application was actually accurate with this time recording it should have taken me way way less time so definitely pay attention to how many coins you're earning per minute on this app guys okay my cash house only gave me two options to cash out first one was PayPal second one was iTunes lowest amount of PayPal was 50 cents for 500 coins highest amount of PayPal was 20 for 20 000 coins iTunes was 10 000 coins for 10 and then 15 000 coins for 15 so the currency system is very basic and easy to understand one dollar equals 1 000 coins now to see if the cash out is real or not i cashed out five dollars and then three lots of 50 cents cash house actually did deliver the funds into my PayPal account within two days everyone.


it seems like just dice owns this application there was no crazy verification system i didn't have to send my face id it literally just asked me to enter in my PayPal email address and that was it this was definitely one of the smoothest transactions I've had with a money making application so far so yet again just ice does not let me down by the way they pay out in euro currency so keep that in mind everyone okay hey everyone look i get a lot of questions asking how can people maximize the money they make of these applications the thing is that you have to keep in mind here most of these applications are owned by the same companies so with just ice they own the monopoly pretty much on this whole make money playing games and app situation when you try and cash out on one of the apps of just dice.



if you are using the same phone and account your cash out will be lower than someone that just joined up for the first time for some reason just dice has this really weird policy where they reduce payments for people that have cashed out on their applications before it's been mentioned before but i thought I'd mention it again just in case you're new to money making apps it's pretty well known knowledge now so that's something to keep in mind okay my advice for anyone out there that actually does want to try and earn decently on these apps is to try and multitask the applications what i mean is maybe play missed play as well as this application at the same time to get double the profits try and use multiple apps instead of just trying to go through one revenue stream because it can't hurt to mix it up everyone if you need advice go on YouTube and look up some money making apps.


I have a whole playlist full of real paying applications but in case you don't want to watch my content there's other content out there as well just have to shop around that's really the only advice i have to increasing your earnings on these apps because the sad thing is in reality these apps will never replace your day job this is just like spare money in case you're really really desperate or if you want to make use of your mobile phone while you're bored at home or traveling or something along those lines.



So don't ever get it twisted and mixed up to think that this is serious money because it never will be remember these applications are businesses as well and they need to make money you're making them money while they're giving you a little tiny bit of the revenue back for using their app to play other sponsored games but as i said all i can do is try and help you along your journey here of these money-making apps to hopefully not waste all your time in the world because most of these apps are complete time wasted so please do remember that honestly but there you have it guys i really hope you enjoyed this review i hope you learned something about cash house as i said thank you all so much for helping me get to literally nearly 40 000 subscribers and thank you to the member that joined i have one paying member at the moment everyone so i really appreciate that one person.


I will see you all the next couple of days guys and i really hope you stay safe out there thank you all so much i'll be back soon catch you around thank you all so much for helping support my cause against the scam app developers it's going to be a big battle hence why i have my second channel app crusader if you guys have not subscribed to app crusader yet please be sure to do it now it's a channel where i literally post me taking on scam apps every single day these developers need to know that we are watching them and we are well aware of their dirty tactics.

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